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Q: Write a short note on Anglo-saxon elegies with special reference to any two of them?
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How many elegies did donne write?

John Donne wrote a series of nineteen elegies known as the "Holy Sonnets."

How do you write a elegy poem?

Elegies emerge from deep grief over a loss. If there is no deep grief, there is no question of an elegy. Deep grief has the power of arresting the utterance of words even though they would continue to form. When the grief is abated somewhat, words will spontaneously outflow. Emotions of grief are the essentials to elegies, the purity, universality and nobility of which make elegies great. In spite of Plato's warning about elegies making and teaching people unnecessarily lament and weep, it should be emphasized that like true tragedies, an elegy purges, cleanses and catharcises human emotions. It is good to read Thomas Gray's Elegy Written In A Country Churchyard, Milton's Lycidas, Shelley's Adonais and Tennyson's In Memoriam before attempting to write an elegy.

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