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not a single one of them, the best are approached by LLT=living legend tournament, some are picked out of boxing/kickboxin/muai-thai when they fatalize smn in a semi-amateur fight, like I did in my test fight, yet most of those rarely make it past 2-3 bouts, some LLT upper class competitors have survived this fatal proccess for as long as 11 years maximum, the top 5 have had 7 years of compeeting at least, there are 16 people in the contest each year out of which an average 50% survives the four season fights, last year 11 people died. However unlike ufc fighters get paid a minimum of 2 million$, also applyable to wh oever's in their will in the event of death, n 2mil for losing, double for a win and an extra mil for a fatality, price is always win double lose single, and the 2m double at each consequent season fight, but as said should they lose their families, in all due likelihood, take the whole amount for example smn goes to the final and dies, his inheritors get 4m for the first fight, 8m for the second and 16m for the third=28mil total plus fatality bonuses so all ufc hype dudes before you slurp over the mil, consider 11 tougher guys got murdered in that tournament's last season and never got their mils

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The best warriors in the world are typically found in professional Martial Arts organizations such as the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and Bellator, where highly skilled fighters compete at the highest level. Some fighters may have gained recognition through other platforms like YouTube, but the most elite and reputable fighters are generally associated with established combat sports organizations.

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Q: Are the best warriors in the world on utube or ufc or pride?
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