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Bras make pre teens feel mature and older wether they have breasts or not. An average pre teen starts wearing bras in grades 4, 5, or 6. Most girls startwith a cup size AA. But flat is normally AAA. The most popular breast size in these grades is A but theres always: AAA, AA, B, C that other girls may wear. Everyone grows at a different rate.

If your are flat-chested and haven't started growing yet, a good bra for you would be a training bra. A training bra gives no support. It's just a piece of fabric in the shape of a bra.

If you are active a sports bra is great for you. Also just if you walk alot or just an everyday bra, its perfect. Normally girls who are A wear sports bras or girls who are big for their age and don't want to be, use sports bras to flatten themselves out. Yes, sports bras do flatten you out but not completely! Just a little bit. Many girls wear this because their moms won't let them wear cup bras yet.

Soft cup bras are similar to training bras but they do give support. They are just fabric. They are good for girls who aren't quite at the rate of wearing real cup bras and don't like sports bras.

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All Teens dont have the same bra size. Its how much you weigh. So if I am 100 pounds and your 160, you would have a bigger bra size than me.

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Q: What are the correct bra sizes for teens?
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