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Briefs are better they provide more support. Boxers have no support and have no absorbing propertys

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Q: What would you think if a 14 year old kid was buying plain white briefs?
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Does Cody Simpson wear briefs or boxers?

He wears briefs a.k.a. tighty whities. plain white and maybe some colors.

What kind and what color underwear does drake bell wear?

He wears Hanes White Briefs

Does john cena where boxers of briefs?

john cena answered the boxers or briefs in a interview interviewer boxers or briefs john cena - right now gray briefs in the ring briefs or boxers briefs john cenas blue underwerar and white are briefs and the camo are boxer briefs

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How would Batgirl think about white briefs?

Batgirl's thoughts on white briefs would likely be practical and straightforward. She might consider them a functional choice for certain situations but may prefer more versatile or stealthy undergarments for her crime-fighting activities. Ultimately, her focus would be on comfort, mobility, and readiness for action.

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Bs sure to wear a plain white t-shire (undershirt-no tanks) then make sure your white briefs are in view... then play with your tittys through your white t-shirt )- helps to wet down those tiittys as if a white-t-shirt and the guys willl get off...

Ryan Reynolds briefs or boxers?

he wore green an white pair of boxers in The Proposal but from shirtless pics he looks like he is wearing briefs

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