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Stimulus generalization

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Q: A large white rabbit at a pet store attacks your little cousin It scares her and she becomes afraid of white rabbits After a while you notice that she is now afraid of your pet white mouse You sh?
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What is the adverb in the sentence your cousin is never afraid?


Are there jack rabbits in Africa?

No, there are no jack rabbits in Africa. The jack rabbit's cousin, the hare, lives in Africa.

What relation is your cousins husband to you?

Your cousin' spouse becomes your cousin by marriage (cousin-in-law). The reason for this is that they have the same relationship to you.

What does removed mean in relationships?

Removed means that a relationship bond was broken due to divorce. If you have a cousin (son/daughter of an aunt, uncle, or other cousin) who marries, that spouse of theirs also becomes a cousin (cousin-in-law, cousin via marriage). If they divorce, it becomes your cousin once removed.

What is a hare?

Hares are feral rabbits that are normally a duller colour from there domestic cousins (rabbit).Hope it helpedHares are feral rabbits that are normally a duller colour from there domesticated cousin.

Why do people get the term once removed and a second cousin screwed up?

Mainly because they are unfamiliar with genealogy terminology. In their mind, a child of a 1st cousin becomes their 2nd cousin when in fact the child is their 1st cousin once removed.

How does Tybalt become related to romeo?

Tybalt is Juliet's first cousin, being the son of Mrs. Capulet's brother. By marrying Juliet, Tybalt then also becomes Romeo's cousin by marriage.

When do newborn rabbits get fur?

Newborn rabbits will probably start to grow their hair at 2-3 weeks old.But if you have a hare ( A cousin related to the rabbit) the hares will already have fur on their body when they are first born.

What is your cousins grandchild to you?

Your first cousin's grandchild is your first cousin, twice removed. Your second cousin's grandchild is your second cousin, twice removed. If you start looking a grandchild of a first cousin once removed, a third cousin twice removed, etc., the answer becomes more complex and depends on whether you are a member of teh younger or older generation in the relationship.

How does scout feel about her cousin francis?

Scout attacks Francis as a result she was spanked by Uncle Jack.

Are aaron's afraid of the moth?

I'm pretty sure yes cause i have a cousin and he is pretty scared of moths even thoug they're small.

Is cottontail rabbit an escaped domestic rabbit?

No. A Cottontail rabbit is not a rabbit at all. It is a Hare, a cousin to our Domestic rabbits. In-fact if you put a female Hare in a Male rabbits cage, or visa versa they can't breed. They look they same but they are not the same thing.