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The black widow is a spider that is black in color and has a red spot on its back. The red spot is in the shape of an hour glass and they are very venomous.

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Q: Black spider with red spot on back?
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What is a Black spider with a small red spot on its back?

A Black Widow.

What spider is black with a red spot on the bottom?

it could be the red back spider but that depends on where you are hope that helps

What kind of spider is short squat black with red spot on back and jumps and lives on Vancouver Island?

A short, squat black spider that jumps and has a red spot on its back is probably a red-backed jumping spider. These are common in the Pacific Northwest, including Vancouver Island.

You found a black spider with a big red spot on its back Is this spider poisionous?

It's probably a black widow and yes very poisonous.

What is a black and red spider?

A black widow is a spider with a red mark on its 'back'

What Texas spider has red on its back?

Black and red spider

What spider is native to China and is black with yellow lines and a red spot on its abdomen?

This has to be the yellow and black red spotted spider.

Is a green spider with a red spot dangerous?

A green spider with a red spot is dangerous if it is a red back. Normally, green spiders are not dangerous.

What shiny black spider has a small red spot?

It may be a Black Widow spider. They are very poisonous and it is probably best not to approach it if you are unsure of the species. Black spiders have a distinctive red "hourglass" shape on its back.

Is there a spider with a green body and red dot or heartshape on its back?

i saw the same spider. it is freaking me out. it is bright green with a red spot on its black. i cannot find a picture of it. what is it?

What spider is shiny black with red spots?

It could be a black widow spider if it is small and thin-legged with a shiny round black abdomen and red markings under it. If it's fuzzy with a red spot on it's back, and the front part of the body is more-or-less the same size as back part, then it's a black jumping spider.

What kind of black spider has a white crescent on its back?

The spider that is black with a white crescent on its back is the Brown House Spider. This spider is often confused with the red-back spider.

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