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Yes. A dog eating any type of feces can cause the dog to "pick up" a parasite(s)

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Q: Can a dog pick up a parasite from eating horse poo?
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What is the symbiosis between a flea and a dog?

There is no symbiosis between a flea and a dog. The flea is a blood eating parasite on the dog. There is benefit to the flea but not to the dog so there is no symbiosis.

How can you stop your dog eating its own and others dog poo?

You should pick up the other dog poo so the other dog can stop eating it

Can a dog get sick eating raw veal?

My dog was a racing dog and grew up eating raw horse meat, so probably no.

Can you get this parasite from your dog?

Unfortunately, you can get this parasite from your dog. The way to get this is by eating the feces (poop) of your dog. It doesn't have to be a lot. Just a trace amount on your hand after cleaning up after your dog may be enough. Always wash your hands after cleaning up after your dog, that will also help keep you safe from this parasite. The effects of the toxocara parasite are harmful but rarely fatal. One possible outcome of the toxocara is blindness. Also watch out for little children when they are outside with a dog.

Can a dog have bulimia or anerexia?

No. Dogs don't have the mental capacity to think about their weight, just like dogs can't be gay for the same reason. If your dog has stopped eating it could be a parasite or some other disease. If your dog keeps throwing up then maybe he is eating something bad or he could also have a parasite. Anyway if dogs shows these symptoms call their vet to get them checked out.

How can you stop your dog from eating horse manure?

Dogs eat horse manure to mask the scent of humans on their breath. If you want your dog to stop eating horse manure, you need to provide the dog with an alternative scent. Try mixing a spoon full of cod oil in with your dog's food. Make sure to provide the dog with plenty of water to keep it well hydrated, too.

What is a dog when a flea is living on it?

The dog is a host. The flea is a parasite.

What is an example of a parasite and host?

Dog and a flea

Relationship of a dog and a flea?

the flea lives on the dog and sucks its blood The flea is a parasite to the dog.

What kind of relationship would a dog and tick have?

The dog is a host, and the tick is a parasite.

What is a host animal?

A host animal - is any creature that has a parasite. For example a dog (host) and a flea (parasite)

What is a flea on a dog considored to be?

An external insect parasite

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