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Yes, kittens cat get pregnant. Kittens can reach reproductive maturity and can breed at 5-7 months. However, letting a young and not yet mature cat breed comes with increased risk for both mother and litter. A kitten is still developing mentally and physically, and there is a high risk of health complications with the mother and the kittens. It is often reccomended that kittens are spayed and neutered before 6 months of age.

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Q: Can a kitten be pregnant
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Can a female kitten get pregNANT?

Of course she can

Can a kitten suck milk from a neutered female who never was pregnant?

No, if a cat has never been pregnant and is neutered, a kitten will not be able to suck milk.

Is my kitten pregnant?

Well no. Kittens can't exactly get pregnant untill their reproductive organs mature.

Can a kitten be pregnant at 11 months old?

Yes. Some can get pregnant as young as 4 months old.

Why did atomic kitten split up?

beacuse one off them was pregnant.

Can you use cat flee drops when cat is pregnant?

no not really, after kitten is born do it then as it wont affect the kitten unless it licks the mum which is unlikely...

Can i give milk to a pregnant cat?

You can only give Kitten Milk Replacer, or KMR to a pregnant cat, not cow's milk.

Which atomic kitten member was pregnant in the video the tide is high?

Natasha Hamilton was pregnant during the filming of The tide is high.

Can you give a kitten combi-pen-48?

It is not recommended that you use Combi-Pen 48 with a kitten. It is not for use on small animals (kittens) or pregnant animals.

Can a kitten get pregnant before she goes into heat at only 5 months old?

No. Kittens and cats are only fertile when they are in season, so it is impossible for a 5 month-old kitten who has not yet had her first season to become pregnant.

Can your 5 month old kitten get pregnant?

Yes, it is not impossible for a cat to become pregnant at five months old. Most kittens reach sexual maturity around six months old. Due to this, it is best to spay a kitten around this time, especially if she has her first season at such a young age, as she is just a kitten herself. It would be incredibly dangerous (and possibly fatal) for her and any unborn kittens if she were allowed to get pregnant.

One pregnant cat takes one kitten from a different litter?

What? another answer: thats not even a question

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