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yes of course! just like us dogs can have dreams. have you never seen a dog flinching its little legs a little? that means he is dreaming about himself running around :)

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βˆ™ 2010-06-19 14:11:29
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Q: Can dogs have dreams
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Do dogs have bad dreams?


Do dogs have dreams?

Dogs have dreams just as people do. Any animal that has a brain and sleeps can dream. For example,some dogs move their legs like they're running while asleep.

What do white dogs mean in your dreams?

White dogs in you're dream's is good luck

Can dogs go to manteaca field of dreams with you?


What are the release dates for Unsupervised - 2012 Field of Dreams--- and Dogs 1-3?

Unsupervised - 2012 Field of Dreams--- and Dogs 1-3 was released on: USA: 2 February 2012

Do cats and dogs dream when they are sleep?

It is believed they do, especially dogs. You can actually see dogs moving in their sleep, as if to dreams... As if they are running, walking, chasing, etc.

Can dogs have wet dreams?

Yes they can but having them fixed should help the problems

You dreamed about in two separate dreams that your dogs died what does that mean?

you could just be unsteady about something. dreams are very stange... it might not even have anything 2 do with ur dogs, you may just have heard or saw something that triggered that.

DO Dogs have nightmares?

yes dogs can have nightmares.... my pitbull got hit by a truck and she still has those awfull dreams. Greentools Answer: Yes they do well my dog has dreams. she braks when shesleeps and wiggles her tail! lol! we have a video of her on my ipod touch! it hilarious!

Could a dog have a lucid dream also could there be any way of making them lucid and do dogs even have the concept of dreams?

i think dogs can have dreams because sometimes when their sleep they either bark or growl or sometimes even whimper in their sleep as if their dreaming.

Why do dogs spin around three times when they go to sleep?

It is because they don't want to have bad dreams.

Does a dog dream?

Evereyone dreams, even dogs! Dogs have feelings too. I once was holding a puppy and it fell asleep and had a bad dream. (It was squirming and yelping in its sleep.)

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