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Yes, a cage is a cage. As long as there's no mouse in the cage already.

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Q: Can you put a hamster in a mouse cage?
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What kind of cage is best for a mouse?

a hamster cage

Can put a mouse in a hamster cage?

No, mixing different species is not recommended and may end up in the death of the mouse or hamster, or both. The hamster could also chew off the mouse's tail.

Can you put a girl hamster in the same cage as a boy mouse without fights or mateing?


Can you put your mouse in a hamster cage?

Not really, they won't try to kill each other. I tried it because I had a mouse and a hamster but only one cage. I figured why not? Well, they didn't try to kill each other. It's just that the hamster, Nibbles, keeps stealing Lionel's (mouse) place. Like when Lionel was on the wheel, Nibbles tried to steal his place. Which lead to fighting. So it's alright if you put them together in a cage. Just remember to monitor them so the hamster doesn't try anything funny. But yeah, you can put a mouse in a hamster cage.

Can you put a mouse and a hamster in the same cage?

No don't do it Plz don't do it B <---Just ignore it.

If you were to keep a wild field mouse what should you put it in?

You need to get a hamster cage. It's made of wire and they can't chew through it. wouldn't a mouse cage be better?

What does a pet mouse need to live in?

A pet mouse would live in a cage like a hamster cage.

Can a mouse and a hamster be put into the same cage together?

if u want them to kill each other yes

Can you put a new hamster in the same cage as a mouse?

No.....................Dont do that they will fight and try to kill each other

Can a mouse and a hamster share a cage?

No, they would fight

What animal can you put in an old hamster cage?

a rat, mouse, gerbil, guinea pig, basically any rodent

Can a hamster die if you put it in a new cage?

No a hamster cant die when you put it in a new cage. It just has to get used to it.

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