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The change in a dog's tongue could be due to being dehydrated. Another reason for the tongue color to change could be an oral health issue.

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Q: Change in dogs tongue color
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What color is your dogs tongue?

it is blue and then it turns green and then purple and then your face

Can lollypops change the color of you tongue?

yes there are types of lollipops that change your tongue colours responding to the colour of the lollipop

Do tongues change color everyday?

It depends on what you eat, but if you dont eat those candies that change the color of your tongue, then no. when was the last time your tongue was purple? YOU IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!

What symptoms do dogs get from drinking blue toilet water?

Dogs can get an upset stomach, the urine will change color to a slight green, and it can turn the tongue blue. It is not a good plan to let your dog drink this water.

What color should a dogs tongue be?

A dog's toungue should be a light sahde of pink.

Color of a TOADS tongue?

It blends in with its surroundings and can even change color. The toad's tongue is fastened at the front of its mouth, instead of the back like the tongues of most animals.

What is the difference between a cat's tongue and a dog's tongue?

The difference between a cats tongue and a dogs tongue is that a cats tongue is rough and looks like there is little teeth on the tongue. The dogs tongue is smoother than a cats and is most of the time longer than a cats tongue. Also a dogs tongue can be different colours. It seems to be said also that a dogs tongue can heel a wound.

What color is an okapi tongue?

The color of an okapi's tongue is black.

What is the color of your tongue after smoking marijuana?

the color of your tongue generally doesnt change. but the cotton mouth associated with marijuana will give it a dried out appearance sometimes with a thick coat of white saliva.

How do you change the color of your blue tongue?

That wording isn't very good. change the colour of what? If your talking about Blue Tongue Lizards, they connot change colour but it may change slightly as they get older. (like any animals would)

What is the color of a ducks tongue?

the color of my duck tongue was pink

Special features of a chameleon?

it change it's color . it's tongue is is very long and sticky .

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