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Yes and no. When adding new chickens to an existing flock there are many steps and stages. One concern is the possibility of bringing in new germs or diseases. It is best to quarantine new birds for 30 days. Afterwards introducing one of your flock to the new chick while keeping separate for another week. After all of these steps then you can introduce the new flock to the existing flock at night while everyone is roosting. This is the best time for the merging of chickens.

New baby chicks that are smaller than the other chickens are in danger of being picked on and destroyed by older chickens. They should be kept in separate area until they are at least 8 weeks old before the merge and then watched carefully. You can also place them in a smaller cage and put this cage in the new coop for several weeks before the merge.

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Q: Con you put baby chicks in the pin with other chicken and a rooster?
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