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Elephants are mammals.

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Q: How are elephants and mammals similar?
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How do elephants respire?

Elephants have lungs, and they have a diaphragm to operate them. Similar to other mammals.

If tigers are mammals what are elephants?

Elephants are also mammals.

Are elephants and mice the same species?

No, elephants and mice are not the same species. The only thing that is similar between them is the fact they are both mammals.

Are sea elephants mammals?

They are mammals.

What type of animal are Elephants?

Elephants are mammals

Are African Elephants mammals or amphibians?


Are elephants and dolphins mammals?

Yes. They are mammals.

How are elephants similar to humans?

they both belong to the animals group which can be narrowed down to vertebrates and invertebrates. Both humans and elephants belong to the vertebrates group. these groups can also be narrowed down to Fish, Amphibian's, Reptiles, Mammals and Birds and obviously Humans and elephants are classified as the mammals category!The feautures mammals have that claddify them to this group are;Fur/hairGuve birth to live youngsuckle their young (feed and give it milk)Warm bloodedThats what makes elephants similar to humans!

What are the larger mammals?

Elephants and whales are the larger mammals.

What type of animals are dolphins and elephants?


Does elephants have backbones?

As elephants are mammals, and all mammals are vertabrates (ie. they have a backbone), then yes, they do indeed have a backbone.

Are elephants marsupials or are they monotremes?

Neither. Elephants are placental mammals, which form a different group of mammals from either the marsupials (pouched mammals) or the monotremes (egg-laying mammals).

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