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frogs breathe through there skins. but the frog has lungs but no ribs! They don't. Frogs can hold their breath for a very long time but they still have to come to the surface to breath air.
They don't, they hold their breath like we do, they can just do it a long time. During their tadpole stage, they breathe under water through their skin, using internal gills. When they mature into frogs, they develop lungs and then can only breathe air using their lungs.

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Q: How do frogs breathe underwater?
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Do frogs breathe in the water?

they don't breathe underwater

Can adult frogs breathe underwater?

yes the do

Can green tree frogs breathe underwater?

yes they can hold there breath underwater

When do frogs use their mouths to breathe?

I would think they breathe with there mouth underwater.

What do frogs have to breath?

Oxygen. But if underwater, they breathe it through their skin.

Why are frogs nostrils so far forward?

so it can breathe underwater

Can a frog breathe underwater?

Yes. Frogs can breathe via lungs or skin. When above water, they rely mostly on lungs, aided by skin. When underwater, frogs "breathe" solely through their skin. (To be more accurate frogs perform gas exchange with their skin, as breathing pertains to lungs.)

Do frogs use breathing holes to breathe?

As I know frogs breathe through their lungs Another answer: Frogs also take in oxygen through their skin. They can use their lungs in the air and their skin underwater.

Can toads breathe underwater?

No.only at tadpole stage,all frogs and toads have lungs.

Can frogs breathe underwater?

No, they have to breath air, but they can hold their breath for a very long time.

How do adult frogs breathe?

adult frogs come up to the surface to get oxygen then go back underwater again then when they need more they come up again

What is the frogs fitness for life in water?

Frogs can breathe through their skin, which allows them to breathe underwater for long periods of time. They also have lungs, allowing them to perform strenuous activities in water.

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