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According to Michael L. Boyd Assistant Praffesar of Entomology State Extension Entomology Specialist. "A stink bug's life expectancy is highly variable. Weather, predation, parasitism, and food availability and quality all play an important role in how long a stink bug may live. This figure may represent days, weeks, and even months. For example, green stink bugs like other stink bugs overwinter in the adult stage, and overwintering adults may live as long as seven to nine months.

Checking countless Web sites, searching for "stinkbug" and "lifespan" via Google. Bottom line is, it varies quite a bit based on the species. Can you be more specific?

People assume that all animals are born with very specific characteristics that each member must strictly adhere to. This is not true, I imagine the life-span for a stink-bug is highly variable by individual, although, in higher latitudes, I imagine they can't live through winter. But sometimes they seem like they live forever in summer.

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Q: How long can a stinkbug live?
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