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If your asking is it normal for you to have diarrhea after your cat gives birth no. If your asking is it normal for the cat to have diarrhea after giving birth then yes it can happen just make sure your cat keeps drinking

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Q: Is it normal to have diarrhea after a cat gives birth?
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Can my cat get Diarrhea before she goes into labor?

It is common for a cat to get diarrhea before she goes into labor. A cat can have diarrhea to clean out her system and prepare her body for birth.

What do you do when a cat gives birth and she has no milk?

the cat is dead......... ^ ^ ( . .)

What to do when a cat gives birth?

Watch it.

Does a cat gives birth to its young?

Yes, it can

Is it normal for a cat to get diarrhea?

It is normal for a cat that has eaten grass or plants that would make the cat have diarrhea. As a cat's digestive system can be sensitive to a variety of plants, eating one would cause the cat to be sick and continue having the runs until it is out of their systems. If one is worried that the diarrhea has gone on for a longer period of time, it would be recommended to take your pet to see a vet.

Cats have 6 Kittens when she gives birth and when a cat gives birth she is called a queen?

18 will produce!

How do you give birth to a cat?

First you have be a female cat. Then you have to have sex with a male cat, or be artificially impregnated. Then you wait a few moths, and then the female cat gives birth.

Do cat vomit before they give birth?

sometimes, if you feed your cat before it gives birth it will most likely vomit.

Is it unusual for a female cat to be skinny after it gives birth?

No, it is not unusual.

Is it safe for brother cat to remain with sister cat whilst she gives birth?

no he will get jealous and kill them :<

How many days until a cat gives birth?

65 days

What if a cat gives birth while she is up on you?

your just very unfortunate...

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