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Eight minutes. The actions of one jogger has no effect on the actions of the other jogger so the maximum time is the time of the slowest jogger.

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Q: One trip around a running track is 440 yards One jogger can complete one lap in 8 minutes the other can complete it in 6 minutes How long will it take for both joggers to arrive at their starting?
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What is the best way to find local joggers to exercise with?

The best way to find local joggers to exercise with is to find out what days your local running club goes for "novice" runs. These are done at a leisurely pace, and will be a great introduction to get to know and exercise with local joggers.

What unit of measurement would you use to measure a joggers distance while running?

Miles or kilometers would do.

Joggers running along an urban running path noticed paint running out of a culvert into a nearby creek Local authorities investigated and found that some homeowners had painted the outside of their h?

toxic i think

How many miles is the running of the bulls?

The run in Pamplona, Spain, is 826 meters (903 yards) and takes about 4 minutes to complete.

How many hours will it take for 12 miles?

It really depends on your running speed and ability. The very fastest of runners will take just over an hour, slower runners/joggers will take up to 2 hours 45 minutes. Every one else will fall somewhere in between.

How many minutes in a kilometre when running?

If I'm running it takes about 45 minutes to go a kilometer :)

How much weight do you lose running?

How much weight you lose running varies with the terrain, your starting weight, your speed, and the amount of time spent running. On average, you burn 150 calories for every mile that you run in about 20 minutes.

How many calories burned running for 90 minutes?

You can burn as many as 300 calories for running 90 minutes. This is if you are running at an average intensity.

How do you test for starting and running windings on a 220volt AC motor?

how to test starting and running windings

When running at some point usually a mile or two in I feel really tired but a few minutes later feel like I can run forever What is this called and what is happening biologically?

When running and starting to get tried means your body is overloaded. You have to give your body at least an hour before starting again.

Hoe may calories burns in running for 15 minutes?

150 calories are burnt while running for 15 minutes.

How long is the cars 2 movie?

The running time of Cars 2 is 112 minutes.

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