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horses and lions...

1) Genus Equus - horses/ponies, donkeys, and zebras. Males and females have manes.

2) Some species of the genus Hippotragus - antelopes, For example, the roan antelope and the sable antelope. From what I have found online, it appears that both sexes have a mane.

3) Giraffa camelopardalis - the giraffe. I could not find any commentary that manes were limited to one gender.

4) Camelus bactrianus - the Bactrian camel. Haven't been able to determine if both sexes have manes. Dromedary camels have somewhat more prominent hair along the ridge of their humps, but since manes are by definition around the head and/or neck, then this doesn't qualify.

5) Panthera leo - the lion - but only males.

6) Homo sapiens - us, males and females.

7) Macaca silenus - the lion-tailed macaque, both genders.

8) Chrysocyon brachyurus - the maned wolf. Both genders are thought to have manes.

If you want to expand the question to "ruffs" - not quite "manes," but a fringe or frill of long hairs or feathers growing around or on the neck of an animal - then the list becomes exponentially longer.

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Lion ,horses


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Q: What animals have manes?
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