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It depends on the leash laws in your area and several factors. If your dog was in his/her yard and if it was fenced. If the intruding dog was a stray or a neighbors dog and should have been on a leash. If you dog was in the front or back yard and on a leash/fenced area.

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Q: What are your rights if your dog killed another dog on your property?
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What can you do if your neighbor killed your dog in his property?

Ask for the dog's corpse back and bury it in your property

What are your rights if a dog attacks your dog on your property?

it depends how many dogs live in the neighborhood and how aggressive they are.

Are dogs that have killed another dog allowed in dog shows?

I would hope not!

Your dog was attacked on your property by another dog and it died?

Call the police & report the incident.

Can they take your dog away for attacking another dog?

It depends, Was the dog on your property? Did the dog show any aggression towards you, or your dog? And was the other dog on a leash?

Is a person responsible for a vet bill to which their dog has attacked another dog?

Yes, if your dog was on leash or on your property and another dog came attacked your dog then the dog's owner should be responsible for all vet bills.

What can I do if another persons dog attacks mine?

you can go sue them nd get money or ge the dog killed

Are you responsible for your dog biting another dog if the owner allowed yours to come onto their property?

Even If the other owner allowed the dog to go into their property your dog is your responsibility no matter how much you think you can trust it ... Hope this Helps

What are your rights if a dog kills your cat on your property?

You have the right to call Animal Control and the police and you could probably get them arrested for that!

Will homeowners insurance cover personal property if your dog ate part of a very expensive leather couch?

Not if it is your couch and your dog. If your animal damages a neighbor's property, he may have a claim against your homeowner's liability insurance, or vice versa if it is your property and another person's dog.

If a dog on a leash attacks another that isn't on a leash but is on its own property who is liable for the vet bill?

The owner of the leashed dog is liable. If the dog that is on its own property is attacked, the owner should pay for the "home" dog's care. The owner of the leashed dog is still responsible for its behavior.

Are you responsible for your dog biting another dog on your property?

You could be and the answer to that depends on the leash laws in your area. Call animal control to find out.

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