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Chow Chow dogs are a Chinese Arctic Hauling(Sled) dog like a Husky, they also look a bit like a bear and a lion and are absolutely gorgeous! In Northern China and Mongolia they are called "Songshi Quan" which means "Puffy Lion Dog"

you should Google image search "Chow Chow" and "Songshi Quan" A COMMON MISCONCEPTION is that they have very bad temperaments. THIS IS NOT TRUE! I currently own 2 purebred Chow Chows, and my family bred them growing up. I have NEVER encountered a mean Chow, not a stranger's, not any that I or my parents owned... and my parents rescued a 3 year old male that was not neutered from an abusive home. They are a stubborn breed, though. If you want a dog that will ALWAYS listen to commands this isn't it, even if they are well trained, and they are given a command they TECHNICALLY will obey it. I.E. If you tell it to 'come' it may walk over to you then immediately turn and walk away.

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Q: What do chow dogs look like?
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