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a black widow spider

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Q: What does a brown widow spider look like?
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What kind of spider is brown with striped legs and a black hourglass looking figure on the belly?

Look up a Brown Widow spider. that might be what you are looking for.

What does the black widow spider look like?

A large, black spider with a red hourglass on it's back.

What does violent spider look like?

The violent spider is brown,and leggy

What kind of spider is white all over with black spots ON ITS BODY?

The only spider I have seen like this was a common sight in Kimberley South Africa. We called it a button spider because its back look like a button. It was not a black widow and it was not orange and did not have the hourglass marking that is common with the black or brown widow - also called the button spider.

What does the red shape on the back of the black widow spider usually look like?

An hourglass

What does spider poop look like?

like little brown spheres

What does a king brown spider look like?

It looks like a dick.

What does a poisonous spider look like?

There are a number of spiders that are venomous and have different markings and coloring. The two most dangerous of spiders is the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spiders. The Black Widow is shiny black with a red hourglass marking on its underside. The Brown Recluse is shaped like a violin and is a dark color.

What does brown recluse spider look like?

See the related links.

What is the species of a black widow?

A black widow is a spider I would look up pics too

How do spider monkeys look like?

Spider monkeys have light brown fur (Goldy) and are black handed

What spider has large black round body and small black round head?

Sounds like a black widow spider - does it look like this (check related links)?

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