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What disease produces black vomit due to hemorrhaging in the stomach

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The firm flexible rod found in the dorsal area in chordates is called the

How many pairs of legs are on each section of a centipedes body

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Q: What insect bite leaves one hole?
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What insect bite leaves one hole and swells?


What insect bites you and leaves two bite marks inside of one bump?


Where is a place to find insect bites pictures?

There are a few different places where one can look at insect bite pictures. There are many pictures posted in the magazine Medical News. They always post bite pictures.

How can I identify the symptoms a poisonous bug/insect bite from that of a non-poisonous one?

To identify the symptoms of a poisonous bug or insect bite from one that is innocuous, try to use an online resource such as to easily differentiate between harmful and benign bites.

What insect has no legs is green and brown hase a horn at one end of its body and leaves a trail of slime?

that's a snail, not an insect

Is centipede insect poisnous?

Centipedes bite but they are not poisonus. If you see one they are not poisonus, but still don't touch it

Where can one find treatment for insect bites?

The best treatment for an insect bite is to wash the affected area with soap and water and apply a cold compress. Another option would be to visit a drug store and purchase an ointment that reduces itchiness, such as After Bite.

Can you make an insect repellent as an investigatory project?

yes you can make insect repellent as an investigatory project.. this is one of the example : NATURAL INSECT REPELLENT materials: cacao leaves garlic eucalyptus oil olive oil PROCEDURE boil the cacao leaves grind the garlic and mix the eucalyptus oil to the olive oil and mix it to the boil cacao leaves

What insect bite causes big bites headache and swollen neck glands?

There are many different insects that can cause this reaction if you are bitten by one of them. it could be some type of a spider bite.

Are fireflies aggressive?

Not at all. They're my favorite insect. They'll gently land on your hand, and I've never ever known one to bite.

What are two insects that can both bite and suck?

your mother. sorry had to put that, a tick is one and the other im not sure there is one (vampire). it might be an insect but im not sure...

How does a Venus Flytrap close its mouth?

It is not a mouth. It is a leaf. On the leaves are trigger hairs that trigger the leaves to close. The leaves lie open in wait of prey. Then their colors attract an insect. The insect brushes against one of the hairs. It brushes against another hair and the trap closes. It can also brush against the same hair two times.

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