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In a general manner it refers to a pendulous flap of skin which has no purpose for humans. For some frogs it contains the vocal sac. In lizards it is used as a form of communication to attract a mate and in other animals it may, or may not, indicate status

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Q: What is the purpose of a dewlap?
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What is the purpose of a dewlap on a rabbit?

The dewlap is found mainly on female rabbits, although, in certain breeds, the males are also allowed a small one. Its purpose is to provide another area for the doe to pull fur from when she is making her nest for her kits.

Is breed or age have anything to do with determining that a rabbit has or not have a dewlap?

In most breeds the doe has a dewlap and a buck is disqualified if it has a dewlap. Some breeds do not have a dewlap at all. A doe will have a dewlap by the time she is breeding age (which is 6 months:)

Is the dewlap only on male moose?

No, several other animals have a dewlap

What dog breed has dewlap?

If I know what a dewlap is then probably a bulldog and blood hound

What is a turkey's dewlap?

a turkey's dewlap is the flap of skin under its neck. Also called a Wattle.

Do all female rabbits have a dewlap?

No. There are some breeds recognized by the ARBA that are disqualified if they have a noticeable dewlap.

What lizard has a dewlap?


Do female moose have a dewlap?


What type of zebra has a dewlap?

A Mountain Zebra has a dewlap. The other two major breeds of Zebras - Berchell's and Grevy's - do not.

Do male rabbits have a dewlap?

They can but they shouldn't. The dewlap is the large flap of skin underneath a rabbit's chin that the does pull fur from to build their nests.

What is the function of the dewlap on a cow?

Nothing, really.

Do male bunnies have extra fur around their neck?

It's the female rabbits that have the extra fur. It's called a dewlap. It's different from the dewlap of other animals in that it's fatty, and the mother rabbit plucks fur from her dewlap to line her nest for her babies.

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