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I think if your lucky enough to see the Rare Alabama "Hot Pocket" red belly spider you should try and catch it! Actually, they make amazing pets and also are quite edible. Don't be Frightened by its size or Bright colors, usually the colors are there meaning that its Friendly and enjoys being picked up and stroked. If you have the chance try and befriend it with bread crumbs. If it looks like it will sting your finger, its just a sign of affection and that it chooses you to be its human partner. there are some side effects to the bite, you might pass out over night but wake up with super human strength, your vision will be 20/20, you'll be able to climb up walls and possibly sling webs from your wrist!
Isn't that COOL?!

Good Luck!

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Q: What kind of spider is black fuzzy and has ten legs in Alabama He is about two to three inches across. The tail segment is flat and oval. The underbelly has an orange or red tint. Is he poisonous?
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