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The eastern Coral Snakes biome is the desert.

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Q: Where is the eastern coral snakes biome?
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What is the biome for the coral reef?

the coral reef is a marine aquatic biome

What is coral reefs as biome?

It is an underwater biome.

Were do eastern coral snakes live?

Southeastern United States, and are found in the wooded, sandy, and marshy areas.

Do coral snakes live in the swamp?

Coral snakes do not live in water.

How many poisonous snakes are in Louisiana?

Venomous snakes of Louisiana:Eastern diamondback rattlesnake - may have been extirpatedCanebrake rattlesnakePygmy rattlesnakeCopperheadCottonmouthHarlequin coral snake - may have been extirpatedTexas coral snake

Are coral snakes the same as pipe snakes?

No. Pipe snakes are sometimes even considered "False Coral Snakes."

Were do coral snakes live tell you were?

Coral snakes are found in Mexico.

Do coral snakes live in Florida?

Yes, there are coral snakes in Florida.

What are diifferent types of snakes?

milk snakes and coral snakes they look the same but coral snakes are dangerous and milk snakes aren't

How are coral snakes different from rattlesnakes?

rattlesnakes are ugly. coral snakes aren't

What eates coral snakes?

coral fish are eaten by pigs

What snakes are in the ocean?

coral snakes