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That's a very odd and inappropriate behavior. It could be that the younger dog pees when he gets excited or nervous, or it could be that he means to mark the older dog as "his property" or something. The only way is to get a dog trainer or your vet involved to understand the context and symptoms to then decide on a course of action to correct the problem.

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Q: Why does my younger dog urinate on older dog?
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Why does my younger dog attack my older dog?

Your younger dog is trying to be dominating the older dog.

Will older dog kill younger dog?

no silly willy bob

Do young dogs learn from older well behaved dogs?

Yes, a young dog can learn from an older dog. the young dog does not have to be young. just younger than the older dog.

My younger male dog pees on my older female?

He is marking her as his property.

How much longer does it take to teach a older dog or a younger dog a trick?

Teaching an older dog would take more time than teaching a younger dog. This is because the younger dog's personality has not been molded yet and would not be difficult to change or train to become the dog you want it to be when it grows up. While the older dog has already developed its own characteristics or personality and would be difficult to start from scratch and change it as the dog has already been used to who it is.

Is your older dog teaching your puppy bite inhibition or is it trying to dominate?

It is probably trying to dominate. Because the puppy is younger, the older dog wants to show it that they, (the older one) are the boss.

Do older dogs learn tricks faster than younger dogs?

It depends on the dog

Did Hitler have older or younger siblings?

He had older and younger siblings.

Why does a male dog urinate on shoes?

well if you dont want your dog to urinate on your belongings or stuff then train your dog not to! There are also books to help you.

Why is your younger male dog biting the back of your older female dogs neck when both are fixed?

it is to show dominance over the other dog.

Why does your dog urinate on your couch?

its not trained

Why does my dog urinate when you pet him?

He or she is excited.

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