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2 times pi is not an integer. Since Pi is an irrational number, 2 pi is also an irrational number.

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What is the radius of the circle if circumference is 132cm?

Radius of circle: 132/2pi = 21cm to the nearest integer

What is the reciprocal of 2pi?

Reciprocal of 2pi = 1/(2pi) = 0.159155(rounded)

What is cosine of 2 X 3.1416?

The cosine of 2pi is 1. In fact, for every integer N, the cosine of 2 N pi is 1.

Can the quotient of two irrational numbers be rational?

Yes. 2*pi is irrational, pi is irrational, but their quotient is 2pi/pi = 2: not only rational, but integer.

What is cos 2pi?

The cos of 2pi is 360 degrees which is 1.

What is the circumference of a circle with a 2pi radius?

The circumference of a circle with a 2pi radius is: 39.58

Is 2pi rational?

NO. pi is an irrational number, therefore, 2pi is also an irrational number/

Why are trigonometry functions periodic?

Because any angle increased by k*2pi radians (= k*360 degrees) where k is an integer, is, effectively, the same angle. This implies that f(x + 2kpi) = f(x) for any angle x and any trig function f. This gives f a maximum period of 2pi radians.

What is the ratio of the circumferences for two circles with areas 6 pi m2 and 150 pi m2?

area = 2pi*r2circumference = 2pi*rThe ratio of their circumferences will be 2pi*r1 /2pi*r2 = r1/r21) r2 = 6pi/2pi = 3. r1 = root(3).2) r = 150pi/2pi = 75. r2 = root(75)So the ratio of their circumferences isr1/r2 = root(3)/root(75)

How do you find the radius if circumference is given?

Divide the circumference by 2PI to find the radius. ( C = 2PI*Radius)

Is 2Pi r the same as Pi r squared?

No. 2Pi r is equal to Pi d, though.

What does 2pi equal?

Let pi=3.14 So: 2(3.14) -> 2(3.14)=6.28 Therefore: 2pi=6.28

What is the radius of a circle if the circumference is 244.92?

Circumf. divided by 2Pi = radius 244.92 / 2Pi = 38.98 radius (to nearest hundredth).

How do you solve secx equals 2?

sec x = 2 cos x = 1/2 x = PI/3 and x=5PI/3 The period of cosine is 2PI The general solutions are: x= PI/3 + 2nPI, where n is any integer x = 5PI/3+2nPI, where n is any integer

Convert 16.75 radians to revolutions?

One revolution = 2Pi radians 16.75 radians / 2Pi radians/rev ~= 2.666 revolutions

What is the radius of a circle with a circumference of 26.69 meters?

Circumference = 2pi*r 26.69/2pi = 4.248m (rounded to three decimal places)

What is the area of a circle if the radius is 4.2 rounded to 2 DP?

Area of a circle = 2pi*r2 = 2pi*(4.2)2 = 110.84

What is the phase shift for sin 2pi plus pi?

Assuming you mean that the pi is not within the sin(2pi), its a vertical shift of +pi

What is the formula of area of cylinder?

Surface area you mean? Then 2pi*r2 + 2pi*r*h where h=height and r=radius

What is the radius of a pencil?

You can use the circumference of the pencil and the circumference formula to find the radius. Set the measured circumference equal to 2pi*radius and solve. I measured it to about .75 of an inch, so: .75=2pi*radius r=.75/2pi

What is the speed of a clock hand?

The speed of a clock hand depends on what the clock hand indicates the second hand is 2pi per 60seconds, the minute hand is 2pi per 3600 seconds and the hour hand is 2pi per 216000 seconds.

Determine the period of y equals -3 sin x?

the period is 2pi. period is 2pi/b and the formula is y=AsinBx.

What is 2pi r?

it is the formula of circumference of circle

Formula of r form c equals 2pi r?

The circumference of a circle C is 2Pixr So solving for r we have C/2Pi=r

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