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Cell Biology (cytology)

What is the name of the thick outer covering around a plant cell?

The structure that surrounds plant cells, but not animal cells, is the cell wall.

The cell wall is a tough and flexible but sometimes fairly rigid layer that surrounds some types of cells. It is located outside the cell membrane and provides these cells with structural support and protection. It also functions as a filtering mechanism to make sure that not everything can enter the cell. A major function of the cell wall is to counter pressure, preventing over-expansion when water fills the cell. The materials in a cell wall vary between species. In plants, the strongest component of the complex cell wall is a carbohydrate called cellulose, which is a glucose polymer. Fungi possess cell walls made of the glucosamine polymer called chitin, and algae typically possess walls made of glycoproteins and polysaccharides. Diatoms, however, have a cell wall composed of silicic acid.

Domestic Dogs
Dog Health
African Wild Dogs

How can you tell if your dog dislocated its hip?

It limps. It's leg could be out of the hip socket above or below the socket. The leg may appear longer or shorter than the opposite one, and the dog will not want to put weight on it. There will probably be a space between the hip socket and leg bone. You need to take the dog to a vet if it appears to have dislocated its hip. Get to the vet fast! because over a few days, calcium will build up inside the hip socket making for a much more expensive vet bill and unnessecary hurt for the dog for the rest of his life.


How do you convert Bolivian shoe sizes to American shoe sizes?


Medical Technologies
Public Health and Safety

Does constipation cause lower abdominal pains?

Yes it can. Eat more leafy greens such as spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, legumes (beans) nuts, etc. Drink plenty of water and stay away from dairy products until you are on a regular routine of bowel movements. If you haven't had a bowel movement in 3 - 4 days it's advisable you see your doctor as you could be impacted or there could be other degrees of bowel problems.

US Civil War
African-American History

What is the Freedman's Bureau?

On March 3, 1865, Congress established the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, which was more commonly known as the Freedmen's Bureau. It was to be in service for only one year but, on July 16, 1866, Congress extended the life of the bureau despite the veto by President Andrew Johnson. The bureau's main focus was to provide food and medical care, to help the freedmen to resettle, to ensure justice for the freedmen, to manage abandoned or confiscated property, to regulate labor, and to establish schools. In many cases, it also provided aid for destitute whites.

The bureau opened 4000 free schools, including several colleges, and educated 250,000 African Americans. By 1870, 21% of African-American population could read.

Although the bureau was successful in its educational goals, it failed in its goal to establish land for the freedmen. The bureau did, however, give 850,000 acres to the freedmen, but President Andrew Johnson revoked the land and gave it to the Confederate landowners.

Consequently, the bureau focused upon employment. It encouraged the freedmen to work on plantations, but this became problematic when the freedmen became sharecroppers and tenant farmers.

Even though there were many problems, the Freedmen's Bureau did help the newly freed African-Americans to get the rights that they had been denied. These included the right to an education, the right to due process, the right to the practice of religion, and the right to contract.

Conditions and Diseases

What would cause rectal bleeding and pain in lower left side of back?

If you have those 2 symptoms together you should see a doctor. You could have a blockage in your intestine or bowel.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Why does my lower back pop without pain?

Your lower back may pop without pain if you have air in your spine. No pain is a good sign and it just means your back needed to pop.

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Travel & Places

What mountain range has the highest peak?

Mountain- Mount Everest, Hight- 8,848metres or 29,029feet, Range- Himalayas

Law & Legal Issues
Medical Records
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Does hipaa affect the patient's access to their own medical record?


Baseball History

What Major League Baseball players have worn the number 41?



How can you win your husband back after a separation?

Winning your spouse back after separation depends on a lot of factors. First it depends on the gravity of what led to the separation, second it also depends on his state of mind at the moment. If he is happily engage to someone else, it may be difficult. But to win someone back, you must show genuine repentance and forgiveness.


What is a group of kangaroos called?

same answer all 3

A group of kangaroos is called a troop, mob, or herd.

A group of tree kangaroos is called a colony.

There is a misconception that a small group of kangaroos is called a court. "Court" has no reference at all to a group or collection of kangaroos. A "kangaroo court" is quite different, and refers to sham legal proceedings where the outcome is decided more or less in advance, regardless of witnesses and the appearance of genuine proceedings.

Deforestation and Habitat Loss

Why are tropical rainforests near the Equator?

The region around the equator is the tropics (both north and south), so any rainforest around the equator which is in the tropics is a tropical rainforest.

A rainforest can exist (and does exist) outside the tropics. The Pacific Northwest, for example, has the Hoh rainforest.

A "tropical rainforest" is typically hot year round with little temperature change from month to month.

Tropical rainforests are near the equator because the climate there is warm, very wet and constant due to the position of the sun over the equator; it's always directly overhead. The plants that live there thrive in these conditions. There are only two seasons in the tropical rainforests: wet season and dry season.

The rainforests are so wet because whenever it rains, the water collects on the big leaves of the trees and evaporates quickly, forms into clouds and rains down again.

Musical Instruments
Zayn Malik
Tina Turner

What instrument did Granny Clampett play?

Stell harp

US Coins

What is the value of a 1945 lead penny?

Cents were NEVER made out of lead. In 1943 they were made out of zinc-coated steel to free up copper for the war effort.

If you have a 1943 cent it's worth 25 to 50 cents in circulated condition.

If you have a 1945 cent it's made of bronze and is worth less than 3 cents.

For the source and detailed information concerning this subject, click on the related links section indicated below.
All 1945 cents were struck in copper.

If you have a silver-colored coin dated 1945 it has been plated and is only worth 1¢.

OTOH if your coin is dated 1943, then it is steel and is worth maybe 25-50 cents depending on how worn it is.


How many legs does an octopus have?

octopuses are widely considered to have 8 legs however they actually have 6 , the other 2 are arms

Not true.

An octopus has 8 tentacles. But marine scientists now believe that only 2 of those tentacles are actually used for walking and moving around. These are called as legs. The remaining 6 are used for feeding and other functions. Hence they are called as arms.

It used to be thought that an octopus had eight tentacles or "arms". Now, scientists are saying that two of those tentacles are legs, so an octopus has two legs. The rest are arms.
A octopus has 8 legs and it is a marine creature
4 legs because

look here:

8 - 4 = 4 And there is your answer

Microsoft Windows
Computer History
Windows XP

What are 2 components every computer must have?

hardware and software

Jobs & Education
College Applications and Entrance Requirements

Do you need to take the SAT if you take the ACT?

Yes we

Web Downloads
Google Chrome
Safari Browser

How do you restart your browser?

There is no way to restart your browser. You can close the window of the browser. In other words click the x and then start it again. You can also restart your computer.

Colonial America
Australian Colonial Settlement

What did the early settlers wear?

Boys and girls under the age of seven would have both worn a long dress. The boys wore a cap called a biggin. It was large and tied under the chin. The girls, like the women, wore their hair up in a small cap called a coif. After the age of seven the boys would wear the same type of clothing as the men.

The men generally wore a button up long sleeve, button up shirt with a ruffle around the collar. The pants were short and tied off at the knee.

The women wore ankle length dresses with long sleeves. The Pilgrims of that time did wear some colorful clothing.

Underwear came in the form of a shift, or long shirt. Long stockings were worn with the day clothes. No one wore underpants. Females wore their hair long and in the coif. If a hat was needed it would be placed on top of the coif. Shoes were leather and all cut the same. There was no right or left shoe.

Horse Diet and Nutrition

What is a horses favorite food?

fresh green grass

Guinea Pigs

How long do pot bellied pigs live for?

Pot bellied pigs generally live to be anywhere from 15-25 years old. On some occasions, they can live to be as old as 30. However, this depends on the health of the animal and also my vary genetically. For a healthy pig, it is the responsibility of the owner to make sure the animal has the right nutrition and medical care to live a long and comfortable life.

Back Neck and Spine
Pica Disorder

What causes a small pea sized hard lump in back of neck on hair line no pain?

Generally speaking, these "pea-sized" lumps are plugged up oil glands (there are a lot in that area)... The skin can over-grow an oil gland, but the glands continues to secrete oil; the gland will swell as the oil builds up --which becomes mixed with the internal skin cells sloughing off the inside wall of the "lump". When this happens, we call them "sebaceous cysts". (a cyst by definition is a fluid-filled sac)... They are not dangerous, but occasionally one will become irritated and sell even more. When it ruptures (usually because you squeezed it) a cheezy-sour smelling material will come out... The material is the oil & internal skin cells I mentioned earlier... The problem with these cysts is that once formed they will periodically swell & drain until a surgeon cuts the sac out. If they don't get ALL of the wall, the cyst will re-form and continue to periodically swell and drain...

Learning Tips and Study Habits

What is the best homework help website?

A Word About "Help"

If you mean actual help, then any of the websites are good places to go - if you mean "where can I get someone else to do my work for me?" then WikiAnswers will not be very helpful.

The point of homework is for you to practice, practice, practice so that you will learn how to do the material from school. Even if it seems useless to you now, the things that you learn how to do will help you later - you might not ever need to know those words you have to look up, but you will certainly need to know how to look up information!

Ancient History

What is one way that Australopithecus differed from apes?

Australopithecus’s hand were made for climbing and clinging


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