Rules of the Road

What score do you need to pass a Florida permit test?


Simple Machines (engineering)

What do simple machines do?



Martin Luther King, Jr.

What colleges did Martin Luther King Jr attend?

Dr. King attended quite a few colleges. He first went to Morehouse College and got a B.A. degree in Sociology in 1948. He then enrolled in Crozer Theological Seminary but also did some studying at the University of Pennsylvania. He got a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Crozer in 1951. He went on to get his Ph.D. from Boston University which was awarded to him in the year 1955.

Clara Barton

What are Clara Barton's hobbies?

She wrote books, rode horses, not very often, and enjoyed reading. She didn't do as much of this as she did almost every waking hour working on either on the Red Cross or something similar like the missing soldier list and reading and writing letters to people.

Roman Empire
Ancient Rome
Artemis (Diana)

Why were Romans called Romans and not Italians?

Because that's what they were. Italy, as a political entity, did not exist: the standard political unit in the classical world was the city-state. While an Athenian might also think of himself as Greek, as there were many city-states in Greece, a Roman looked down on mere Italians, as Rome was totally dominant in its sphere of Italy.

Romans were Italians - end of story. However they were citizens of Rome, just as Neapolitans were citizens of Naples (didn't call themselves Italians either).

However the Romans, as usual winners, thought of themselves as dominant, and even though eventually the other Italian peoples and cities were allied to them, they did not treat them as equals - Romans had superior legal rights, and exploited them too in commercial dealings with their allies. This led to what has been called the Social War (socii = allies) in the early 1st Century BCE, where many of Rome's Italian allies revolted. It was a close run thing, and when it eventually scraped home, Rome learnt and extended Roman citizenship to all its Italian allies, who, while Italians too, also became Romans.

Roman citizenship was gradually extended to other ethnics as the empire expanded. By three hundred years later, all peoples in the empire were given Roman citizenship and became Romans, whether they were Latins, other Italians, Greeks, Gauls, Britons, Spaniards, Syrians or whatever.

The Odyssey

What was Odysseus' dog's name?

Odysseus' dog was named Argos or Argus.

Argos recognized his master by smell, twenty years after Odysseus had left for the Trojan war.

Parenting and Children
Dog Health
Child Development

What time should a 13 year old go to bed?

The average bed time for a thirteen year old is 10:30-11:30
The time a 13 year old should go to bed should be determined on several factors.

One factor is how much sleep the child needs to be fully rested. Most people need 8 hours of sleep but some need more and some need less.

Another factor is the time the child needs to wake up in the morning. Look at how much time it takes to be ready in the morning. Getting school things ready the night before means they may be able to sleep a little later in the morning.

Keeping a consistent schedule is also a part of deciding bed time. If a child has problems getting to bed at the designated time, then setting an earlier bed time will help them get enough sleep.

For example, if the child needs to be ready to leave for school by 7:00 a.m., takes an hour to ready in the morning, and needs 8 hours of sleep, then they should be in bed by 10:00 p.m.

Botany or Plant Biology
Cell Biology (cytology)

What is the name of the thick outer covering around a plant cell?

The structure that surrounds plant cells, but not animal cells, is the cell wall.

The cell wall is a tough and flexible but sometimes fairly rigid layer that surrounds some types of cells. It is located outside the cell membrane and provides these cells with structural support and protection. It also functions as a filtering mechanism to make sure that not everything can enter the cell. A major function of the cell wall is to counter pressure, preventing over-expansion when water fills the cell. The materials in a cell wall vary between species. In plants, the strongest component of the complex cell wall is a carbohydrate called cellulose, which is a glucose polymer. Fungi possess cell walls made of the glucosamine polymer called chitin, and algae typically possess walls made of glycoproteins and polysaccharides. Diatoms, however, have a cell wall composed of silicic acid.

Domestic Dogs
Dog Health
African Wild Dogs

How can you tell if your dog dislocated its hip?

It limps. It's leg could be out of the hip socket above or below the socket. The leg may appear longer or shorter than the opposite one, and the dog will not want to put weight on it. There will probably be a space between the hip socket and leg bone. You need to take the dog to a vet if it appears to have dislocated its hip. Get to the vet fast! because over a few days, calcium will build up inside the hip socket making for a much more expensive vet bill and unnessecary hurt for the dog for the rest of his life.


How do you convert Bolivian shoe sizes to American shoe sizes?


Ashley Tisdale

Where can Ashley Tisdale Talk To you?

When will Ashley. Answer

Medical Technologies
Public Health and Safety

Does constipation cause lower abdominal pains?

Yes it can. Eat more leafy greens such as spinach, broccoli, brussel sprouts, legumes (beans) nuts, etc. Drink plenty of water and stay away from dairy products until you are on a regular routine of bowel movements. If you haven't had a bowel movement in 3 - 4 days it's advisable you see your doctor as you could be impacted or there could be other degrees of bowel problems.

US Civil War
African-American History

What is the Freedman's Bureau?

On March 3, 1865, Congress established the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen, and Abandoned Lands, which was more commonly known as the Freedmen's Bureau. It was to be in service for only one year but, on July 16, 1866, Congress extended the life of the bureau despite the veto by President Andrew Johnson. The bureau's main focus was to provide food and medical care, to help the freedmen to resettle, to ensure justice for the freedmen, to manage abandoned or confiscated property, to regulate labor, and to establish schools. In many cases, it also provided aid for destitute whites.

The bureau opened 4000 free schools, including several colleges, and educated 250,000 African Americans. By 1870, 21% of African-American population could read.

Although the bureau was successful in its educational goals, it failed in its goal to establish land for the freedmen. The bureau did, however, give 850,000 acres to the freedmen, but President Andrew Johnson revoked the land and gave it to the Confederate landowners.

Consequently, the bureau focused upon employment. It encouraged the freedmen to work on plantations, but this became problematic when the freedmen became sharecroppers and tenant farmers.

Even though there were many problems, the Freedmen's Bureau did help the newly freed African-Americans to get the rights that they had been denied. These included the right to an education, the right to due process, the right to the practice of religion, and the right to contract.

Conditions and Diseases

What would cause rectal bleeding and pain in lower left side of back?

If you have those 2 symptoms together you should see a doctor. You could have a blockage in your intestine or bowel.


Will a sharp stabbing pain in male's lower right abdomen usually go away after a bowel movement?

Could be an obstructed or twisted bowel...or maybe your diet. Try drinking more water and eating more fiber (or take a fiber tablet/stool softener). If pain continues, see a doctor.

Pregnancy Symptoms
Back Neck and Spine
Back Neck and Spinal Pain

Why does my lower back pop without pain?

Your lower back may pop without pain if you have air in your spine. No pain is a good sign and it just means your back needed to pop.

Microsoft Windows
Travel & Places

What mountain range has the highest peak?

Mountain- Mount Everest, Hight- 8,848metres or 29,029feet, Range- Himalayas

Law & Legal Issues
Medical Records
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

Does hipaa affect the patient's access to their own medical record?


Environmental Issues
Business Networking

How does technology helps us with environment?

Technology helps us study intricate details about the environment. The knowledge gathered helps human beings interact much better with the environment.

War and Military History

How many soldiers in a regiment?

Answer This can vary depending on the Country and the Time period. WW2 - US Army An infantry regiment consisted of approximately 3000 men. The Infantry Division included 3 regiments and artillery and support units totalling 15,000 men. American Civil War - US The infantry regiment included 1000 men on paper. However, after a few battles the regiment was reduced to the size of 500 men or even down to as little as 250 men---espeically in the Confederate forces. Some of the Confederate regiments had to be consolidated into 1 unit, thus names like the 29/30th Mississippi Regiment. British - pre 1880 The British regiments were about the same size of the American's regiments in the Civil War. The British regiments were re-organized in 1880's and two numbered regiments were combined and given a territorial name, such as Bedforshire & Hertforshire Regiment. British - WW1 & WW2 British regiments grew in size to meet the need to supply troops to the large wars. The regiments created brigades, so that there was a 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Brigade within the regiment. The British local towns suffered greatly when a regiment experienced great battle losses. So the brigades were sent to different regions and campaigns. Then they created a training and a home defense brigade that would supply troops to the main figthing unit. Some well-known regiments grew as many as 12 brigades. Custermen

Baseball History

What Major League Baseball players have worn the number 41?



How can you win your husband back after a separation?

Winning your spouse back after separation depends on a lot of factors. First it depends on the gravity of what led to the separation, second it also depends on his state of mind at the moment. If he is happily engage to someone else, it may be difficult. But to win someone back, you must show genuine repentance and forgiveness.

Collective Nouns

What is a group of dragons called?



How do frogs protect their eggs?

Most frogs don't; they just lay so many eggs that some of them will grow to an adult frog. Some species guard their eggs, and others hide the eggs in the leaf litter on land, or in foam nests in trees. When the larvae emerge, they drop into the water where they further develop. Frogs dont protect their eggs. When a frog lays its eggs it leaves. Then the eggs hatch alone. Most don't,frogs just lay so many that hopefully they will turn into adults.


Are Deer herbivores or omnivores?

Deer can eat animals or plants because there are omnivore


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