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Why Ghirth is called jat in Himachal?

Ghirth is a separate caste, they want to step up in social hierarchy that's why they want to be called as Jatts. but they are different.

According to a legend, the Ghirths are so called because the Hindu god Shiva made them out of ghee (ghrita in Sanskrit). This etymology is reflective of the community's traditional occupation of animal husbandry and agriculture. However, some members of the community trace their ancestry to a sage called Ghrit Rishi, and claim connections to the legendary Kauravas mentioned in the Mahabharata. The community also claims descent from the Rajput Kshatriyas.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Ghirths were the dominant low-caste cultivators and marginal landholders in the Himachal region. Since they were considered as a 'clean' (not untouchable) low caste, they were employed as domestic servants by the higher castes: their 'clean' status allowed them to perform tasks such as fetching water or cleaning cooking utensils, which the untouchable servants were not allowed to do. Nevertheless, the Rajput, who were the dominant landholding caste of the region, had imposed social restrictions on them. Around 1926, the Ghirths started a movement to achieve upward social mobility, and started opposing these restrictions. They refused menial work, creating difficulties for the higher castes that earlier employed them as servants.

Philippines Literature

Summary of the story tahanan na isang sugarol?

I. Buod

Sa isang luma at hungkag na bahay, may nakatirang isang pamilyang hindi masyadong maayos dahil kay Li Hua, ang sugarol at walang silbing asawa ni Lian Chao. Sila ay may dalawang anak na sina Ah Yue at Siao Lan. Si Li Hua ay walang ibang alam kundi ay puro sugal lamang. Kahit na buntis si Lian Chao ay siya parin ang gumagawa ng gawain bahay mula sa umaga hanggang gabi. Si Li Hua naman ay uuwi lang sa bahay kapag kumain at maliligo lang. Kapag nagkamali si Lian Chao ng kilos ay siguradong bubugbugin siya ng asawa nito kaya takot na takot din ang mga anak sa ama nila.

Isang gabi, nung malapit nang manganak si Lian Chao ay hindi pa nakakauwi ang asawa niya. Sumasakit na ang kanyang tiyan at kailangan na niyang makapunta sa ospital. Gigisingin sana niya si Ah Yue pero naisip niya na mahimbing sila ni Siao Lan natutulog kaya pinuntahan na lang niya ang asawa niya sa sugalan yung Hsiang Chi coffee shop kahit madilim at tahimik ang daan. Nang nakarating na siya sa sugalan ay tinulungan siya ng asawa ng may-ari ng kapihan. Tinawag niya ang kanyang asawa pero pinahintay pa niya ito dahil tatapusin pa daw niya yung laro na yun pero may humimok kay Li Hua na lumakad na siya at manganganak na ang asawa niya. Galit ng tiningnan ni Li Hua si Lian Chao at tumayo. Tapos nakita ni Lian Chao na lumalakad papunta sa kanya si Ah Yue at Siao Lan na umiiyak sapagkat sabi ni Ah Yue ay nagising ang kanyang nakababatang kapatid at hinahanap ang kanilang ina kaya dinala niya ito doon. Pinauwi ni Lian Chao ang kanyang mga anak at ibinilin si Ah Yue na alagaan niya ang kanyang kapatid tapos nakaalis na sina Lian Chao at Li Hua papuntang ospital tapos nagsimula ng lumakad si Ah Yue, pangko sa likod ang kapatid, patungo sa kanilang bahay.

English translation:

In an old and empty house, there lived a family not too well due to Li Hua, the gambler and useless wife Lian Chao. They had two children, Siao Yue and Ah Lan. Li Hua is no other knowing only gambling but is concentrated. Although Lian Chao was pregnant he still makes house work from morning till night. Li Hua also returns home only at home when you eat and bathe only. Lian Chao was wrong when the action was sure he would beat his wife so distraught children are also fathers.

One night, Nung was about to give birth Lian Chao nakakauwi not his wife. That his stomach hurt and she needed to go to hospital. He would Gigisingin Ah Yue, but he thought them of Siao Lan deep sleep so he just went to her husband in casino coffee shop I Hsiang Chi the dark and quiet road. When he did that gambling has helped her husband of the owner of the tearoom. He called his wife but because he pinahintay pending Ako yun his game but I have drive to Li Hua, walking bear that he and his wife. Anger viewed Lian Li Hua was Chao and stand. Lian Chao then saw him walking toward Jesus Ah Lan Siao Yue and crying because Ah Yue says awakened her younger brothers and seek their mother so he brought it there. Lian Chao sent by her son and Ah Yue was charged to look after his brother were gone done Lian Hua Li Chao and began to hospital then walked Ah Yue, armful brother back, toward their home.

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What does MK mean in text talk?

It's like a shorter way of saying the phrase 'mmkay.' Basically saying something like 'okay' or 'kk.'


What is your expectation in this subject?

Depends on the subject but if you are talking about Math.... Then I would expect we will encounter numbers, equations , problem solving, and integers. Math is a challenging subject!


What is a pin for a Roblox Card?

A pin for a Roblox card is the number that is located on the card that allows you to redeem it. This can be found on the back of the card under the scratch surface. This code is, of course, only redeemable after being activated at the time of card purchase.


How does midnight sun affect people who live in these regions?

It can make it difficult to sleep and cause vitamins like vitamin D from the sun to be above and/or below normal.

TV Programming and Commercials

Who remembers a commercial where a Swedish man says It's Tuesday I am going to call me mother?

(all Swedish accents)

"Eric, where are you going, Eric?"

"It's Tuesday, I'm going to call my mother"


This ad most likely was for AT&T since it came out so long ago or possibly even one of the major Bell's after the split-up in 1982. one of my all time favorites.


How do you log in twitch's birthday on literacy planet?

Twitch 17856

Collective Nouns

What is a collective noun for organizers?


Dieting and Weight Loss

How do you lose weight off your waist?


In a controlled study group of women with abdominal obesity, 12 weeks in an intensive yoga program significantly improvedTrusted Source the health of study participants. Yoga also brought downTrusted Source the waist circumference of those who participated.

Yoga may be especially effective for trimming your waistline because in addition to burning calories, it helps you manage stress. Get started with yoga under the supervision of an instructor or by following along to a yoga workout at home.


Planks work your abdominal muscles, as well as the muscles that surround your core and help support healthy posture.

Start in a pushup position with your hands at your sides and your feet shoulder-width apart. It might help to do this exercise on a thin yoga mat or another stable, cushioned surface.

Breathing out, lift your body with your forearms so that you are parallel to the floor. Try to stabilize your core as you hold the position for as long as you can, taking slow breaths. Be careful not to hold the stress of this pose in your neck or your knees — it’s your core that should be supporting your full weight.

Try this exercise in increments of 30 seconds, a minute, or more if you can do it, working up to multiple sets and longer lengths of time.

Standing oblique crunch

A standing oblique crunch works the muscles on your sides. Toning these muscles can give you a firmer, trimmer waist.

Start standing up, using an optional 5- or 10-pound weight. Stabilizing your left arm by touching your head, lower your right arm slowly while you keep your core stabilized. Try not to move your hips at all as you stretch toward the floor.

After several repetitions of this move, switch to the opposite side. This is a great alternative to traditional crunches if you have back pain or difficult lying on the floor.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT)

HIIT exercise may be more effectiveTrusted Source than traditional cardio at cutting down abdominal fat. This type of cardiovascular exercise involves brief periods of “all-out intensity,” like sprinting, biking, or running, followed by spans of lower-intensity activities while your heart rate stays accelerated.

To try HIIT, use a treadmill. Figure out your maximum intensity setting on the treadmill, and a “rest” setting that feels like 60 percent of the effort.

After warming up, aim for 30-second increments of your highest setting, offset by 60 to 90 seconds of your lower-intensity setting. Experiment with the lengths of time you sustain your higher intensity, always returning to your “rest.”

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Political Theory

What is one of the basic principles of democracy?

Protecting minority groups against oppression by a majority (APEX)
Medication and Drugs
Drug Interactions

Can you take hydrocodone and Ibuprofen together?

Yes, you can. Ibuprofen and Hydrocodone work in different ways. When Hydrocodone is prescribed it is commonly prescribed in combination with acetaminophen (Tylenol), but sometimes prescribed with ibuprofen (Vicoprofen). Hydrocodone is an opioid narcotic that works by blocking opioid pain receptors. Ibuprofen is not a narcotic and works differently to block pain. Many healthcare providers including myself will tell patients to start off by taking ibuprofen (400 mg). If the pain still persists after 30 minutes or so take the hydrocodone. There is no adverse effects and no reason to worry about taking the medicines together as long as you take them in the recommended/prescribed dosages.

Medical Terminology

What does the medical abbreviation PKU mean?

galactosemia, which means “galactose in the blood,” refers to a group of inherited disorders that impair the body's ability to process and produce energy from a sugar called galactose. When people with galactosemia injest foods or liquids containing galactose, undigested sugars build up in the blood. classic galactosemia (type 1) - the most common and severe type, caused by mutations in the GALT gene, and characterized by a complete deficiency of an enzyme called galactose-1-phosphate uridyl transferase (GALT). type IV galactosemia is likely to result in a buildup of β-d-galactose. In type I and type III galactosemia, the buildup of galactose 1-phosphate has been proposed to be responsible for many of the manifestations of these diseases. duarte galactosemia is a specific type of galactosemia. galactosemias are a group of rare inherited conditions. galactosemia means “galactose in the blood.” people with duarte galactosemia digest a type of sugar called galactose more slowly. galactose is found in milk and all foods that contain milk. classic galactosemia (GALT) is an inherited condition in which the body is unable to properly digest galactose, a sugar found in all foods that contain milk. If a child with GALT eats galactose, undigested sugars build up in the blood rather than being used for energy. classic galactosemia, also known as type I, is the most common and most severe form of the condition. If infants with classic galactosemia are not treated promptly with a low-galactose diet, life-threatening complications appear between birth or atleast by within a few day's after birth.

type4: moderate/severe. type 3 affected infants develop cataracts but otherwise experience few long-term complications. the signs and symptoms of galactosemia type III vary from mild to severe and can include cataracts, delayed growth and development, intellectual disability, liver disease, and kidney problem's. mild/severe.

galactosemia type II (also called galactokinase deficiency) and type III (also called galactose epimerase deficiency) cause different patterns of signs and symptoms. galactosemia type II causes fewer medical problems than the classic type. galactosemia type II causes fewer medical problems than the classic type. affected infants develop cataracts but otherwise experience few long-term complications| mild/moderate. classic galactosemia is a rare, serious, life-threatening disorder. duarte galactosemia is more common and usually causes no symptom's, but. duarte galactosemia is an inherited condition associated with diminished ability to metabolize galactose due to a partial deficiency of the enzyme galactose-1-phosphate uridylyltransferase| mild

Math and Arithmetic
Length and Distance

Express 80 centimeters as a percentage of 2 meters?

There are 200 centimetres in 2 metres. Therefore, 80 centimetres is equal to 80/200 x 100 = 40 percent of 2 metres.

News Television

What are the answers to word scrimmage by judd hambrick for?

Nine eleven


What would a pencil say to a hand?

I am sharpen take care

Religion & Spirituality

What are some examples of orderliness?

God dose not have a scent/order to him. Yet scents God made everything here and beyond, including all scents everywhere!

Video Games

What is Roblox's real name?

Nada Nada Nada Nada Nada Nada Nada Nada Nada y una dog on top

Math and Arithmetic

How do you find 0.1 of 10cm?

You divide by 10 or multiply by 0.1


3 jobs that are affected by high air pressure?



Where to find all of the answers to the online summer school called founders education's tests?

Numbers in the body, or middle, of frequency tables,are


Which animal is more stable turtle or giraffe?

Turtle because its feet are wider apart.

Human Rights
Al Sharpton
Arbitration, Mediation, and Dispute Resolution

How can you contact the Reverend Al Sharpton?

Al has an organization called the National Action Network.

The web address is posted in the Related Link below

English Language

What is the feminine gender of duke called?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.

The title for a male is a duke.

The title for a female is a duchess.

Math and Arithmetic
Units of Measure
Cooking Measurements

Is 4 pounds greater than 64 ounces?

Yes 64 ounces is greater than


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