Who. Should. Charlotte. Flair. Face at. Mania. Night. 1?

Who should Bianca Belair. Face at wrestlemania

  1. sd women’s champion Sasha banks
  2. Raw women’s champ. Auska

Is sex healthy?

As long as you are being safe, of age and feel ready, yes.

Math and Arithmetic

What is 2+ 2?


Conditions and Diseases

How do u know someone has a crush on u?

Ask them if they do or not.

Food Chains and Food Webs

What part of the food chain is a lemming?

Ask me tmr or something

Math and Arithmetic

If 1 dozen eggs cost $18.00. What will be the cost of 2 ½ dozen eggs?

$45, but i don't think you can buy 6 and half eggs, but you do you

Mae Jemison

How old is Mae Jemison today?

i think she is dead


Anyone know a good ebook for meditaion or getting rid of stress?

this is by far the best and most informitive one i have found plenty of informatiion and bonuses called zenmatery

www .medicareteams. com

Math and Arithmetic

Whats 540kg-220 kg=?


Math and Arithmetic

-5=3xwhat is the answer?

it is x= -5/3 or -1.666666666666666

Factoring and Multiples
Math and Arithmetic

What is 1\7 of 35 dogs?

The dog would be 5 years old


Who is ssniper wolf?

she is a youtuber


Hell no fart pants?

I hate you so much

Math and Arithmetic

Is -0.66 less than or greater than -0.875?


Water Cycle

Without heat from the sun the water cycle would?

Without heat from the sun the water cycle would not work .

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