Teen Titans

What are the Teen Titans names from tv?

The primary Teen Titans are Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and Terra.


Which district in kerala has the smallest coastline?

The Ernakulam district in kerala has the smallest coastline

Emily Dickinson

What qualities of the wind might lead Emily dickinson to personify it as A rapid-footless guest?

The wind could be described as a guest because the speaker had to "let it in" by opening a door or window. Footless because obviously the wind is invisible and doesn't have a physical body. Rapid could be because it blew in quickly.


Why might a baby cry when you cover up his or her favourite object?

They don't yet have object permanence, which is the understanding that objects still exist even when they can't see (or otherwise sense) them. So when you cover their favorite object up, they think it's gone for good!

Babies develop object permanence in their first year, so this evil trick won't last forever.

Trader Joe's

Is trader joes a supermarket?

Do you remember the first time you went grocery shopping on your own? For college students or other newly minted adults, choosing your own food and deciding what to cook for the week probably seemed exciting. Unfortunately, if you’re like most people, the novelty quickly wore off.

Enter Trader Joe’s. The 50-year-old self-proclaimed “neighborhood” grocery store has grown into a national chain known for its quirky culture and delicious food. Take, for example, the chain’s famous Cookie Butter, which is basically spreadable cookies. What more could you want for your breakfast toast?

The best part of Trader Joe’s, however, is that the more you learn about the chain, the more there is to love. This video gives some of the highlights.

Postage and Shipping

Does fedex deliver on Sunday?

FedEx plans to deliver packages seven days a week starting next January. Its announcement Thursday marks the latest escalation in the race for faster deliveries as retailers and logistics companies compete for online dollars.

Fedex already delivers seven days a week during the holiday season. It's now expanding the practice year-round for most of the U.S., it said. "FedEx Ground will deliver to residences every day of the week beginning in January 2020, because shoppers don't run on business days – they run every day," the company said on Twitter.

Ice Hockey

Who is the best ice hockey team?

The Best NHL Teams In History -- Many hockey fans say the Montreal Canadiens was the best hockey team ever put together, and during the 1976-77 season, the team won the Stanley Cup, Wales Conference and the Norris Division. The record for the team was 60-8-12. To date, the team won a total of 24 Stanley Cups


Do penguins have fur or feathers?

Penguins do have feathers, but people often confuse them for fur because unlike most bird feathers, they are short and dense. These unique feathers are also waterproof on the outside and insulated on the inside to keep the penguins warm in such frigid climates.


How did Francisco Pizarro affect the Incas empire?

Francisco Pizarro wanted to conquer the Incas and take all of their gold and silver.

Katy Perry

Is Katy Perry pregnant with John Mayer in 2015?

On March 5, 2020 Katy Perry announced she was pregnant with her and boyfriend, Orlando Bloom's first child together.


How accurate is ancestry DNA tests?

Some triplets received dna tests with some interesting results.


Can i replace both blanks in one move in scrabble?

You can always replace any tiles during a turn by skipping your turn and selecting new ones from the tile bag ... but I think you're asking if you can play both blanks in a single turn. Yes, and those are scored as 0 points and will remain whatever letter you announce them to be during that turn in completing your word.

Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE

What does CTA stands for in ICSE board?

CTA most likely means College Teachers Association as outlined by the International Curriculum for Secondary Education (ICSE).

I've also seen CTA to mean:

- Curriculum Travel of America

- California Teachers Association


Why does a mcflurry have that strange spoon?


Why is the Mcflurry spoon the way it is?


How many snails are eaten each year in France?

Put plainly, the French eat tons (or, more specifically, metric tons) of snails. According to a Reuters report, France consumes around 30,000 metric tons of escargot each year. And while estimates are just that—estimates—the French Embassy in the U.S. tweeted than an estimated 500 million snails are eaten in France yearly.
Elements and Compounds

What is the colour of aluminium nitrate solution?



Why is McDonald's mcflurry spoon shaded like a straw?


Why is McDonald's mcflurry spoon shaped like a straw?


Why is the McDonald's mcflurry spoon the way it is?

Check Engine Light
OBD Diagnostic Codes

How do you fix engine code p0449?

Here is a video on how to fix engine code p0449

Political Office Holders

How many U.S. presidents have been impeached?

As of 2020, it's now 3.

Conditions and Diseases

What are the white specks on your nails?

More often than not, the white specks on your fingernails (known as leukonychia) are caused by some kind of trauma or damage to the nail bed. Closing your finger inside a drawer, for instance, could result in this condition. White spots resulting from this kind of injury will heal over time and are nothing to be concerned about.

Other possible causes of leukonychia include a fungal infection called white superficial onychomycosis, an allergic reaction to nail polish, or a calcium or zinc deficiency. If the white spots on your nails are more persistent and do not seem to be linked to trauma, it might be a good idea to see your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Actors & Actresses
Betty White

Is Betty White 87 years old?

And now she's 98.

Baseball History
Washington Nationals
World Series

Have the nationals won a World Series?

Yes. 2019 the Washington nationals won the MLB World Series for the first time in franchise history.


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