What's in Area 51?

The quick answer: Nobody really knows for sure...however, there probably aren’t any aliens there. Nonetheless, we’ve got some information on the legendary site’s secrets. First, a quick primer: Area 51 is about 150 miles from Las Vegas, Nevada, and it’s… Full Answer

Is Deep Dish Pizza Really Pizza?

By all straightforward definitions, Chicago-style deep-dish pizza is pizza. It has a crust, sauce, and (lots of) cheese, so it certainly meets the traditional requirements-and, more to the point, it's marketed as pizza. If restaurants call something "pizza" and customers… Full Answer

How do you get the secret emoji menu on iOS?

To access to the iPhone's hidden emoji menu, you'll have to add a new keyboard. Don't worry--it's a fairly simple process, and it won't prevent you from using your standard keyboard. These instructions are accurate for iOS version 12. Start… Full Answer