Cell Biology (cytology)

What two organelles is DNA found in?

DNA can be found in 2 organells in a cell: the Nucleus and the Mitochondria.

Chromosomes are NOT an organelle

Distances and Travel Times

What is frequent flyer number?


Stone Castles

What is the difference between concentric and stone keep castles?


Human Anatomy and Physiology

What are the hallmark signs of inflammation?

The five cardinal signs of inflammation are: redness (rubor), pain (dolor); heat (calor), swelling (tumor); and loss of function.

1. Redness - Vasodilation (dilation) of blood vessels increases blood flow so more blood and white blood cells can get there faster. Blood clots are also forming.

2. Swelling - The permeability of blood vessels increase, allowing fluid to move from blood to tissue. Other inflammatory mediators are now able to pass through walls of blood vessels and they accumulate in tissue and in blood.

3. Pain - Nociceptors (pain receptors) are activated allowing you to know where the wound or infection is. Certain mediators, like bradykinin, can also increase pain sensitivity.

4. Heat - Temperature is increasing in damaged area from large amounts of blood present. Certain substances entering cells cause the cells to release chemicals to raise the body temperature.

The four cardinal signs of inflammation---redness (Latin rubor), heat (calor), swelling (tumor), and pain (dolor)---were described in the 1st century ad by the Roman medical writer Aulus Cornelius Celsus.

US Constitution

How many years can one person serve as united states president?

Eight years

Horror and Suspense Movies

What is the monster from the movie Cloverfield?

Cloverfield himself.


What is the interior and exterior angle of a regular octagon?

To work this out, all the external angles of any shape add up to 360°, so all we need to do to work the external angle out is divide 360° by the number of sides giving us a sum of 360 divided by 8 sides = 45°; so now we have the exterior angle we can easily find the internal angle, we do this by subtracting the external angle which in the case of an octagon is 45° from 180° thus giving us 135°, of course this is only going to work on a regular shape with equal sides as an irregular shape is going to have different angles but will still total 360°.

The interior angle of a regular octagon is 135° and the external 45°.

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Flying Mammals

How do bats see in the dark?



Poetic Forms

What is an acrostic using the word iceberg?


Computer Programming
Electronics Engineering
Artificial Intelligence

Is there a robot with artificial intelligence?

We all know that Artificial intelligence (Machine intelligence) is a technology that reacts like human. There is a another golden era in artificial intelligence because Millions of people  are being  invested in artificial intelligence industries which are start ups. Multinational companies are struggling over $20 billion in artificial intelligence in recent days. Now they are realizing benefits of AI. We will find AI in each and every sector voice search , facial recognition  or even search that is being typed in a search engine. AI is helping banks, doctors, farmers and even entrepreneurs.

AI will increase productivity and wealth in assembly and countries. Who got the best infrastructure and podium clouds for Either AI family is now also agitation ground in the blacken. Corporate can improve their customer. They will save costs, lower prices, drive revenues and sell mend products and services powered by AI. If millions of companies interest this worst in class free AI software then they are likely to strait share of computing power. And they should have excellent navigational dexterity to craft headlong of the giants or sail different house.

Now the main question is who is going to make money in artificial intelligence?

Real growth in artificial intelligence will be of those companies who are selling , supplying, manufacturing, transportation for  artificial intelligence will make money in business.  People  who has following things will definitely going to make money in Artificial intelligence.

History, Politics & Society
World War 2
Britain in WW2
WW2 Allied Powers

How do you make an air raid shelter?

air-raid shelter

English Language
Word Brain Teasers

What is the longest word with no vowels?

Don’t know


Can you eat popcorn if you have diverticulitis?


Celebrity Relationships
Gospel Music

Who is twinkie clark husband?

Mr. Terell Mr. Terell [hence Twinkie Clark Terell]

History of the United States
Republican Party
US Government

What are the principles of the Republican Party?

I don’t know


Can 12 year olds volunteer at animal shelters?

Depending on what animal shelter you want to volunteer at depends if they allow 12-year old volunteers. Most animal shelters will allow only 16 year olds and older because of insurance and health reasons. However, the youngest age I've seen be able to volunteer at an animal shelter is 14 years old. Again, it's different at every animal shelter and this is ONLY from my experience.but yes 12 year olds can help out

Ceramics and Pottery

How much is an 1890 ironstone England pitcher bowl worth?

Unfortunately, it's probably not a valuable piece. Ironstone 1890 pottery and china were manufactured, at the most, within the past 10-20 years. That number was added to the stamp to lead novice buyers to believe that they were getting an actual antique piece from the 19th century. Ironstone is very specific, and very heavy. It's likely that the piece you have that bears the brand is actually made of a simpler ceramic, as well. Look at your piece carefully. Remember that if the pitcher and bowl were that old, they would have seen a certain amount of actual use. What do your instincts tell you? These reproductions are attractive, and you should enjoy having it, but it's not an investment. Side note - these pieces are decorative imports - not intended for table use - and so the glaze is likely to contain lead.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of observations?

* -data gathered can be highly reliable. * -the analyst is able to see what is being done. * observation is less expensive compared to other technique. * -allows the systems analyst to do work measurement.
* -people feel uncomfortable being watched, they may perform differently when being observed. * -the work being observed may not involved the level of difficulty or volume normally experienced during that time period. * -some activities may take place at odd times, it might be inconvenience for the system analyst. * -the task being observed are subjected to types of interruptions. * -some task may not be in the manner in which they are observed. * -Sometimes people act temporarily and perform their job correctly when they are being observed, they might actually violates the standard of manner.
Donkeys and Mules

What words describe a donkey?

Sweet, stubborn, sensitive. I have donkeys and my little sis rides this huge mammoth donkey and never fell off once because she is so careful to kids or new beginners.

I ofcourse fell off my donkey hundreds of times but NEVER got a brocken bone, They are so careful and would never step on you and they use there neck to catch you if you start slipping. I NEver fell hard before! :D



What is the origin of gravity?

In 1998, two teams of astronomers studying the expansion of the universe discovered something unexpected. Analyzing the results of their observations, they came to the conclusion that the universal expansion, known since 1929, was accelerating. It was a great surprise, because they expected to find evidence to the contrary, that, due to gravity, the cosmic expansion was losing speed. In 2011, three of the astronomers in charge of these projects received the Nobel Prize in physics "for the discovery of the accelerating expansion of the Universe through observations of distant supernovae. From the moment I found out, it seemed to me that this discovery would mark a before and after in our understanding of the universe. The key point, in my opinion, is acceleration, because thanks to Einstein's Equivalence Principle we can see gravity as a form of acceleration. The principle tells us that we cannot distinguish between the effects of a uniform acceleration and the effects of a gravitational field. Isn't it curious that acceleration is indistinguishable from gravity? Doesn't it lead us to suspect that behind this apparent equivalence lies something else? It is evident that the Earth itself is not expanding with an acceleration "g" and yet, if so, the consequences would be the same as those of a gravitational field. Isn't it very strange? How can we explain the equivalence between these two facts? Is it possible that the Earth is undergoing a "hidden" acceleration that we can only detect through its apparent power of attraction? All these questions were in my mind BEFORE that year of 1998. And then… I found out that the expansion of the universe was accelerating! It is easy to understand why I linked both accelerations, the "hidden" and the newly discovered. The challenge, of course, was to figure out how that supposed relationship would occur. Finally, after much reflection on the matter, I came up with a hypothesis that seems reasonable to me and that is the following. The accelerating spatial expansion, detected in 1998, would be only the most evident aspect of a more general phenomenon, of an acceleration that would be affecting each object of the universe in its FOUR dimensions (three spatial and one time-like).

For more on my hyphotesis see: What-could-be-the-origin-of-gravity/answer/Enrique-Casanovas-3

Investing and Financial Markets

What is Offshore IT Outsourcing?

Is a total BPO solution that provides offers Web Design & Development, Managed Outsourcing, E-commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Web Hosting, Domain Registration & other quality outsource services-making IT affordable for you. One of the popular outsource is Nexlesoft in Vietnam.

US Coins

How much is a silver half dollar worth?

50 c


What is the land preparation for pak choi?

Land preparation for pak choi is when a particular land is incorporated of organic compost into the original soil and by creating 1/4 to 1/2 inches deep in the amended soil.


How tall is James arness?

James Arness is an American actor, best known for his role on Gunsmoke. He was six feet and seven inches tall.


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