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What numbers do a and b stand fora ÷ b = 0.3I NEED HELP?

Sorry, let me clear up the question. The question was: a divided by b = 0.3. What do a and b stand for?

Math and Arithmetic

How many times dose 4 go into 3?



How should you feed a Snowy Owl?

You should feed it slowly and steadily.

Computer Networking

Do u watch pornn hub?


Celebrity Births Deaths and Ages

What year did dr Bernardo die ?

Me !!!

Needs a Topic

How wrrggmsiwryyyiiyrrk dhjjdfg?

what the f


What is the instant way to start a cryptocurrency exchange?

The cryptocurrency market has shown burgeoning popularity. As per the data of CoinMarketCap, the total available virtual coins till the year 2019 are 2300. Here are some easy steps which will walk you through the instant way to start a cryptocurrency exchange.

Step 1: Try to find out the kind of exchange you wish to launch.

Step 2: Conduct rigorous research to determine the anticipated crypto market price and current market trends.

Step 3: Choose a suitable location where you intend to launch a cryptocurrency exchange.

Step 4: Check the jurisdictions of the place (country) where you plan to launch the cryptocurrency exchange.

Step 5: Choose a team of qualified legal counsellors.

Step 6: Estimate the entire cost required to build an exchange.

Step 7: Set a partnership with the cryptocurrency exchange development firms.

Step 8: Make a list of features that you intend to incorporate into your exchange.

Step 9: Launch the exchange and reach your target audience.

Step 10: Provide dedicated customer support service to your clients.

One can follow these steps for an easy and straightforward way to start a cryptocurrency exchange.

Mobile Phones

What is Kayak flight Phone Number?

Kaya Flights is one of the best online travel agency uniquely focused to book cheap flights online. Since a long time Kaya Flights has been committed to proffer all-inclusive airline flight schedules and fares permitting our customers to book air travel for one of most famous destinations across the globe. With working of wide-range trustworthy global travel partners, Kaya Flights have access to negotiated air fares providing excellent international content in singular place. Additionally, travelers who go through information of Kaya Flights can browse thousands of flights at cheapest prices available till now.

Oral Health and Dental Care

Why do we need a dental service?

We need dental services so that we can deal with our dental issues properly. Dental hygiene is a deeper concept than it seems. It includes basic dental cleaning like brushing, mouthwash, flossing, good dental habits along with professional dental care and checkups as well. Professional dental cleaning can be done through dentistry.

Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

What is a word that begins with V that means love?


Search Engine Optimization

Why a Company must have an SEO?

Every webmaster dealing with different websites have to more alert. Their work and focus on creating the website of a business will go in vain if it is unable to attract traffic. Who do you think can drive insufficient traffic other than the search engine? Search engine optimization is gaining more significance in today’s scenario and each website needs to have one. Businesses of present-day function in two spaces. Firstly the physical location and office space, and secondly the virtual space.

Although it is not possible to replace the services and product available in real physical office set up, your availability in virtual space will have its effect in the physical space. The business should make sure their products and services are popped up in every related search result of the prospective customers and clients. SEO companies in Chennai are in fact focussing on mastering the search engine techniques in India.

The smartphone and internet offering industry in India is boosting high and the usage of internet is on the rise. This is evident with the rise in the start-up in India where are major innovation is taking place with regard to digital space. Companies like Uber, Ola, Amazon and Flipkart are focusing on web users who are more likely to make a purchase through an online platform. Every company is competing with the other to get placed in the search result for a specific keyword Best Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai

It can be solved through search engine optimization. Every technology innovation hub in India speaks about the benefits of SEO for business. Marketing experts, in particular, are satisfied with the strength of SEO as they are helping in reduction if cost allocated for online marketing strategies and most of the times help in reducing the cost incurred and quality delivered through direct advertising.

SEO is a science. Rules of this subject can be incorporated by all webmaster to attain better search engine rankings. Various best SEO companies in Chennai promise good Alexa rank after website optimization. These experts apart from editing the content with appropriate keywords also create webpages that are easy to navigate. Numerous users access the web to search for answers regarding various questions. For instance, web users nowadays are googling for the symptoms of an illness before visiting a professional doctor.

Perfect SEO website of a Pharma business may display the right details of an issue and advise their brand’s over the shelf medicines. In India where the web user group is young are more interested in the latest, fashion tips, news, mobile phones and accessories. Industries providing these services and products may change such users as loyal clients with the help of SEOs.

Market research firms have analysed that users tend to access one among the first five search results in a page. If you don’t find your site there then you are actually missing a big number of customers. Online shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart are in fact investing a huge sum on SEO to attract customers. Higher the rank of your site more is the traffic you attract. Experience and compatibility are also key factors however attracting the customers are very important which can be attained only through SEO Services in Chennai

Another recent style is many companies have created active blogs as a part of their site. These blogs together with giving details to the clients about their recent updates in the product are also sending signals to Google that their site is functioning in the creation of fresh content so this helps in sustaining the achieved rank or grow further in SEO experts of Chennai

Math and Arithmetic

What is the house power on a 350voters 40 over?

What the house power on a 350 bored 40 over rated at


How is the study material available in Online classesWhat is the genuinity of these material online?

There are many study material available nowadays on Google, which really confuses a child to test the genuinity of all. Finding so many sites on Google and inside that bulk of material is really time taking and hectic way for a child to reach at desired result. So there are a few ways through which a child can test the genuinity of study material in a more easy and less time consuming way. They are listed below:-

  1. Firstly, check the security of a site. If the site starts with http, its usually insecure. If it starts with https, then that is the secure site: as the last 's' denotes SECURE.

  2. Pen down top 10 sites, which is ranking on first or second page of Google.

  3. After pen down, check the reviews and ratings of all the sites. Separate the top 3 amongst them.

  4. Now check the flow of material and the easiness of language in all the three, and select the top which is desirable and useful to you.

Few of the top sites are listed below:-

  1. Swiflearn

  2. Gradeup

  3. Khan Academy

  4. Udemy and many more.

Tamil Nadu
Tamil Language and Culture

Which is the best diagnostics center in Tamil Nadu?

Best Diagnostics Center CPC Diagnostics Company Good Service are Providing


Which is the best diagnostics center in Chennai?

Best Diagnostics Center CPC Diagnostics Company Good Service are Providing


Why should I buy a home from M3M India which is nowadays the number 1 real estate developer in India?

"If you are someone who is going through the same thoughts, worry not! We are here to help you understand the importance and benefits of buying your dream property from the M3M India, well known as Best Real Estate developers in India.

    1. Ultra-Modern Amenities & Architectural Planning
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    1. Timely Project Completion
    1. Availability of Home Loan
    1. High ROI"

Is it really possible to get 18%* rentals & 9 years lease guarantee on Believe It Or Not Campaign by M3M India, how you people are thinking about it?

Yes it is 100% true now you get 18%* rentals and 9 years lease guarantee on M3M Commercial Projects, located at Main Golf Course Road Extn. M3M India Presenting, Believe It Or Not, India's biggest realty Campaign. For more details on Apartments On Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon, please call to us at 1800-123-3333 to talk or log on to m3mindia dot com


Where can i get Wholesale Herbal Ingredients in Canada?

Bulkplant/PlantExtracts is the Toronto based Wholesale Supplier of Herbal Extracts, Essential Oils & Phytochemicals.

Lab-certified Herbal extracts ideal for everyone, whether you are a Herbalist or a Natural Product Manufacturer. Visit today!


Which Online Baccarat Websites are Safe to Play In?

Best-top5 is a reliable resource for the best baccarat site-related data online. It has information about the best 인터넷바카라 (Internet Baccarat) sites to play in, and the websites suggested here are based on solid Algorithms, Methodologies & Formulas. You can have a safe playing experience at the top online casinos that are suggested here. All these websites push fair and safe playing experience for players. You would love to check out these 온라인바카라 (Online Baccarat) sites and also find out about their 바카라주소 (Baccarat Postal address).


Can you recommend a Good Website for Baccarat Site-Related Information?

You can check out Best-top5 The바카라사이트 (Baccarat site) suggested here can be trusted on. If you have been a victim of unfair treatment or exploitation in any dishonest casino online, you would find these sites to be welcome changes. The best technical researchers and software engineers working in the team of this website can recommend the safest바카라사이트 (Baccarat site), based on solid research and knowledge. It is powered by a team consisting of online casino experts, and it is possible to get the best recommendations from them online.


Where Can I Play Baccarat Games Online without any Risk?

At Best-top5, you can get the best바카라사이트추천 (Baccarat site recommendation). It is a trusted resource for information on온라인바카라사이트 (Online Baccarat Site) and gambling. The independent expert team consists of members whose judgment and knowledge on바카라사이트 (Baccarat site) can be easily relied on. As one of the best independent online casino resources out there online, it can help players make the best choices. The sites recommended here satisfy all the regulatory requirements that are supposed to be complied with.

Basic Teaching Certificate BTC


There are many Bitcoin exchanges in India. However, when talking about the best, PCEX Member, WazirX, CoinDCX are the few. These exchanges take the center stage Indian crypto market. With more than 10 cryptocurrencies available as an option to trade, these platforms provide huge liquidity on the digital assets.

However, there is a huge possibility that the prices of coins shown on webpages of these platforms may differ from the final ones. This is because there are various AMC, maker, and taker charges on transactions. In such a case, PCEX Member is proved to be a better option as it has no extra charges on the transactions (depositing and withdrawal).

Moreover, PCEX Member accepts payments through all wallets, credit & debit cards. You can also convert fiat money to digital currency or vice-versa all in one place. The user-friendly interface of the exchange provides a super fast and convenient platform to exchange your digital assets.

PCEX Member also consists of an added layer of security which ensures credibility for the end-user. The platform is soon going to launch its futures trading, that one means one can go for futures trading too!


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