Pancakes and Flapjacks

Pancakes are thin, flat and often round cakes made from a batter and cooked either on a hot griddle or a frying pan. Most pancakes are quick breads which use a leavening agent such as baking powder. They are usually served with syrup, jam or fruit. In some places, such as Germany, pancakes are made from potatoes. Although associated with the United States, pancakes were actually an Ancient Greek invention, usually served as a quick breakfast for Greek troops.

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Pancakes and Flapjacks

Do you need milk for pancakes?

Well you do not need milk but you can also put the milk in if you like but you should just buy the shake n bake brand by the way it is in a green bottle :)

Pancakes and Flapjacks

What type of milk do you use for pancakes?

It really doesn't matter, but i use 2%

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Pancakes and Flapjacks

What is the origin of the flapjack?

In the 1700's a man named Jack decided he wanted to eat a nice pancake breakfast. His neighbors didn't know what they were. So Jack told them they were Flapjacks.

Pancakes and Flapjacks
Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Can you use pancake mix as a frying batter?

You can use it to dip the chicken and then put it into seasoned flour (I use Lawry's) it's a good way to use up extra batter, just put it in the fridge until supper. It might go a little gray; it won't hurt anything.

Pancakes and Flapjacks

Why do you let pancake mix sit for half an hour?

The flour granules burst allowing the starch to escape. This results in a smoother, creamier mixture.

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Pancakes and Flapjacks

Why is Shrove Tuesday also called Pancake Day?

Because the time after Shrove Tuesday is Lent and traditionally the families would use up all of the nice things in their cupboards and make pancakes. They used up all the nice stuff in their cupboards so that they could fast during Lent.

Pancakes and Flapjacks

Why do parrots eat pancakes?

Parrots are not supposed to eat pancakes. Pancakes are full of processed ingredients and the wrong type of sugar.
However, parrots will enjoy the taste, which is why they will eat pancakes.

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Pancakes and Flapjacks

Summery of the lesson 'Poets and Pancakes' by Ashokamitran?

Poets And Pancakes

Pancake was the name of the makeup material used in Gemini studios makeup room had a look of a haircutting salon,which as lights at all angels around half a dozen large mirrors.

Pancakes and Flapjacks

Why do pancakes go threw physical changes?

because the heat move the molecules closer together, changes it from a liquid to a solid

Pancakes and Flapjacks

What is the meaning of blue pancakes?

It might refer to a pancake made with blueberries or blue food colouring. And could also refer to a pancake that has gone stale with blue mould on it.

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Pancakes and Flapjacks
Syrup (food)

Is pancake syrup more dense than olive oil?

Yes. Pancake syrup is denser than oil.

Pancakes and Flapjacks

Are pancakes for breakfast or dessert?

Pancakes are usually made for breakfast, there are people who also use it for dessert purpose.

Pancakes and Flapjacks
Syrup (food)

What is the importance of syrup?

Making pancakes tastes better.

Pancakes and Flapjacks
Frying and Sauteeing Foods

Is frying a pancake convection or conduction?

In frying a pancake the metal of the frying pan conducts heat to the pancake.

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Pancakes and Flapjacks

Who is kothmangalam subbu in story poet and pancakes by asokamitran?

Subbu was another clerk. He was not as educated, as fortunate and as supported by as the Office Boy, yet he reached the top of the GS. He was a man of amazing genius. He was able to

direct the directors. He suggested dozens of ways to shoot a certain scene when the director failed to find one. He acted better than the heroes. He wrote incredible poems. Though he

was able to write more complicated ones that could raise him to the status of a great poet, Subbu preferred writing them in simple Tamil to enlighten the majority of Tamil people. Besides, he supported his far and near relatives. But he had only enemies everywhere because he was very much close to the boss, Vaasan.

Pancakes and Flapjacks

What does the buttermilk do to in a American pancake?

It gives 'lightness' (a reaction with raising agents) and a slight acidity (like yogurt would).

Pancakes and Flapjacks

What is a recipe for homemade pancakes?

Potato pancake is the easiest among pancakes. It requires only 3 main ingredients and 15 to 20 minutes to cook. Refer Asian Inspirations ( for more recipes.


2 Potato

1 peeled onion, 2 tbsp of rice bran oil

1 green chilli and salt to taste.


1. Blend the potato in a mixer. Drain water from the blended potato and keep it as it is for 5 minutes.

2. Blend onion in a mixer and mix the blended potato in a bowl and add some salt to it.

3. Heat the pan on high heat and add oil in it. Once the oil gets heated, scoop out potato mixture and place it in a pan. Now reduce the heat.

4. Turn it over once the one side of the potato get cooked. Let this pancake turn in to golden brown colour.

5. Once the potato is cooked in both the sides turn off the heat and place this crispy potato pancakes onto serving plates.

6. Enjoy the crispy potato pancakes!

Refer the below link for more information :

Here are some more pancakes :

Pancakes and Flapjacks

What tool do you use to mix pancake batter?

Use a hand whisk, its that easy.

In other answer use a Rotary Beater.

Pancakes and Flapjacks
Eggs (food)

How many pancakes would 4 medium eggs make?

The recipe that i use calls for 2 medium eggs for 12-14 pancakes, so i think it would be 24-28 pancakes for 4 medium eggs.

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Pancakes and Flapjacks

Are pancakes good for dogs?

Pancakes aren't really, they're not even that good for humans. Pancakes have sugar in them, as well as eggs and flour, which should be avoided in dogs on a regular basis.

Pancakes and Flapjacks

How many pancakes does it take to shingle a doghouse?

17 in the summer, but 19 in the winter as they get cold and shrivel. I suggest using pancake syrup instead of tar. Blueberry holds them down the best.

Also, it takes 24 in Texas, and 23 in most northern states. It tends to take less in more humid areas.


Because rabbits don't ride bicycles.

A few really serious answers:
  • Quite easy really, because pancakes were eaten in the Skandinavian civil war they often used them for other purposes (shingling a dog house) purely because the were widely available so, in most cases it took 4, but that is depending on:
  1. The size of the dog house.
  2. The size of the pancakes.
  3. The thickness of the pancakes.
  4. The mixture used.
  5. The added toppings.
  • 23, but only if your wire canoe has no wheels.
  • It depends on how many stripes are on the flag.
  • It also depends on whether rabbits ride bicycles (Which they don't)
  • It depends on how many bones there are in the ice cream.
  • None, Ice cream doesn't have any legs.
  • 46.3545, but if syrup is added, 36.47. Though if you insist on berries, 58.955.
  • It depends... is the nougat fully in the potato?
  • None, you use waffles, fool.
  • Forget waffles fool, Lego My Ego
  • an indefinite number, as the dog will eat them faster than you can make them :)
  • Wouldn't it depend on the size of the pancakes?
  • I like the term hot cakes

supposably, due to the time taken to install the 46.3545 pancakes without syrup or berries the hunger will start to come in so in a weird case of insanity (the dog ate the pancakes) it would be wise to have a extra set of pancakes ready, just in case...

  • Well, I'm no genius, but judging by the weight of the pancakes and the insatiable hunger that would set in after seeing the pancakes, plus the dog, the the wind-to-gravity-ratio, the velocity of the passing tour bus, the pickles that always hide in the ground and eat your moles, the pollening speed of the bees that live in the hive under your pillow, and how fast the glue can dry, I'd say it's impossible. With waffles on the other hand, about 6.
  • Actually, there's no hope for you, (I'm delighted to say). After much investigation it was discovered that any discusting action involving roofing and any sort of breakfast food is completley illegal in all states... excluding Oaklahoma.
  • none cause snakes don't have armpits
  • 4 because ice cream has no bones.
  • Only one if it has Ozzy Osbourne imprinted on it
  • None, Chuck Norris kicked the stupid doghouse into oblivion
  • It takes an average of 24 in Texas, and 23 in areas that have snow on a regular basis.
  • That's why a mouse is when it spins.

actually..... it all depends upon the equine equivaliation with the cosine and sincline... plus also if the dog meows and if the asparagus is really fully cooked... make sure that the slinky in the microwave doesn't blow.... and the internet connection has to be superficial. its confusingly simple.


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So, basically 42 if you include the potato.


604.321 if you can make lots of tacos and mustard


To shingle a dog house with such substance as pancakes, you first need to prepare thus dog house with syrup. This is important for it increases the amount of pancakes that can be placed on the roof. Then you need to wet the pancakes, dry them in a dehumidifier and repeat. This has no purpose but to take up your time reading this. But I digress. Then you try to find the meaning of life. Once you accomplish this, you can manipulate physics to a point. After that you gather every major scientist to discuss how pancakes will ensure the continuation of the human race and of life as we know it... and the dog. Afterwards, you get the pancakes you prepare and you find out that really the amount of pancakes it takes to shingle a dog house is 1 for it is a forever regenerating pancake that cannot rot but can be eaten but if you do the pancake shall grow until you explode from pancake overload and the pancake on the dog house continues to regenerate the mass and matter it lost from being eaten thus the importance of manipulation of the science and physics of pancakeology.


Tends to take fewer pancakes in humid areas.


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Pancakes and Flapjacks

What can be used as a subsitute for an egg when making pancakes?

If you are trying to avoid cholesterol, Egg Beaters or some other brand of egg substitute ( colored egg whites ) will work.

If you just don't have any eggs, you can use mayonnaise. (2-3 Tbl/egg)

Pancakes and Flapjacks

How many carbs in a single pancake?

15 carbs

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Pancakes and Flapjacks

What is the real name for pancake day?

Shrove Tuesday

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Pancakes and Flapjacks

What is a summary of Poets and Pancakes by Asokamitran?

"Poets and Pancakes" is the autobiographical account written by author Asokamitran. It describes the days Asokamitran spent at the famous Gemini Studios in Madras as a news collector.

"Pancakes" refers to the brand of makeup foundation used by the makeup artists in making the actors/actresses "ugly" in order to look presentable on camera.

He describes the national integrity seen in the studio in form of hierarchial makeup department headed by a Maharashtrian assisted by a Dharwar Kannadiga, an Andhra, a madras Indian catholic and an Anglo-Burmese.

The author describes Kothamangalam Subbu, the number 2 at Gemini Studios who was jack of all trades. He was a multi- faceted personality with a knack for writing poetry and acting. A creative man, he could produce scenes at will of the director. He was a genuine man with genuine love and compassion for all humans which invited the envy of the office boy of make-up department who wanted to a lyricist but ended up slapping paint on the crowd players.

His time at the studios is marked by the visits of the Moral Re-Armament army (who perform plays at the studios consisting of over 200 foreign actors) and English poet Stephen Spender whose visit surprises all. Nobody recognizes the famous poet and his visit remains an unsolved mystery till years later when the author chances upon a prose writing competition held by Spender's news paper.


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