Honor Code

Answers is where students come to study, learn, and collaborate in a safe and respectful educational space. We hold ourselves and our users to the highest level of academic integrity and expect the community to uphold our Honor Code. The Answers Team has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to the misuse of our platform. Because our site relies (and thrives) on user-generated content, we implore our user community to hold others accountable and report any Honor Code violations that they see.

Those violations include but are not limited to:

    • Using the platform to cheat on an active exam, assessment, or quiz. The Answers site is meant to supplement and aid in the learning process, not replace it. Students should never post questions directly from an active exam, assessment, or quiz and should not copy answers directly onto an active exam, assessment, or quiz.
    • Passing off others’ original work as one’s own. All of the content that a user submits to the site should be their own, and it’s never okay to copy another’s work and pretend it’s yours. If you do choose to include someone else’s work, be sure to give credit by name and always use quotation marks (“).
    • Submitting content from copyrighted materials such as textbooks or other classroom materials. If you are posting content from specific textbooks or other classroom materials you must get explicit permission or authorization to do so. Any content that is identified by the copyright owner through a valid notice of copyright infringement will be removed and the user in question will have their account suspended as a first offense and terminated as a repeat offense.

If you think someone might have broken the the rules listed in the Honor Code or violated the academic integrity of the site in any other way, please report it by writing to or via our Contact Us page and include the username, your name, and provide a link(s) to the content along with a short description of your report and we will review it.

Thank you for your help!

The Answers Team