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Public speaking is the process of speaking to an audience in a deliberate, structured manner intended to inform, entertain or influence the listeners. It can be a powerful tool to use for various purposes including motivation, persuasion, influence, translation or entertaining.

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Gay Lesbian and Bisexual
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Is there any treatment for being gay?

No, there is no "cure" for homosexuals. But there's no problem in being so, either.

Homosexuality is not an illness or disease. A long time ago foolish people thought it was, but doctors and psychiatrists agree that it is a normal part of the human condition.

The Exodus Foundation, which set itself up to change gay people to straight, has recently disbanded itself, apologised for all the harm it has done, and said that it never had any success in changing people's orientation.

Millions of people all over the world are homosexual. Many famous people have been and are homosexual. There are gay doctors, prime ministers, cleaners, teachers, painters, singers, bus drivers, police.

Don't be afraid of other people's bullying opinions. Think for yourself!

The solution: Accept it as the gift it is and be happy & proud. You aren't "common" like most everyone else, you are different and outside the box. Use that status to see the world from a slightly different perspective and glean insights not generally available to all those poor "regular" folk who have most of their lives already planned for them. Take advantage of your difference to help you see the world a little better. Have fun, ignore those who don't understand and show their anger and shallow thinking. But foremost: like yourself as you are.

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What is the speech of a salutatorian all about?

The speech by a Salutatorian is generally about the overall school experience, how the student life progressed and how the student experience enriched over the High School years. Often, it also discusses the future path for classmates, with novel inspirational message that can uplift the fellow students, teachers and parents alike. Famous Salutatorians include First Lady Michelle Obama, Singer John Legend, Singer Carrie Underwood and Author Eric Segal. The salutatorian speeches are often found to be higher in merit and quality than other graduation speeches

To exemplify various aspects the Salutatorian speech, here is presented one of the most popular and exceptionally outstanding Salutatorian speeches of 2010, from Boston Globe - This speech is entitled "Operation Red Sprinkles", written and presented on June 12, 2010, by Anisha Shenai, Salutatorian from Danvers High School, MA.

Operation Red Sprinkles

Anisha shenai, Salutatorian, Danvers High School, MA.

"Good afternoon and welcome. I would like to acknowledge and thank family, friends, teachers, administrators, and of course, fellow members of the Danvers High School class of 2010 for making the past four years as memorable and as amazing as they were.

Though we find ourselves today as seniors on the brink of graduation, I ask all of you, for just a moment, to remember the September of 2006, when we first entered Danvers High School as timid young freshmen. We perceived high school as an uncharted no-man's-land. We wanted simply to survive. The pursuit of excellence took second priority, as we strived to be merely good enough - only satisfactory academically, socially, and in extracurriculars. Overwhelmed, only in the beginning, we resigned ourselves to the ordinary; we resigned ourselves to the "plain vanilla," or we resigned ourselves to the "plain chocolate," as I prefer to say. Let me explain what I mean by this.

When I was younger, my mother was an avid supporter of all sorts of activities designed to bond mothers and daughters. One year, she decided that, with Valentine's Day just around the corner, making a cake together would be wonderful. As I, at the time, only had all the culinary prowess of any other typical eight-year-old, she enlisted me to decorate and frost, while she would mix and bake. We set out the ingredients and were finally ready to begin. Suddenly, my mother was alarmed to see that nowhere within this cluster of eggs and flour did we have any sprinkles! A Valentine's Day cake without red sprinkles simply would not do, she declared. So we embarked upon a mission: Operation Red Sprinkles.

The first store that we visited held only brown chocolate sprinkles. They had run out of red ones, as it was so close to Valentine's Day. I suggested we just purchase the brown and be done with it; they all taste the same anyways. However, my mother refused. She insisted that we would find them eventually. Indeed, one and a half hours and six stores later, there they were, sparkling scarlet in a plastic shaker.

Later, I asked my mother why she was so insistent that we find those red sprinkles, instead of accepting the plain brown ones that were so readily available. Was it really worth all that time and effort to search for the red, merely for the sake of aesthetic value? Her answer was enough to make me understand.

"Rani," she began, employing the Indian term of endearment she saves for such particularly significant conversations. "Brown sprinkles are basic. They are good enough to make the cake taste as it should, but not for anything more. Red sprinkles are beyond just simple; they are extraordinary." And suddenly I could see. The red sprinkles, in serving a purpose that transcends the mere gustatory senses, had in them a flicker of passion, of life. They were greater than mediocre. They were greater than plain. They were greater than mere sprinkles. They were red sprinkles, and that made all the difference.

The great American author Mark Twain once stated the following: "Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live." In her quest for the red sprinkles, in her desire to follow the dream rather than to simply opt for the easily attainable reality, my mother showed me the worth in searching for life rather than accepting mere existence. To settle for the ordinary brown would be to concede to the need for basic survival, rather than to continue to strive for anything more.

Fellow classmates, in our four years at Danvers High School, I do believe that every one of us has abandoned the primitive search for brown chocolate sprinkles -- the search to which we so desperately clung when we first entered high school. Instead, we now embrace the ambition for red sprinkles, the desire to be extraordinary. In our time in high school, we have all realized that it is not enough just to get by, just to be simply average. We have reached the understanding within ourselves that neutrality and simplicity are not enough. And we have seen the need to be passionate rather than to float along unfeeling, rather than to simply exist.

Each of us in the class of 2010 has found that source of passion, that shimmering spark of life which allows us to go beyond mere existence. We are gifted musicians. We are inspired artists. We are champion athletes. We are dedicated employees. We are serious students, and above all, we are more than what we once thought we could be. We were able not only to survive the perceived no-man's-land of high school, but to flourish with intensity and power. As a class, we went beyond our original hopes of mediocrity, to create and attain dreams of magnificence. After four years in high school, we have become rational but passionate, pragmatic but emotional, logical but idealistic. We contradict ourselves and it is wonderful. It is wonderful, because I know that it is this paradoxical state that will guide us. It will ground us in the realities of the present, but still never allow us to cease forging onwards and upwards, forever in pursuit of that glimmer that separates the plain from the remarkable.

So be remarkable. Let a flame of passion illuminate your way. Be extraordinary. Stray from the dullness of shadows, into a radiant glow. Feel. Dream. Live. And never concede. Never settle for anything less, as you move full speed ahead in the quest for a life full of light and color. Thank you."

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What does I read you 5 by 5 mean?

In voice procedure (the techniques used to facilitate spoken communication over two-way radios) a station may request a report on the quality and strength of signal they are broadcasting. In the military of the NATO countries, and other organizations, the signal quality is reported on two scales; the first is for signal strength, and the second for signal clarity. Both these scales range from one to five, where one is the worst and five is the best. The listening station reports these numbers separated with the word "by". Five by five therefore means a signal that has excellent strength and perfect clarity ? the most understandable signal possible.

Five by five by extension has come to mean "I understand you perfectly" in situations other than radio communication, the way Loud and Clear entered slang, post-WW2.

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Short declamation piece entitled bad girl?

Bad Girl Hey! Every Body seems to be staring at me..You! You! All of you!How dare you to stare at me?Why? Is it because I'm a bad girl?A bad girl I am, a good for nothing teen ager, a problem child?That's what you call me!I smoke. I drink. I gamble at my young tender age.I lie. I cheat, and I could even kill, if I have too.Yes, I'm a bad girl, but where are my parents?You! You! You are my good parents?My good elder brother & sister in this society were I live?Look…look at me…What have you done to me?You have pampered and spoiled me, neglected me when I needed you most!In trusted me to a yaya, whose intelligent was much lower than mine!While you go about your parties, your meetings and gambling sessions…Thus… I drifted away from you!Longing for a fathers love, yearning for a mothers care!As I grow up, everything change!You too have change!You spent more time in your pokers, mahjong tables, bars and night clubs.You even landed on the headline of the news paper as crook, peddlers and racketeers.Now, you call my name; accuse me in everything I do to myself?Tell me! How good you are?If you really wish to ensure my futureThen hurry….hurry back home! Where I await you, because I need you…Protect me from all evil influences that will threaten at my very own understanding…But if I am bad, really bad…then, you've got to help me!Help me! Oh please…Help me!

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Sample script of emcee for 7th birthday?

Introduction for the celebrant

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What are some examples of opening remarks?

Here are some examples of opening remarks:

Good afternoon everyone and also to THE PRESIDENT, PRINCIPAL and to all teachers and staffs, welcome to makabayan showcase event. My name is YOUR NAME, and I am the YOUR POSITION. It is my great honor to welcome you to today's event.

It is my great pleasure and honor to make opening remarks at this very exciting day….

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Is ditto slang?

Yes, it is.


Ditto is correct English when you are referring to a ditto mark (which looks like a quotation mark). That is, in a list if you have an item partly the same as the item above it, you can use a ditto mark in place of a repetation of the word.

Such as....

1. Take out trash.

2. Study algebra.

3. " French.

4. Save the world.

The ditto mark means "study" which is the word above it.

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Is communication a circular process?

Whether or not communication is a circular process depends on which model of communication best fits the particular communicative act you are discussing.

One of the earliest communication models is the Shannon-Weaver model, which is linear; a message is sent through a channel to a recipient, who does not provide any feedback. Obviously, this means that the communication is not circular. An example of this would be most televised broadcasts, like the president's speeches, as the viewer has few opportunities to provide feedback.

Later models of communication, however, added a mechanism for recipient feedback. In what is known as the transactional or circular model of communication, the receiver and recipient both send and receive messages, leading to both parties being renamed sender-receivers. This is a circular model of communication. An example of this is most interpersonal, face-to-face communication. You receive feedback from your conversation partner through their body language and verbal responses and so adjust your messages to fit that; your partner does the same.

Today, most communication tends to be seen as transactional, meaning that it is circular.

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What is the English word for Malayalam word nishkalankatha?


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Property Law
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When does a public road become private?

This is a complicated issue and the law varies in different jurisdictions. Research usually needs to be done on a case by case basis. Public roads are not usually transformed into private roads because when the state or town abandons a road the reason is that it is no longer used.

Briefly, the government entity with control over the road must officially abandon it in the public records. Generally, the road is abandoned to title holders in descending order. For example, a state road must be abandoned to the county (if there is county government), and the county abandons it to the town. If the road is no longer used, the town can abandon it to the abutters. By that process (generally) the fee to the land reverts to the landowners on each side up to the center line of the road. It is not converted to a private road.

To determine the process in your jurisdiction you would need to consult with an attorney who is familiar with real estate law.

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What is an adjective for the word experience?


Sentence and Word Structure
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Example Sentences

What are some examples of sentences using countries'?

Due to the two countries' trade agreement, they have both had favorable economic advances.

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Merits and demerits of hire purchase?

of Hire Purchase Agreements to the consumers

Spread the cost of finance. Whilst choosing to pay in cash is preferable, this might not be possible for consumer on a tight budget. A hire purchase agreement allows a consumer to make monthly repayments over a pre-specified period of time;

• Interest-free credit. Some merchants offer customers the opportunity to pay for goods and services on interest free credit. This is particularly common when making a new car purchase or on white goods during an economic downturn;

• Higher acceptance rates. The rate of acceptance on hire purchase agreements is higher than other forms of unsecured borrowing because the lenders have collateral;

• Sales. A hire purchase agreement allows a consumer to purchase sale items when they aren't in a position to pay in cash. The discounts secured will save many families money;

• Debt solutions. Consumers that buy on credit can pursue a debt solution, such as a debt management plan, should they experience money problems further down the line.

The Disadvantages of Hire Purchase Agreements to the consumers

• Personal debt. A hire purchase agreement is yet another form of personal debt it is monthly repayment commitment that needs to be paid each month;

• Final payment. A consumer doesn't have legitimate title to the goods until the final monthly repayment has been made;

• Bad credit. All hire purchase agreements will involve a credit check. Consumers that have a bad credit rating will either be turned down or will be asked to pay a high interest rate;

• Creditor harassment. Opting to buy on credit can create money problems should a family experience a change of personal circumstances;

• Repossession rights. A seller is entitled to 'snatch back' any goods when less than a third of the amount has been paid back. Should more than a third of the amount have been paid back, the seller will need a court order or for the buyer to return the item voluntarily.

Great Answer Report

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How do you pronounce the word Qantas?


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How noise affects communication?

Noise affects communication by somehow altering the message. In a very basic model of communication, a message has to pass from the receiver to the recipient through a channel (like the air, television, a printed page, etc.).

Noise is something that interferes with the transmission of the message through the channel. An easy way to think of this is to picture static on a TV. The static is the noise that interferes with the transmission of the TV program through the channel of your cable box or satellite dish. This makes it difficult to understand the message sent by the TV program; you may not hear what someone on TV says correctly, and so misinterpret what they say, for example.

Noise doesn't necessarily have to be something external that affects the channel. It can also be something internal to the recipient that affects how they receive the message. An example of this is if someone is in a bad mood. Being in a bad mood makes you more likely to interpret other people's messages as negative or hostile; the noise of your emotion affects how you see what they're trying to communicate.

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What does a concluding sentence contain?

It should contain the main idea of your essay/paragraph in short, it will be summary of the whole paragraph/paragraphs.

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What are merits and demerits of plastic?

It depends on what type of plastic .... for instance for plastic bags:


The durability, strength, low cost, water and chemicals resistance, welding properties, lesser energy and heavy chemicals requirements in manufacture, fewer atmosphere emissions and light weight are advantages of plastic bags. Many studies comparing plastic versus paper for shopping bags show that plastic bags have less net environmental effect than paper bags, requiring less energy to produce, transport and recycle; however these studies also note that recycling rates for plastic are significantly lower than for paper.[2] Plastic bags can be incinerated in appropriate facilities for waste-to-energy. Plastic bags are stable and benign in sanitary landfills.[3] Plastic carrier bags can be reused as trash bags or bin bags. Plastic bags are complimentary in many locations but are charged or "taxed" in others.


The following disadvantages have also been identified:

Plastic bags are made of petrochemicals, a nonrenewable resource.

Plastic bags are flimsy and often do not stand up as well as paper or cloth.

When disposed of improperly, they are unsightly and represent a hazard to wildlife.

Conventional plastic bags are not readily biodegradable in a sanitary landfill.

Plastic bags can cause unsupervised infants to suffocate.[4]

They clog roadside drains, which could cause the flooding of the street at heavy rainfalls.


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What are the Functions of public communication?

Functions of public communication

Pool Care and Cleaning
Proper Addressing
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What is the proper way to vacuum a pool?


Attach a pole to the vacuum with wheels. Place the hose into the hole on the bottom of the vacuum. Lower the hose and pole, with the vacuum body with wheels into the water. Lower the hose fully into the water, so that it fills up with water - no air. Cover The end of the hose with your hand. Lift the end of the hose up and into the strainer area. With the skimmer baskets removed, place the hose into the water there, and place it into the black hole, or jet system, inside the skimmer area. That starts the vacuum. Move the vacuum head, pole, and hose around, while picking up all dirt and debris. If there is a lot of dirt and debris, clean out the lint strainer, and backwash. You must backwash, otherwise you will be sending out dirty water to clean with. After the backwash, continue until complete. After you are complete, backwash one more time, after cleaning out the lint strainer.

Never backwash before removing the vacuum hose and plate, and cleaning skimmer basket and pump basket. Any flow restrictions reduce backwash effectiveness.


If you have an above ground pool, you must place the cover over the skimmer that has a protruding end (it should have come with your pool). The vacuum hose fits right over the end of the cover.

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What does though your wallet was scant mean?

It is trying to mean "though you had little money," but it doesn't, quite. Scant refers to quantity or amount. Normally we would say something like Though the money in your wallet was scant, or if we wanted a figure of speech Though your wallet was thin.

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What is definition of channel of communicaton?

What is Euphemism? I have read it in a heading in Murphy's book "Effective Business Communication" as a heading as Denotation, Connotation & Euphemisms

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What are the components of paralanguage?


Kinesics / body language

Proxemics / space


Public Speaking

Does Bi Rain knows speak English?


Word and Phrase Origins
Word Games
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What exactly does more or less mean?

It is a colloquial term meaning, "about", "roughly", "approximately". It implies that the speaker is not too worried what the exact number, or value, or nature of some thing really is.

Letters Notes and Memos
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How do you write a letter of hardship?

Writing hardship letters does not have to be difficult, but you need to know what your lender is looking for. Many homeowners simply do not understand the basics of writing an effective hardship letter and this is costing them their homes.

Here are some main points on writing a Hardship Letter:

1. Subject Line Request - Right off the bat let the loss mitigator know what you are requesting.

2. Brevity - Don't let your financial hardship letter go on for page after page. Keep it as short as possible.

3. Personal - Let the loss mitigator get to know you and your circumstances.

4. Clarity - Get your points across in the clearest possible way and then provide a summary.

5. Information - Make sure you leave nothing out of your financial hardship letter. Attach important information such as bank statements, cash flow documents, income tax statements, letters of reference, etc.

6. Be Appreciative - The person reading this financial hardship letter did not get you into this mess but he or she is the one that can help you out of it. So be thankful and humble in your tone.

The hardship letter is not the only tool in your chest for a financial reprieve but it is by far one of the most important. So make it your prime instrument when dealing with the bank and get it in soon.

:When you request a loan modification from your lender for the purpose of lowering your house payment or doing a short sale, they will ask you to write a hardship letter. In order to get them to take your request seriously you will need to comply with their request. If you want to have it written for you and personalized you can have a FREE personal hardship letter written for a limited time at a website called: :

The reality is lender's really don't care what the person's situation is, they simply want their money. The best option, however, is to contact the lender by phone and explain the situation so as to learn what the lender's policy is in such matters. A letter will likely get a response of "call this number" or something similar if indeed there is a response at all.

If the party chooses to make the initial contact by mail the best option is to keep it brief and to the point. Explain why it is not possible to comply with the original terms of the agreement, and request modification of the obligatory terms until one's financial situation improves.

A hardship letter is easy however, the hardship letter only works with collection agencies in the event of accepting a small partial payment arrangement or to get a lower settlement percentage that the original creditor allows. Your letter needs to be sent to the collection agency and convince the original creditor cut you some slack.The basics of the letter is anything out of the ordinary that would be causing you financial distress.

Good examples: you lost your employment and you are in danger of losing your home, any medical complications that would prevent you from maintaining employment, drastic decrease in salary, fixed income, and single parent w/out child support. If you are a disaster victim the original creditor will already try to cut you a deal and you will be notified.

Bad examples: you are a student, you are overextended, divorce, legal issues,and threatening to file bankruptcy. Remember that hardship letters do not resolve your debts.

basic hardship letter breakdown 1. your hardship. 2. your offer to resolve your debt. 3. thanking them for for their time. 4. your current contact information.

Send the letter by either fax or mail preferably certified.

Go to - Then type in: What is a letter of hardship? You will get the forms this way as well.

go to the special civil part of the court and tell them you want to write a hard ship letter file as soon as you get the letter and be ready to have money to deposit when you write your letter to put in escrow

I have written more than a couple Hardship Letters for my credit card companies that have resulted in lowered interest rates, lowered payments and waived late fees.

Of Approval Process for 401k Hardship

My Company, in order to improve a Hardship needs to see the following. A letter from your lender stating that you owe a particular dollar amount (1), by a particular date (2), to prevent forclosure (3), on the address on record for the participant (4).

1. The letter must have an exact dollar amount that is owed, and can only be approved for that dollar amount or the maximum available, wichever is less.

2. The date on the letter much be a future date of when these funds are due. For example: if the letter states that the funds are due on February 20th, the letter must be received before that date. Note: the date must be a date of when the funds are due, not just when the letter was generated.

3. The letter must contain the word "forclosure" weather is states it is in forclosure staus, or to prevent forclosure proceedings.

4. The letter must show the address that is on our records for the participant to prove that it is infact there house. If using a P.O Box generally a Utility bill with the physical address on it, the P.O box that is on file, and the participants name is a sufficient document to include to show ownership of home.


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