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How do you use Berlin Conference in a sentence?

Only the coastal areas of Africa were colonized by European countries at the time of the Berlin Conference.

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How do you use attenuation in a sentence?

After his heart transplant, he was given special medicine to prevent rejection, these drugs are to be taken daily in order for attenuation to take place and to attenuate the immune response and to keep the body from rejecting its new heart.

Installing this new piece of equipment will let through the lower frequencies, therefore achieving attenuation.

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How do you use consumer in a sentence?

Humans are the top consumer in the world. Consumers use their resources to make a way of life. Producers are the animals and plants. Some animals could also be considered consumers to other animals and even humans, but ultimately humans are the top consumer.

The consumer thought the price was high.

Many consumers have been victimized by credit card scams.

A human is a consumer, as it consumes other organisms for energy.

The consumer ate the producer.

The consumer of electronics was not happy to hear about the death of Steve Jobs.

making sure you get a good deal is a part of being a good consumer.

1. A human is a consumer, as it consumes other organisms for energy.

The group of consumers ate their meals in record time.

A bird is a consumer.

An educated consumer knows how to spend money wisely.

Consumer is a noun. Even consumer is in the economic sense, but it could still be used in the sentence. There are many words , which available to use it such as,

  1. customer
  2. buyer
  3. purchaser
  4. shopper

One sentence for the word consumer is " It is important to inform consumers of any recalls."
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What is an example sentence with the word condensation?

Condensation forms on my bathroom window, when I take a shower.
There was condensation on the glass of the window.

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How do you use uncouth in a sentence?

I have an uncouth relative who always embarrasses the family.

Uncouth means- awkward, clumsy, or unmannerly.

He was so uncouth when he was younger.

My country cousin's seemingly uncouth behavior amazingly saved the princess from any further embarrassment by the desperados outside her carriage.

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How do you use passersby in a sentence?

Passersby are people who are passing by, for example on the street. Sample sentence: We were arguing so loudly that all the passersby turned and stared at us.

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How do you use reassured in a sentence?

After searching through Answers, I was reassured that the Answers community is the best group of people around.

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How do you use the word collaborate in a sentence?

The word collaborate is a verb, meaning to work jointly on an activity, to work together to produce or create something; to cooperate with an enemy occupying one's own country.

Example sentences:

If you collaborate with a song writer we can put your guitar music on an Album.

He was imprisoned for collaborating with known felons.

Both men must collaborate in order to get the task done.

Wiki websites such as this one allow users to work together and collaborate.

When the budget committee collaborates with the planning committee, the project comes together much more quickly.

The different parties need to collaborate more to resolve problems facing them.

The two songwriters decided to collaborate on a song.

During World War II, the French underground targeted those who chose to collaborate with the Nazis.

If two astronomers collaborate in discovering a new comet, it is often named for both.

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How do you use merciful in a sentence?

He was merciful, letting them off with a warning instead of a beating.

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What are some good sentences with the word distraught?

The adjective 'distraught' describes a noun as very upset and agitated.

Example sentences for the adjective 'distraught' are:

The woman was distraught at the thought that something had happened to her husband.

The mother was left distraught after she found out her children were missing.

When people go through suffering, they can feel distraught.

She was distraught that she had missed her flight.

Though she had been joking earlier in the day, she quickly became distraught when she discovered that she had lost her keys.

His distraught condition had landed him in the insane asylum.

The mother stumbled from her son's funeral, distraught.

She was distraught at the idea she'd never see him again.

Her distraught father found her.

He was distraught to find his comic cupboard empty.

The distraught mother is seeking to find her lost child.

This is a nice note to end an otherwise emotionally distraught tale.

Mom and dad moved but Frosty didn't fit in their plans, so off they drove leaving the dog distraught.

She was distraught over the decision.

His parent were distraught that their child was cheating on his homework.

Emily was distraught because her beloved goldfish had died.

Jill was distraught when her puppy went missing, but was soon elated when he was found.

He was distraught after hearing that his brother had died.

I was distraught when the blizzard hit just as I was about to return from my trip.

Alice was distraught when news of her husband's death reached her.

Since the accident I've been quite distraught.

She was quite distraught when she realized that tuition prices had risen for her university; she would have to negotiate with the financial aid office over this year's tuition discount and reconsider spending a semester abroad.

The lady was distraught after the death of her husband.

When I dropped the cake, I really felt distraught.

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What is a conservative hue?

A conservative hue, would be a color that does not draw too much attention to itself. For instance, wearing grey or black to a funeral would be conservative hues. Painting your bass boat olive green instead of hot pink would be conservative.

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How do you use appreciative in a sentence?

She was appreciative when the student showed ownership.

I was so appreciative to my whole family on Christmas.

The audience was very appreciative of the lecturer's time; they were less generous regarding his expertise.

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Can you start a sentence with the word hopefully?

Yes you can; example:

Hopefully, my refund check will come before the rent is due.

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How do you use aggressive in a sentence?

The word 'aggressive' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun as exhibiting a readiness to attack; being forceful in getting things done; growing, developing, or spreading rapidly.

Example sentences:Joey got aggressive and punched his little sister, making her cry.

The woman was too aggressive over a pair of shoes!

The aggressive Rottweiler started to growl savagely, revealing its malicious, gleaming fangs.

The other dog was aggressive, and I didn't want my dog to get hurt.

The waiter turned aggressive when I said the I had a fly in my soup.

I do not like to be given an aggressive sales pitch when I go shopping.

She used an aggressive approach to job seeking, such as visiting suitable employers even if they had not posted openings, shaking hands and leaving her resume. He used a passive approach, such as searching the Internet and sending out letters.

She had an aggressive attitude.

If his manner is aggressive, do not accept a date with him.

This is a very aggressive virus which must be treated immediately.

He was focused and aggressive in his attempt at the record.

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How do you use model in a sentence?

There are different ways to use model in a sentence.

For science class we have to model a rocket.

I love being a model.

She likes to draw a model of a scooter.

He likes to draw a model of a car.

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How do you use coincidentally in a sentence?

Coincidentally we both arrived at the party at the same time however she left first

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How do you use the word discreet in a sentence?

("discreet" means private, circumspect, unobtrusive while the similar word "discrete" means separate, individual)

He made some discreet inquiries about her brother's shady past.

I'll try to be a bit more discreet the next time.

To avoid suspicion, the secret agent had to be discreet and cautious.

There was a discreet silence in the house.

Being discreet is a good way to avoid hurting someone's feelings.

I could tell you her secret, but that wouldn't be discreet.

The hotel manager was very discreet concerning his clientele, especially the married men.
I was very discreet when I pointed out the flaws in their plan.
He was found guilty of a crime so discreet people couldn't understand what the crime was.

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Use hinder in a sentence?

I'm not sure if my sentence will help or hinder your request for a definition.

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How do you use initiatives in a sentence?

The company had introduced several initiatives designed to reduce wastage.

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How do you use expansive in a sentence?

My friend has an expansive lifestyle.
My boss weighs 430 pounds, so his gigantic pants, with a seat that's about four feet

across, have to be special ordered and are very expansive.

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If you something you use it carelessly Change 1 letter of the word HASTE?

Aflower in the shape of a star.

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How do you use the word expanse in a sentence?

The writer stared down at the great expanse of blank page, wondering how to begin.

The estate included a great green expanse of forest, a 50-acre lawn, and a large pond you could skate on in the winter.

Somewhere in the fathomless expanse of the world's oceans, all the sets of keys anyone has ever lost while swimming are still drifting around.

The expanse of human knowledge is stunning, but what is even more stunning is how much there is left that we don't know.
My friend has an expansive lifestyle.

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How do you use stray in a sentence?

Did you see that stray cat run across the street.
You can't stray very far off the path.

That stray cat has returned.

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What is limited receptive communication skills?

limited receptive communication skills = a difficulty language.

Often it can mean difficulty understanding oral directions, question forms (who? what? where? when? why? questions) and basic concepts of time, space and quantity.

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How is fluke used in a sentence?

It's such a fluke that we crossed paths again after all these years.

A husband and wife with the same birthday is quite a fluke.

Miraculously, she changed her schedule on a fluke and was not aboard the plane that crashed.


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