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The legal process uses highly specialized language and terms. Ask about their definitions in this category.

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What is the difference between margin and margin?

South India's best architects in chennai and Design consultancy firm, handling large scale projects around the country.
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What does in-context promotions mean?

When licensing something to a broadcaster, it will generally include "updates, repeats, re-airs and in context promotions, and in promos released to affiliates, partners, and licensees, distributed worldwide, in all media now known and hereafter conceived or created, including home video and DVD and Internet and broadband distribution." An in-context promotion in this case just means a teaser. Say you send a video of your cat falling off the couch to America's Funniest Pets. Signing this agreement would allow them to use it in...
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What is the difference between listening and speaking?

listening is the step of speaking without listening you can not speak but with great listening you can speak better ...
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What is the legal definition of a ship?

According to 33 USCS § 1471 (5), the noun "ship" is defined as -- "(A) a seagoing vessel of any type whatsoever, and (B) any floating craft, EXCEPT an installation or device engaged in the exploration and exploitation of the resources of the seabed and the ocean floor and the subsoil thereof." ...
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What is mean by Litigation Coding Process?

The process of low cost litigation coding is an important part of legal affairs and saved properly it proves to be of immense importance for future research. The process calls for quality control, analysis and proper follow up in order to maintain the perfection that is required to control the process. The litigation coding mainly involves legal document coding. It is the process of establishing the objective and subjective coding of a record or document. It is done by legal document coders...
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What is noncustodial home health care?

Non-custodial home health care refers to home health care performed in a patient's home, at one of his relative's home or a friend's home on an outpatient basis. It does not refer to care in a nursing home because that is custodial care. ...
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What does 10-20 mean?

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How do you use the word unrestrained in a sentence?

He sliced me with his sword and his unrestrained, furious power.
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What is award of court mean?

A ward is a person under the protection of a court appointed guardian. A guardian can be appointed for many reasons and for a person of any age such as: a minor, a person under some mental or physical disability, a person of advanced age, or any person who is incapable of taking care of their own affairs. An award is a monetary amount granted by a court when someone sues for damages and wins a judgment in their favor. ...
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What is a plea-bargain in the juvenile justice system?

A "Plea-bargain" in any court system is an agreement between the prosecutor and the defendant (juvenile or adult). The agreement is forthright in its terms and conditions. A plea bargain is an agreement that has been negotiated between the defense attorney and the prosecutor. It must be approved by the defendant. A plea bargain is often an agreement for the defendant to plead guilty to a lesser crime in order to receive a lighter sentence than they might receive in a full...
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What is the legal definition of open view?

Open View describes an area where there is no reasonable expectation of privacy from visual intrusion, that is, it is reasonable to expect that other people, including government agents, will look into the area. ...
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Is pleb a swear word?

No. "Pleb" is a shortened version of plebian which means commoner.
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Difference between casting and forming process?

There are various ways of forming metal into different shapes. Casting is one way, Stamping is another. Casting involves pouring hot metal into a mold, stamping means putting a sheet of metal onto a form and hitting the sheet of metal with a large, shaped hammer more info: Bowls can be formed using a lathe, a circular disk is mounted in the lathe and turned while applying pressure with a tool to form the bowl. Repose (a French word) means hand forming copper...
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What does the word loitering mean?

The online Free Dictionary defines loitering, to linger or hang around in a public place or business where one has no particular or legal purpose. The Law Glossary defines it as the act of delaying, lingering, or to be idle about without lawful business for being present. Black's Law Dictionary sets the time limit at around five minutes. ...
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What meaning kasaysayan?

"Kasaysayan" is a Filipino (Tagalog) word that means "History".
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Give atleast 10 differences between general and technical communication?

1) General communication is personal & subjective but technical communication is impersonal & objective. 2) General communication is done for all but technical communication is done for specific people ...
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Definition of equal justice?

"Equal justice" means a justice administered in the same way based on the earlier settled law in the Country, or what is called the precedent prevailing. Almost all Country provides for "equality before law" and equal protection of law". Obviously, therefore, no Citizen can be arbitrarily discriminated in the same set of circumstances. Indian Constitution provides "equality clause" under Article 14 of the Constitution. It says, there shall be equality of opportunity to every Citizen. No citizen of the Country, similarly placed, should be...
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What is the meaning of letter of intent?

It simply is a written notification, that places another party on notice, that the writer 'intends' to do something. However, it does not have the force of law of a contract (for instance), and anyone who receives such a notice should not necessarily rely on the outcome of the other party's intent. ...
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What is the definition of commercial judgment?

Uses knowledge and understanding of company and the market place to make sound decisions to achieve financial goals and grow the business. Business Judgment is the rule stating that directors of corporations will not be held personally liable for unwise business decisions providing that the directors made an informed decision and that decision was not tainted by self-interest. ...
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Is an adjudication legally binding?

Yes. Adjudication is the legal process to settle a dispute. It is the act of a court, or other arbiter, to hear and settle a case and render a decision, order, judgment, or decree. Yes. Adjudication is the legal process to settle a dispute. It is the act of a court, or other arbiter, to hear and settle a case and render a decision, order, judgment, or decree. Yes. Adjudication is the legal process to settle a dispute. It is the act...
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Who is the Mortgagee in a mortgage transaction?

The lender is the mortgagee. The borrower is the mortgagor.