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Contract Law

Law covering the establishment, administration of contracts (legally enforceable agreements), the rights and obligations of those entering into contracts, the validity of contracts and disputes over contracts.

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Is mortgage elimination a scam or legitimate?

Mortgage elimination services that claim they can eliminate your mortgage without you paying your mortgage debt are a scam. They typically involve the payment of an upfront fee. They are premised on the argument that the entire banking system is flawed and their claims simply are not accurate nor is their understanding of mortgages and contract law. They are in business to get some of your money. The only way you can eliminate a mortgage and keep your home is by paying it...
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What is an example of an implied contract?

Ordering a burger at a restaurant- there is an implied contract that the restaurant will fill your order (i.e. serve you whatever you order) and its implied that you pay for that. Ambulance taking you to an emergency room. There is an implied contract between you and the hospital for payment (this is true even if you claim you never gave consent to be treated). Another example of implied contract : A coolie(railway laborer) picks up the articles owned by the tourist without...
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What does in-context promotions mean?

When licensing something to a broadcaster, it will generally include "updates, repeats, re-airs and in context promotions, and in promos released to affiliates, partners, and licensees, distributed worldwide, in all media now known and hereafter conceived or created, including home video and DVD and Internet and broadband distribution." An in-context promotion in this case just means a teaser. Say you send a video of your cat falling off the couch to America's Funniest Pets. Signing this agreement would allow them to use it in...
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What does ratify a contract mean?

To ratify a contract is to approve of it after the fact when the ratifying party either had no obligation under it or disclaimed any obligation under it. An example would be where a contract is made by an agent for a principal, but the agent had no authority to make the contract. The principal is under no duty to abide by it; however he does have the right to ratify it after reviewing it and deciding he wants it. ...
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What are the necessary components of a contract?

this are offer,acceptance,intention,capacity,consideration,legality and formality. ...
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Is the revocation of a will a breach of contract?

A Will is NOT a contract. A Will is a declaration. A Will has no power or authority until the death of the testator. You cannot breach a contract where a contract does not exist. However, if you had a contract under which you performed a service or gave up something of value in exchange for a promise of a particular thing under the Will and that Will was thereafter revoked it could constitute a breach of contract. If you can...
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What is consenting mind in contract law?

One of the rules of contracts is there must be a meeting of the minds. If the two sides do not agree and consent to the same thing, the courts will hold there is no contract. Both parties may think they agree to the contract, but they could be thinking two different things. Both sides may agree that the cotton coming into port on a ship is what they are buying or selling. But if there are two different ships with...
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Can you sue a company for promising i have proof of this promise to deliver a product to you at a certain time and not delivering the product when promised?

You may sue for breach of this promise only if the failure to make the delivery on time is a material breach of the contract and if you suffered monetary damages as a result of the breach. The promise to deliver at a specific time is not automatically a material provision of the contract per se although it can be made so within the contract itself. Never the less, even if it is a material provision and if it has been...
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What is a foreclosure under contract?

That means a lender has executed a purchase and sale contract on a property it owns by foreclosure and a sale is pending. ...
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How long do you have to return a car to the dealer?

There is no 'Cooling Off Period' or "3-Day Right-to-Rescind" for automobile purchases anywhere in the USA. The right of rescission only applies to contracts signed for goods or services when the contract is signed at your home. It does not apply to a usual place of business. It was designed to prevent people from being victimized by professional high pressure sales people who sell goods and services door to door and pressure people into signing contracts. When you go to a place...
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Is Statutory law is synonymous with common law?

No. statutory law is law enacted by the legislative body ie parliament/congress, it is basically law that is written down. Common law is law that the judiciary has developed through cases and judgments ...
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Where can you find a prenatal agreement form?

online and then fill it out
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What are the laws of intestine?

Intestine is a part of your body. It goes from your stomach to your rectum. that a bolus moves from its orad portion to the aborad portion by the virtue of intestine's peristaltic motion is also referred to as the law of intestine.this was first stated by starling & is generally associated with small intestine. ...
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How do you sound honest in court?

State what you know, to the best of your personal knowledge and information. ...
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Should you buy a service contract?

Service contracts that you may buy with a new car provide for the repair of certain parts or problems. These contracts are offered by manufacturers, dealers, or independent companies and may or may not provide coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Remember that a warranty is included in the price of the car while a service contract costs extra. Before deciding to purchase a service contract, read it carefully and consider these questions: What's the difference between the coverage under the warranty and the coverage...
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What are the limitations of a valid contract?

the validity ensures that no flexibility can be introduced later
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Can you get out of a contract that you signed if it included no cooling off period section?

You need to check to see if there is an early termination clause in the contract to determine if it is possible to terminate the contract for a fee. Early termination fees are frequently found in cell phone contracts, gym memberships, leases and other types of long term contracts. If there is no early termination option you may be bound by the terms of the contract and should consult with an attorney about the possibility of getting yourself out of the contract....
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What are valid and invalid contracts?

valid contracts are enforceable by law while invalid contracts are not
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How do I get out of college housing contract?

Read the lease agreement that you signed. It should have an outline for terminating the contract. ...
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Do you have to be served for a lawsuit?

Yes, being served could mean, physically by a sheriff or by private processor, posting or hanging, or certified mail. ...
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If you have placed a down payment on a car and signed the contract but find out you are unable to get insurance is the contract and sale of the car legal?

Before you buy from a dealer, you should ask about the dealer's return policy, get it in writing, and read it carefully. There are different consumer protections in different jurisdictions. Different dealers offer a variety of options. You may need to rely on the dealer's good will to get your full deposit back. ...
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What is the act of breaking a written contract?

The specific term for the "act" of breaking a written contract is "breach." ...
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Concept of Estoppel in Agency contract?

Estoppel in contract: restraint; a bar. Estoppel arises where a person has done some act that the policy of the law will not permit him to deny, or where circumstances are such that the law will not permit a certain argument because it would lead to an unjust result. In the context of contract law, for example, one is estopped from denying existence of a binding contract where one has done something intending that another rely on his conduct, and the result...