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The laws and regulations set by the United States to apply to all of the people in the country. These are the supreme laws of the United States and take precedence over all other laws, rules, and regulations.

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Is the Corpus Juris Civilis a religious document?

Nope it's a law document

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What religions are illegal in America?

Answer 1: There is no such thing as an illegal religion in the US, because it is against human rights. However if a certain religion disobeys the law then it would be frowned upon. Basically because America is such a free country then any religion is allowed.

Answer 2: None. That's it. No further qualification or quantification, such as offered in the first answer is (or at least should be) required. Such, in fact, contributes to inaccuracy and misunderstanding with regard to the very narrow thing asked. The bottom line of the question actually asked is this: No religions are illegal in America... period.

Er... well... not, at least, the "United States" (US) part of it.

Remember that, technically, "America" is two continents: North America, and South America. The US is part of North America. People sometimes say "America" to mean the US, but that's an arrogance usually exhibited by those in the US (and no slight is intended to anyone who so does... I've been known to do it, too. My answer about there bein no religion in America that's illegal is strictly about the US -- the United States of America (USA) -- and not any other part of either North or South America (though there may well be other North or South American countries where there are no illegal religions, too). What religions are or are not legal in other parts of either North or South America is another matter, altogether.

The bottom line, though, is that no religion is illegal in the US (or USA). Period.

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How much money can you earn while on social security at age 66?

If your birth date is 1/2/43-1/1/55 Then your full retirement age is 66 years.

After you reach your FRA your earnings are no longer subject to the earnings test amount. But it is possible for from 50% to 85% of your social security benefits to become taxable income on your income tax return.

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What is the system for citing judicial opinions?

The citation system includes and consist of: Names of the parties (Appellant or Petitioner vs. Appellee or Respondent)

Citation Volume number Name of reporter where case is found, page number and year decision, after the volume is the name of the publications.

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What is the Commercial vehicle gun law in fl?

A gun is not allowed in a commercial vehicle. This is a federal law and does not differ from state to state.


ACTUALLY, the FMCSR does not address the issue of guns in commercial vehicles. The existence of a federal law prohibiting firearms in commercial vehicles.. if it exists, I have yet to find anyone whose been able to cite it, and I've found nothing in repeated searches of the FMCSR pertaining to firearms.

However, you still have the matter of what your company will and will not allow to deal with, as well as what your customers may or may not allow. In most cases, you'll find that your company, your customers, or both are going to have regulations in place disallowing you to have a firearm in your vehicle or on their property.


The only federal laws pertaining to the transportation of firearms and explosives across state lines (federal jurisdiction) only pertains to the US Mail in that it is illegal (gun control act of 1964) to transport firearms, explosives or hazardous materials through the mail. (this does not preclude parcel services like UPS or FedEx.). Commercial vehicles on a regular basis transport hazardous materials, explosives and firearms in every state in the union. Commercial drivers in the various states must obey the laws of the individual states through which they pass, otherwise.


Actually, you CAN ship an unloaded rifle via the USPS. Handguns, however, are prohibited from being shipped in this manner.

Federal Laws

Why are psychedelics illegal?

Despite overwhelming evidence suggesting a low likelihood of abuse and lack of long term harm from non-regular use, most are deemed dangerous by the government. The US army once gave LSD(lysergic acid diethylamide) to someone unaware and the person ended up jumping out of a window. The US government deems that dangerous. However there are drugs that are legal. For example Salvia, Blue Lotus, and a bunch of drugs found in some cactus are legal in the US for the most part. If you get into these legal drugs make sure that they are legal where you live, laws can vary from state to state in the US. If you disagree with laws then do all you can to get them changed, There are other people that think the same thing.

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Is there a law against people checking or going through other people's mail box?

If you do not have permission to check or go through someone else's mail in their mailbox (such as checking their mail for them if they are on vacation), it is a federal offense investigated and prosecuted by the Postal Inspection Service. Charges may include "Tampering with the US Mail" or Intercepting US Mail belonging to Another."

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Is it a federal offense to steal someone's passport?

Yes, it's a federal crime to steal someones passport because Passports are still property of the United States Government. Thus you've actually stolen property of the USA.

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Can a convicted felon possess black powder firearms in Virginia?

No. Your local, county, state, and federal authorities are available by making a simple phone call.

Please direct your inquiry there.

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Why does the president use multiple pens to sign a law?

The pens become famous given that they were used by the President to sign an important piece of legislation into law. He gives them to people instrumental in getting the bill introduced in Congress and/or those who had other connections to the law. Some of those pens might make their way into a museum or presidential library.

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What is the grand jury's decision called?

Generally a grand jury returns a true bill if they elect to find probable cause for a trial. That may be in the form of (1) a presentment if the case originated from a magistrate or a preliminary hearing in a lower criminal court or (2) an indictment if the case originated in the grand jury. If a grand jury finds insufficient probable cause, it will return a no true bill and the charges are dismissed.

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Definition of unfunded mandates?

"An unfunded mandate is a statute or regulation that requires a state or local government to perform certain actions, yet provides no money for fulfilling the requirements."

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What did Hugh Bennett do on April 14 1935?

I don't know about April 14 - HOWEVER -- -

When the Soil Erosion Service was established as part of the United States Department of the Interior in September 1933, Bennett became the director. He continued to speak out on soil conservation issues, especially through the Dust Bowl years, and eventually influenced the passage of the soil conservation act of April 27, 1935, which created the Soil Conservation Service at the USDA.

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Does the US Postal service use planes to move the mail in the U.S.?

Yes they do. They also use semi-trucks with trailers, box trucks, and regular passenger vehicles. They offer Air-mail service to International destinations also.

Planes are also the most economical way for them to transport mail to Hawaii and/or Alaska, since they are so far away from the mainland US.

Added; However, the US Postal Service does not own any cargo aircraft. The mail is flown under contract by various commercial carriers, including in some cases, believe-it-or-not, UPS and FedEx.

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What does LTD stand for in law firms?

The abbreviation 'Ltd' stands for 'limited'. This signifies that a firm has limited liability; that is, the owners (shareholders) are not personally liable for any more than their investment should the firm fail.

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What is the law against opening a mailbox?

Don't do it unless its yours. Tampering with mail is a federal offense.

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What is penalty for opening spouses mail?

There's no special penalty. Tampering with the mails is tampering with the mails.

In practice, it's exceedingly unlikely that anyone would ever be prosecuted for it. The general presumption is that in an amicable domestic relationship, it doesn't really matter whose name is on the water bill or who opens it, and it's perfectly legal for anyone to open someone else's mail if they've been given permission to do so. The spouse accused of tampering could simply say they had permission (either explicit or implied), at which point the court case turns into one big episode of He Said/She Said. Judges have seen that show before and aren't especially interested in a rerun.

In an acrimonious or divorce situation, it's a lot harder to claim permission, of course.

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Where to file a complaint against NCAA?

In a court of proper jurisdiction.

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What country will legalize marjuania?

There are 203 states ["countries"] in the world Predcting which will legalize cannabis is not answerable.However, the Kingdom of the Netherlands, among others, has quite liberal laws on the possession and use of it. California is not a country.

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If someone was dishonorably discharged from the military would they still qualify for assistance with college?

A soldier who has been dishonorably discharged from the military forfeits his right to any benefits he might have had access to upon his return to civilian life. This can include the loss of medical insurance, GI bills and college pay...

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Can a convicted felon regain their civil right to bear arms and have the right to vote?

In most states and under federal law felons who have completed their sentence can "APPLY" for the privilege to once again own a weapon. Some states require a good reason (IE private investigator or if its allowed for them to hold this position anymore law enforcement or their employer requires it) but as for me after one offense and it was 22 years after my release and no problems since I've been denied in Florida. so you do have the right to apply but. . . . !!!

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Can a federal conviction be sealed?

Not while you are actually incarcerated and serving time for it. If such a thing existed it would be open to the possibility of governmental abuse and people could be thrown in prison with no record of their convictions.

If you are asking if they can be expunged, I personally have never heard of it happening.

You may refer to the below website for more complete information HOWEVER it only speaks to PARDONS and CLEMENCY, neither of which addresses the subject of your question about having one SEALED.

see below link:

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Is downloading songs from Ares illegal or legal?


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What happens if you file tax return without sending payment?

After the due date passes, penalties and interest will be added to the unpaid taxes.

For federal income taxes, the interest rate is currently 4% annually, but the interest rate is adjusted every quarter. The penalty is 0.5% per month for each whole or partial month.

Even if you can't pay your taxes, it is better to file your tax return on time. If you don't file your tax return on time, the penalty increases from 0.5% per month to 5.0% per month.

Each state sets its own interest and penalties.


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