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The Uniform Code of Military Justice is the foundation of military law in the United States. Ask questions about the UCMJ here.

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Uniform Code of Military Justice

What article of the ucmj is Dereliction of duty?

Article 92 - Failure to Obey Orders or Regulations, Sub-Part 3, of the UCMJ.

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Uniform Code of Military Justice

What ucmj article covers dereliction of duty?

Article 92, UCMJ. There are two types of dereliction: wilful and negligent punished under the same article. Note sometimes they also charge an orders violation, also under Article 92 for the same or similar conduct.

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What is the ucmj article 93?

Cruelty, maltreatment, and/or oppression of a subordinate by a higher ranking person, with a maximum penalty of dishonorable discharge, forfeiture of all pay & allowances, and confinement for 1 yr.

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Uniform Code of Military Justice

Will moving from Illinois to Texas affect your pension?

If you are in a state pension system in Illinois, ask your HR department if Texas and Illinois have a lateral pension transfer agreement. First find out if Texas even has a state retirement sytstem though...most states don't.

If what you mean is you have retired and are collecting your pension and want to move to the warmer climate...i don't think your State (or country) of residence effects the pension benefit you are collecting.

If you haven't retired yet and are continuing employment with the same employer, again the change shouldn't matter - except that wages may be different in the new state and pensions are generally based on earnings.

Uniform Code of Military Justice

Do military retiree fall under the UCMJ?

Yes and no, the military can recall you if you are suspected of having commited an offense while you were on active duty. The offense must be Courts-Martial level. They cannot recall you to give you an Article 15. Other than that scenario, no, you will not fall under UCMJ.

Uniform Code of Military Justice

What are the possible effects of desertion?

It is a Court Martial offense in the military, and would result in discharge under less then honorable conditions as a minimum. It could also result in a considerable jail term. While the above response is essentially true, there are some other important details to be discussed. First, courts martial for desertion are rare, as demonstrating that a service member has left the military with either a) the intent of never returning or b) the intent of shirking hazardous duty is challenging. In the recent wars, only those folks who have fled the country for Canada and have subsequently been deported to the US have been tried for desertion. That said, courts martials are generally avoided and discharges for AWOL/UA under Other Than Honorable (OTH) conditions are fairly common. But again, this depends on the branch of the service and how long the member has been absent.

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Uniform Code of Military Justice

Can a e-6 promotable be taken off the army promotion list?


In AR 600-8-19 it reads.

5-27. Removal from the recommended list

a. The promotion authority will direct the name of a Soldier be removed from the recommended list if the Soldier-

(1) Is reduced in grade regardless of the reason.

(2) Did not meet the criteria in this chapter and was placed on the list in error.

(3) Has been barred from reenlistment under AR 140-111.

(4) Is reclassified for cause out of the MOS in which recommended (inefficiency or misconduct).

(5) Was under suspension of favorable personnel actions per AR 600-8-2 and the final report is closed as

"unfavorable" or "disciplinary action taken."

(6) Is enrolled in the Army weight control program in accordance with AR 600-9.

(7) Fails to qualify, for cause, for the security clearance required for the MOS in which recommended or competing.

(8) Is not MOS qualified in an assigned duty position and within 24 months following a unit reorganization,

relocation, or inactivation, has failed to enroll in an approved formal course of instruction leading to the award of the

MOS or failed to be awarded the MOS required by the assigned duty position (see para 5-7e(3)).

(9) Declines promotion when selected under paragraph 5-6c(l) and is within 50 miles or 90 minutes or submitted a

statement of willingness to commute to the required vacancy. If the Soldier has recommended list standing in more

than one MOS, his or her name will only be removed in the MOS in which the promotion was declined. If the Soldier

is a military technician, his or her name will not be removed and paragraph 5-47 will apply. If a declining Soldier has

a cogent verified personal reason for declining the promotion, he or she may be considered by the next convened

board, otherwise the Soldier may be considered by a board after 1 year has expired following the date of the promotion


(10) Fails to reenlist or extend to meet service remaining obligation.

(11) Is under any of the following adverse actions:

(a) Convicted by court-martial while on the promotion standing list.

(b) Received punishment imposed under the provisions of the UCMJ, Art. 15, (not including summarized Article

15) while on the promotion standing list.

(c) Is undergoing proceedings that may result in discharge.

(d) Received a memorandum or letter of reprimand, admonition, or censure filed in his/her official personnel file in

accordance with AR 600-37, chapter 3.

(12) Is released from active or enlisted status.

(13) Is dropped from the rolls as a deserter.

(14) Fails to maintain the minimum promotion points required to be on the recommended list (see para 5-15a(4)).

(15) Has been denied a waiver to reenlist.

(16) Has fraudulent documents in the promotion packet, which are discovered by the promotion authority.

(17) Fails a record APFT.

78 AR 600-8-19 • 30 April 2010

(18) Is on the promotion list and is promoted to SGT because of entering WOC, OCS, or ROTC/SMP. Soldier will

not be eligible for reinstatement after removal.

(19) Has a qualifying conviction for domestic violence under the Lautenberg Amendment in accordance with AR


b. Soldiers removed from a recommended list must be informed of removal action in writing.

c. The promotion authority may direct the removal from the recommended list the name of a Soldier who-

(1) Requests removal.

(2) Is the subject of adverse action under paragraph 1-10.

(3) Becomes an unsatisfactory participant as defined by AR 135-91.

d. Promotion packets of Soldiers who are removed from a recommended list will be retained in the files of the

promotion authority for 2 years.

e. Once a Soldier is removed from a recommended list, the action is final unless the Soldier is later exonerated

under paragraph 5-29.

f. Being processed for discharge or reassignment from TPU status.

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When asked to make a statement should you be read your rights under the Uniform Code of Justice?

Making a statement does not require you to be read your rights. If you have been charged with something, they need to read you your rights.

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Uniform Code of Military Justice

Will a felony under the uniform commercial code qualify under 18 USC 921a20A?

this is the only law that i know of that will allow a felon to leagally own a firearm.....i have heard so many people say that no matter what a felon can never own a firearm,well this law says you can!!1

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What is the age of consent under the U.C.M.J. and how does it apply to civilians?

AnswerNumber ONe, The U.C.M.J. as its name implies does not apply to civillians. There is no age of consent in the U.C.M.J. because it applies to military personell which are all asssumed to be of legal age (18) just to join the military. If there was an incident involving a military person and a civillian it would most likely be tried in civil court following the laws of the state and country where the incident took place. Also any military personell involved could face a court martial or military tribunal for misconduct


I have never edited an answer before and I don't want to change what was said, but this answer does not address the question. Age of consent according to the Uniform Code of Military Justice is 16 unless the age of consent for the state you are in is higher.

Example: TX age of consent is 17 within three years. If you are 22 or older your age of consent will then be 18. If your states age of consent is 16 well then if she doesn't have her permit you can drive her to school.


After 2007, some parts of the UCMJ (despite the implication of its name) DO apply to civilians working with military in deployed locations.

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What does the acrynym G O M A R stand for?

General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand, or an administrative censure or written "chewing out" by a general officer given to a soldier for a failure to comply with established standards. May stand alone or be accompanied by an Article 15 under UCMJ. The written reprimand may be filed in either the Soldier's Military Personnel Record Jacket (MPRJ) or Official Military Personnel File (OMPF), usually for the term of assignment under the general court-martial jurisdiction or up to three years, whichever is sooner.

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What to do if you are falsely charged under UCMJ in the military?

Go to the Jag office and talk to a lawyer, they are there to protect you.

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Is dianabol use against US Army regulations?

Dianabol or Methandrostenolone and all of it's derivatives and foreign brand names is a schedule III drug in the same category as Amphetamines, meth-amphetamines and cocaine. It is illegal to purchase, possess or sell in the United States. One can only assume that it is in violation of the Uniform Code of Military Justice as well.

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2 What article in the Uniform Code of Military Justice covers fraternization?


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Who sang one tin soldier?

Original Caste from Canada and Coven from the USA Coven in 1971

Original Caste in 1970

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What happens if you get caught with marijuana on a military base?

It would end very badly, you can get kicked out of the army, and if you have that on your record, good luck not trying to steal somebody's identity to get a job!

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What stratigic-military advantages or drawbacks did each side have in terms of technology and military strength in world war 1?

They used Poison gas, we had the creeping barrage.

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What article in the Uniform Code of Military Justice covers fraternization?


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Which founding fathers would most likely be in favor of the Military Commission Act which allows alien enemy combatants to be tried by military tribunals?

I belive that all of them would support this. It was common practice at the time for Generals, Admirals and Captains of War ships to handle matters in this way.

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Which article of UCMJ covers failure to report?


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Is adultery still a crime under the UCMJ?

It is a violation of Article 134 of the UCMJ.

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What is article 136 of the UCMJ?


It relates to all persons in the military and it's proper authorities. It states positions and ranks on active duty or performing inactive-duty training that may administer oaths for the purpose of military administration.

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How do you use larceny in a sentence?

Here are some sentences.

Larceny is a crime.

He was convicted of petty larceny.

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True or false UCMJ does not address computer crimes directly but articles 92 133 and 134 have been used to prosecute computer crimes within the DOD?

true or false

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What ucmj article covers fraternization?

Article 134


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