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US Army

The US Army is the main service branch of the US Armed Forces that deals with land-based military operations. It is the largest and oldest branch in the US military, and one of seven uniformed services in the country.

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Is there a list of medal winners by medal category such as Silver Star winners Bronze Star winners etc?

For US Medals at the very top of the "Pyramid of Honor" (The highest US medals awarded) lists do exist. The Medal of Honor, the highest medal awarded, has numerous lists that can be checked, as do the next highest, the Distinguished Service Cross. There are monthly payments made for life for the medal, so any number of sources would also provide a verification list. Also, a DD-214 (Discharge Certificate) would list all medals and awards received by a service member, but...
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Can you join the US military with no Social Security number and just a tax ID number?

No. You have to have a valid Social Security number, which the military will check to ensure is yours. ...
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What does Tango Mike Mike mean in the US Army?

Tango Mike - TM - Thanks much "It is said that US Special Forces have a phrase that's spoken over radio when a firefight is going badly or courage needs to be summoned -- Tango Mike Mike, Tango Mike Mike." ...
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Why do people go to war in the first place?

They want to defend their country. If it isn't their country they are doing it for other countries. ...
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What army regulation covers army mos duty description?

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What is the mos for an airborn ranger in the army?

There isn't an MOS for Airborne Ranger - it would be a Special Qualification Identifier which comes after their MOS. For example, Infantry is the "11" Career Management Field. A Private coming fresh out of One Station Unit Training would be awarded the MOS 11B1O, with "11B" being the MOS, "1" being the skill level - in this case, 1 to indicate ranks Private through Specialist, and the "O" is the Special Qualification Identifier - in this case, "O" means he has...
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Does captain outrank sergeant?

Definately, a Sergeant is a NCO (Non commissioned officer) whereas a Captain is in the middle of the Officer ranks. ...
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Where is the 313 brigade from?

313 Brigade is a terrorist organisation formed in Pakistan, and operational in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and parts of Bangladesh and India. ...
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Can a sergeant promotable rate another sergeant?

If they're in a supervisory position over the Sergeant, yes.
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What was Mystikal's rank in the Army?

He was a Private first class, until he tested positive for marijuana then which he was reduced in rank and forced out of the military ...
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Has New Zealand had an empire?

No. They were part of the British Empire (and still are a part of the remnants of it as one of the Commonwealth Dominions), but themselves have never actually had an empire of their own. ...
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Can you wash air force full service dress?

Yes ,It is possible for you to wash your full service dress at home but must only use a moderate detergent or the colors will lighten. Hair shampoo's can be used as a detergent do to its light-moderate viscosity of detergent. The Shirt and pants can go in the washer on a normal setting. But make sure when your washing the Service Coat, you put it on a delicate setting and not to use heat or it will shrink; the same...
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How do you find a list of Silver Star winners in the Vietnam War?

I am a Silver Star winner from the Vietnam War. It is on 1st Aviation Brigade, APO San Francisco 96307. General Orders Number 2554 Dated 14 June 1967 Date of action: 31 January 1967 This is not so much a improvement but a extention of above. Most units have web sites and list Silver Star recipients. As I was with the 173rd AIB and the 11th ACR, both have list of MOH,DSC and Silver Stars awarded.Names, rank and dates are provided. Bronze Stars and...
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Why is the Marines so much better then the Army?

Neither is "better," in general anyway. Saying one or the other is better is like saying boats are better than cars. Better at what? The USMC is an invading force, "go secure this location" Marines go, it gets secured and then the Army comes in and provides permanent security, in general anyway. As far as one being considered "better" than the other it usually has to do with the USMC's record of success in many historic battles that had impossible odds against...
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What article of the ucmj is Dereliction of duty?

Article 92 - Failure to Obey Orders or Regulations, Sub-Part 3, of the UCMJ. ...
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Can you drive to basic training?

No, you can't. Before you report in to the post you'll be attending Basic or One Station Unit Training at, you'll report back to the MEPS station (the place where you actually signed your enlistment contract). Your recruiting office will provide you with transportation to MEPS. From there, you'll be given either a bus ticket or a plane ticket (depending on the distance). After you arrive at the airport, you'll be picked up by charter bus and taken to the post's Adjutant...
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Do you get nights off during the police academy?

While this will vary from police academy to police academy, those I have spoken to tell me that you generally get weekends off. ...
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Why did most Irish immigrants of the 1830s and 1840's initially settle in port cities?

Because they landed in the port cities of the US and didn't have money to travel far. Also, the port cities offered many opportunities for employment and a community of fellow Irish immigrants. ...
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How many oak leaf clusters denotes 5 awards?

500 and 55 thousand To correct the above post, 4 bronze oak leaf clusters indicates 5 total awards of a single medal (the initial award +1 OLC for each additional award). Starting with the 6th award, a silver oak leaf cluster is worn instead (silver OLC indicating 5 previous awards). The 7th will add another bronze OLC, and so forth. Caveat, this is for the Army. The Naval services use stars instead of OLCs to indicate previous awards. ...
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Are most army tanks indestructible?

no I'm sure the soldier riding in the tanks WISH they were indestructible. No tank is completely invulnerable to armor piercing rounds, artillery, mortars, bombs, missiles, mines, and other anti-tank weapons, although some are more resistant than others. The ongoing competition between armor and armor-piercing weapons has been going on ever since the invention of armor. The first anti-tank weapons were developed during WW I - which is when tanks were first deployed in battle. Small cannons and large-caliber rifles were used against the early WW...
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Can you reenlist after a els?

Depends on what your RE code is. I know people who've had Entry Level Separations from one branch of service, and were able to enlist into another branch. ...
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Can your employer find out anything about your military record with or without a signed waiver from you?

In my 8 years experience in Human Resources, specifically in the field of Recruiting/Staffing, I can testify to the fact that employers can only verify military service through a DD214. Of course through credit verification and address verification we can easily determine if falsification has been deliberatly given. But overall, the DD214 is the main source of verification. There's one other way Courts-martial convictions appear on your criminal record, and some employers run criminal records checks....