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The Army Rangers are highly- trained soldiers that make surprise attacks behind enemy lines. They specialize in airfield seizure, rapid infantry assault, and night fighting. They are always ready to leave at short notice.

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What is the mos for an airborn ranger in the army?

There isn't an MOS for Airborne Ranger - it would be a Special Qualification Identifier which comes after their MOS. For example, Infantry is the "11" Career Management Field. A Private coming fresh out of One Station Unit Training would be awarded the MOS 11B1O, with "11B" being the MOS, "1" being the skill level - in this case, 1 to indicate ranks Private through Specialist, and the "O" is the Special Qualification Identifier - in this case, "O" means he has no special qualifications. Now, let's he attends and completes jump school afterwards. At that point, he would become 11B1P, with the "P" indicating he's jump qualified. So a couple years pass, he gets promoted to E4, and attends Ranger school, and completes it. At that point, he'd be awarded a "V" Special Qualification Identifier for "Ranger Parachutist" (i.e., Airborne Ranger), so his MOS would read 11B1V.

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How do you become an Army Special forces sniper?

To be eligible to attend SFAS, you need to be at least an E4 (Specialist or Corporal). You need to complete both SFAS and the Q course. As for the sniper bit, see the related question linked at the bottom.

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What Constitutional right would be violated if the government tried to outlaw interest group?

Assuming it was a peaceful group, it would be a violation of the first amendment, which gives people the right "peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."

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How Can an enlisted become a Real Ranger?

Well, do you mean simply go to Ranger school, or be in the 75th Ranger Regiment? To go into the 75th Ranger Regiment as lower enlisted, you'd have to enlist with a RIP contract. After you completed OSUT or Basic/AIT (depending on your MOS), you'd go to Jump School, then you'd attend RIP. If you pass RIP, you'd be assigned to one of the Ranger Battalions.

Once you're promoted to the rank of Specialist, you can attend the Ranger School (whether you're assigned to the Ranger Regiment or not). If you complete Ranger School, you'll be tabbed and Ranger qualified. If you weren't in a Ranger Battalion prior to Ranger School, you'd then be eligible for reassignment to one.

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How did Quincy A Gilmore's army seal off Charleston?

Capturing Morris Island

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What task force was the USS Makassar Strait CVE 91 part of on the Invasion of Okinawa?

I just finished printing a report on Makassar Strait CVE-91 From the time her keel was laid at Kaiser Ship Yard until she was decommissioned in August 1946 and the Secretary of The Navy authorized her to be used as a target ship Aug. 28, 1958 It states that she was assigned to TG 50.8 between Feb. 9 1945 and April 8 and protected logistics ships operating in support of the Fast Carrier Task force during devastating airstrikes against enemy targets from the Bonins to the Ryukyus. She was then assigned to a support carrier group on April 8 and began intense fighting on Okinawa.. She also spent time at Kamera Retto then operated between Guam and Saipan. I would be happy to send a copy of this if it would help. I am interested because my brother served on the Makassar Strait.

I am not sure but I think it would be Task Force 58. I was a member of Air Group 12 on CV 15 and participated in air strikes against Okinawa. We were in Task Force 58 during this time. We retired from there to Leyte. Our air group was relieved there and we boarded the Makasser Straits for transportation to Guam. We were on our way back to the States. Hope this info helps.Joe Hudson

Following are excerpts from the official War Diary ofthe U.S.S. MAKASSAR STRAIT (CVE-91):


8 April 1945 (Zone Minus 9 -Item) Underway from Task Group 50.8 operating area to rendezvous with Task Unit 52.1.2, pursuant to orders of CTG 50.8 and CTG 52.1...


52.1.2 Support Carrier Unit TWO - Rear Admiral STUMP, USN, in U.S.S. MARCUS ISLAND (CVE-77).

Second in Command - Rear Admiral HENDERSON, USN, in U.S.S. SAGINAW BAY (CVE-82).


8 April 1945 (Zone Minus 9 -Item) Effected rendezvous with Task Unit 52.1.2 for Air Support Operations with Unit Two in OKINAWA invasion....

Position: 2000 24-48 N; 131-47 E

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What percentage of the Army is Ranger Qualified?

Less that 1%

According to a show I saw on the Discovery channel.

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How do you find info on the 776th Tank Destroyer Battalion in the pacific theater during world war 2?

The 776th has an association which I suggest you contact. They will be able to provide you more information, go to the attached web site and scroll down until you locate the 776th

Here is a web site that the 776th maintains on the web:

Another good site: Org Support 776

We have had yearly reunions for the 776th veterans. They are having their final one this year, August 13,14,15, 2004 in Minneapolis. We have records of the campaigns they fought. There is also a web site that has information:

Good luck.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of food preservation?

Food preservation has numerous advantages. We can now store food for long periods of time, to use off season or ship to areas of the world undergoing shortages. Increased shelf life reduces production cost.

The disadvantages are that some preservatives have subtle, deleterious side effects. Preserved food may not always taste as good as fresh food. For the most part, preserved food beats going without.

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Do US army rangers us flash bang or smoke grenades?

When going into riot control or heavy fighting, smoke AND flashbangs are issued.

However, usually only smoke grenades are issed.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of chemical fertilizers?


  • Chemical fertilizer can be made much faster unlike the natural fertilizer
  • It has much more NPK, usually around 20 to 60 percent, natural fertilizer usually only has a max. of about 14 percent
  • If it is made according to the soil that it will be used on, it will do nothing but grow a healthy plant


  • Puts acid in the soil
  • Strengthens pestecides(they become stronger and more resistant to chemicals that should keep them away)
  • Other than NPK it contains inert filler and maybe some unnesesary chemicals
  • It has very little carbon which is a key element in plants
  • It has no energy, so it can only help the plant when there is enough organic matter around from where it can get the energy, otherwise it burns the roots and destroys the plant
  • Chemical fertilizer also get a lot of water out of the soil which it contaminated and therfor pollute water
  • It degrades ecosytems
  • It releases a green house gas called nitrous oxide

So in total, chemical fertilizer is worse than natural fertilizer

this site below helped me a lot, also for pros and cons about natural fertilizers

So what is the advantages and disadvantages of fertilizers ?

Most plants, especially modern varities, will pull more fertilizer molecules out of the ground than what is naturally resupplied. In a forest, the decomposing leaves and bark will feed the soil and give ferns (growing below the trees) enough fertilizer to live on. However, in a garden where you grow vegetables or flowers, these plants typically consume large quantities of fertilizer.. higher amounts than nature can naturally resupply.

in order for the plants to grow properly, they need the right amount of fertilizer available in the soil. If there is too little, growth may be stunted and flowers and fruits may not develop properly. The plants become suceptible to attack by insects and disease. A plant which is fed well is often able to survive better. This is the same with humans: people who are starving is often plauged by disease compared to people who get all the nutrients they need.

Therefore the gardener must manually fertilize the plants to ensure they have enough food to grow on. Plants which are fertilized often are bigger, stronger and produce more fruits and flowers than plants which are not fertilized. Fertilized plants are generally often also more disease resistant than unfed plants.

There really is no disadvantages to fertilizing, and most home owners should fertilize plants such as vegetables, fruits and flowers because these - persumably modern hybrids - tend to consume much more fertilizer than nature can provide.. This also goes for lawns, for example, which has individual grass plants growing very close together - much closer than grass plants would in nature - and therefore have to compete with each other for nutrients.

However, if you give TOO MUCH fertilizer the plants can suffer just as they would if they get too little. For example, both magnesium and calcium molecules are needed by the plants, but given too much calcium, for example, can interfer with the plants ability to take up magnesium and the other way around, too.

If you add fertilizer to certain plants when the soil is dry or the temperature is very hot, you also risk damaging the plants.

While there are no specific disadvantages to fertilizing if doing it correctly, you do need to know approximately which type of fertilizer (which nutrients) the plant require, how much to add, and when to add it. It also needds to be watered in to avoid that the plant dies from thirst (plants which grow in fertilizer rich soil without water will cause water to exit the plants and kill them).

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What do you think of the Sikhs who form the backbone of the Indian Army?

Well no doubt, Sikhs are one of the best fighters in the world. They form only 2% of the Indian population. At one time, 25% of soldiers and 33% of officers in the Indian Army were Sikhs. They have won major battles for India. It was under their command India defeated Pakistan in the 1965 and 1971 wars. Even today, Indian Army's chief is a Sikh (2006) and under him 15% of soldiers and 20% of officers are Sikhs. Indian Army relies heavily on this dangerous community when it comes to war. No commander in the world has ever made a decision to replace his soldiers if they were Sikhs. (Answer edited Aug 15th 2008).


On the other hand......

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was killed by her own body-guards who were Sikhs, and the Indian state of Punjab is a hot-bed of Sikh nationalism, where the country side is not safe for government troops of any kind. The Sikhs have taken their revolution to many countries outside of India in an attempt to get independence for a country of their own.----this all the media. you hear sant bhindranwale, Sikh bodyguards killing indira, everyone assumes they are all extremists, militants, as far as terrorists. you want to know the facts-watch the youtube "1984 documentry on Sikhs part one".it is in English and it will explain everything. the Indian parliament run by Hindu nationalists, indira gandhi, they are the real terrorist.

The 1984 Air-India bombing, which killed 384 people was mainly due to Canadians of Indian ancestry was an act of Sikh terrorism. (edited language)


Terrorists are COWARDS, and the bombing of the Air-India plane was an act of cowardice, carried out by Sikhs terrorists here in Canada. They are trying to bring about KAHALISTAN, an independent state for Sikhs only. The Indian Government is quite right to reject such a thing. (edited language Aug 15th, 2008)

As far as rating the Sikhs as soldiers is concerned, they are the best and no worse than any other. Of course, they can't be used for some tasks as their religious requirements would be compromised, such as parachuting or scuba diving. (edited Aug 15th 2008).


Well, I agree with you. There was terrorism in Punjab but now it is all over. Struggle for freedom exists only among those who are patroitic and are brave.


For Jim Bunting: Have you ever been to Punjab countryside? Or are you just basing these opinions on online readings? The truth is even though there is insurgency in the bordering state of Kashmir, the neighboring states like Punjab, Himachal have no internal problems at all. Prove me wrong with some facts that show government troops are not safe in Punjab. Punjab has military bases all over and if you didn't know Indian Army is de-segregated, which means you will have South Indians serving in Punjab and Punjabis in east India.


Sikhs formed 67% of INA Army in Second World War. Population then was just 1% in the entire country. (edited July 28th language).

Maj. General M. Khan of Pakistan wrote in his book 'Crisis of Leadership' about the bravery of the Sikh soldiers during the Indo-Pak war.

Here are some excerpts from the book:

"the main reason of our defeat was Sikhs fighting facing us. We were helpless to do anything in front of them. Sikhs are very brave and they have a great craving for martyrdom. They fight so fiercely that they are capable of defeating an army many times bigger than theirs."

Tell who can be in such commanding positions with being such a minority status.

Reply with facts..

And Punjab Terrorism... who said Sikhs were wrong... check what INDIRA GANDHI was doing in Punjab.......


Sikhs bravery is virtually unparalleled and cannot be duplicated. Existence of this community (approximately) since October 7th, 1708 (ref: is mired wiith sacrifices which will literally curl your blood. Equating the existience of this brave and "proud" community with terrorism hardly does any justice. No community is insulated from injustice. When it comes down to sacrifice, this community has shown its capacity to surpass any other community. The incident about Indira Gandhi, whom I admired a lot represents an unfortunate part of India's own existence and identity. Sikhs though proud rarely have Id and ego restricting their pursuit for happiness. Sikhs represent the fifth largest organized religion. It is the only religion where a woman and women can particpate equally in community activties. And without doubt, Sikh woman has made as much sacrifices as Sikh man.

So when you ask a question, why this community has chosen a path of self-determination and sacrifice in a short time of 400 years? It is not in the blood they share but more so in the belief that truth alone will lead to salvation in godly sense. These saint-warriors still do proud in whichever community they serve.

From Battle of Saragrihi on September 12, 1897, fought by 21 soldiers against 10,000 maruding enemy (Ref: and as recent to Battle of Longewala (ref: December 5th, 1971, shows that this community's determination has hardly been dented. This fierce and brave community even today sends shivers on anyone who dares to challenge as an army. There are many excerpts I can reference which show this community's valiant existence. There is no better, and I mean literally better honor to be credited by an ex-enemy about its fighting prowess. With 317 awards, Sikh Light Infantry is THE highly decorated regiment in the Indian Army. Today, Pakistan a religious state has recruited and included its first Sikh officer in its army. This honor is much appreciated.

Yet this brave community has fumbled to hate and discrimination. Many are killed by senseless murders as it happened in the U.S. after 9/11. In many instances, Sikhs were discriminated at airports, court-houses, and schools for no practical reason in a country which once prided itself as the cradle of political freedom. Modern Sikhs have taken this in their stride but seldom revolted as depicted in early notes. As recent as March 21, 2000, an entire village of Sikh men were killed without any motive(s). Many swallowed this pain as part of their existence. This event has only helped build the fortitude and courage of a Sikh man.

With 20-30% of Indian Army soldiers Sikhs and approximately 30% officers, (I have no facts to corrobrate but seems about right from reading several memos) it is a fearsome fighting force in the world. With 600,000 (30% of second largest army) well-trained and equipped fighting force, you better run for cover when it lands. This community does not know the word DEFEAT, and if history is any indication, Sikhs by themselves represent the fourth (fifth) largest army in the world, inspite the fact Indian Army has severly restricted recruitment of Sikh soldiers in the name of quota. Many Sikhs still defend as keshdhari, so the idea of parachute or Scuba shows poor judgment in appreciation. You are absolutely right, when this force is ready, even UNESCO considers this maruding army a better match for Spartans who were depicted in Spartan's fictional accounts. For UNESCO to honor Battle of Saragirhi reflects the true value of Sikhs as an army. Yet this force is so humble that during liberation of BanglaDesh, many Sikh soldiers gave their cover in form of clothes to protect the decency of Bangladeshi woman. No woman who has witnessed this will ever let go this fact from her eyes and mind for centuries to come.

That's not it. Sikhs are the bread-basket to the entire country of India and neighboring states. Punjab, the state in which Sikhs enjoy a majority provides 14% of cotton, 20% of wheat, and 20% of rice. In terms of world distribution, it represents 2% of cotton, 2% of wheat, and 2% of rice (ref: For a community of 23 million which does not even represent .001 of world population, this feat is nothing but impossible for anyone else to duplicate. Punjab has the best and I mean best infrastructure of roads and transport.

Yes, this community's reprsentation in army is rated AAA+, 5 star, Top-Notch based on any metrics you can provide. Why? Is it behavioral science, image, or culture. I as a doctoral student have no answers. I could go no stop, but you do get the idea.

Why is a Sikh so revered by Hindus and many Americans be victims of senseless killing. Prejudice in form of ignorance has no parallels too. Facts as statistical data is true, but as a qualitative assessment its as absolute as it can get. Every community has good, bads and not so goods, but overall, Sikhs as soldiers are the very best and this is a real fact.

I hope U.S. which is currently going through its own identity crisis, takes into account the value of this community. U.S. as a driver of world economy needs to represent this community at its earliest.

(Pls. do not delete other responses. Let everyone has a chance to share their thoughts.)

Sikhs are learners and Sikhi is a way of life.

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Where can you find information about the 33rd division 136th Infantry that was in the Asiatic-Pacific theater during the liberation of the Philippines?

go to this website for all divisions in ww2. the 33nd fought on the island of luzon in ww2 Here is the web site for the "Men of the Golden Cross" goldencross You can find their history there and by doing a search on for results such as the attached web site.

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What is the standard issue rifle in the army rangers?

The M4 carbine, same as which is standard across the entire Army. The only difference being that the Rangers use the M4A1, which doesn't have the three round burst limitation of the standard M4.

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Who manufactures Task Force tools?


Some of the Task Force woodworking tools are made by Rexon Industrial Corporation, a Taiwan manufacturer that also makes some of the Sears Craftsman tools. Their website. Prior to being called "Task Force" at Lowe's some of the tools were called "Tradesman", but I do not think that the "Tradesman" name was used exclusivley by Lowe's. Many years (many, many) before I saw the name at Lowe's I bought a Tradesman drill press from Central Tractor (now Tractor Supply?) and the logo on the drill press is identical to that on the table saw and band saw that I bought from Lowe's.

The products shown on the Rexon website, with the Rexon name on them, are identical to the Tradesman/Task Force band saw and table saw that I bought from Lowe's. The motor on my band saw, btw is identified as a Craftsman! The USA office of Rexon, in Rock Hill, SC, identifies their web-site as

AnswerWell, after lots of searching and research I'm convinced the answer is Legacy Manufacturing. I believe they distribute the products under the trademarks of Workforce, Task Force and Central Pneumatic to various retailers. They are a division of Weems Industries.

I was searching to find an owners manual for a Task Force hose reel commonly sold by Lowes. I find the owners manual I was searching for on Legacy's site which is what convinced me they were the manufacturer although the model and item numbers did not align to Legacy's posted numbers.

AnswerI was told by a salesman at Lowes that Task Force brand tools was a spin off of Black and Decker. Haven't found any proof though. AnswerActually, Fire Storm is the spin-off from Black & Decker since Black & Decker started marketing themselves toward professionals. They created Fire Storm to continue with their market for the everyday consumer. Task Force does seem to only show up at Lowes so that would lead me to believe that this is their house brand.

FINAL Answer

Task Force™ is indeed a house brand of Lowe's Corporation. There are most likely many different manufacturer's of these tools found at Lowe's. Unfortunately they do not manage a brand website so no information is able to be found on these products.

FINAL (final Answer) Answer

The Distributor for Task Force Tools in North America is LG Sourcing, Inc in Wilkesboro, NC. The Customer Service phone number is 1-800-243-5114

MORE INFO LG Sourcing, Inc. is wholly owned By the Lowe's Corporation.

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Where can you get a list of army rangers?

Vincent dulle

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What weapons were standard issue for the Mexican Army in 1935?

Based on a single source* the Model 1912 7mm Mauser, very similar to the German Rifle Model 98 was a standard issue for the Mexican Army in 1935. Mexico adopted the 7mm Mauser Model 93, in 1895, a similar rifle to the Spanish 7mm Mauser Model 1993. During the period of 1910-1920 many difference rifles were obtained, including the Japanese Tpe 38 rifle. In 1936, a Mauser of Mexican design was adopted. The design was a 7mm Model 1936 designed from the Model 98 Mauser with an external "cocking" mechanism like a Springfield Model 1903A1. *Ezell, E. C.(1977). Small Arms of the World. 11th Revised Edition, Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, PA 419-420 pp.

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Why does a lower ranking soldier stand on the left side of a higher ranking soldier?

So as not to interfere with the sword hand of the superior.

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What type of watches do us army rangers wear?

Pretty much whatever they feel like. Watches are not an issue item - they're personal items soldiers buy on their own.

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Where is the sensor for the automatic light on a 2000 ls?

headlamp auto light control sensor maybe on the dash at center of your car

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Where is first Ranger Battalion garrison located at?

Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia Near Savannah

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of wood preservation?

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Why did the Army decide to go beret for the entire service?

It was to make everyone look better and improve moral. i dont think it worked cause some lazy ones complained about having to wear the beret instead of there old B.D.U. caps.

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How do you find information on 'The Burma Doctor' Dr Gordon Seagrave who was well known for his mobile clinics during World War 2 in CBI Theater?

Dr Seagrave wrote two autobiographical books, one titled "Burma Surgeon" and the other "Waste Basket Surgery", based on his experiences. You might find them in the library.

Dr. Seagrave was a medical missionary before the war. My father was an Army medical officer in the CBI theater during WW II and met Dr. Seagrave. I've read a book belonging to my father about Dr. Seagrave titled: "Burma Surgeon" Gordon Seagrave was my husband's great grandfather. He also wrote a book titled "Waste Basket Surgery" about his surgeries preformed. This is also a very interesting book. Your best web search is "Burma Surgeon" or "Gordon Stifler Seagrave". The Doctor and Colonel was quite the hero and humanitarian. He performed surgery on the wounded along the Burma Road while marching in retreat from the Japanese. He earned medals for valor from Britain, Burma, and the US; an exceptional man.

He had five children, four boys + one girl. One of the boys drowned at an early age. His son Sterling is an accomplished author (I wonder if he is still in hiding from the Chinese Mafia?), and along with Weston and the third son, all are unspoken war heros in their own right. Weston was an excellent cook, mastering many dishes from the Burma region.

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Does duncan bannatyne support Celtic or rangers?



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