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In some parts of the world, high school is the name given to a facility that provides secondary education.

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Is Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School in Townsend Georgia accredited and how to contact them?

Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not an accredited school. IT does not meet government standards and the diploma will not be accepted by any state colleges, universities or military service.

The Diploma issued by Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not valid for entry into the Military Services - this school has been reviewed over the past year and was evaluated to not be equivalent of even a GED and placed on a "Not Valid for Entry" list.

Address: Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School, 3149 U S Highway 17, Townsend, GA 31331 Phone (912) 832-3834 or (912) 832-6663

Website URL:

Many diploma mills claim to be "accredited," but the accreditation is from a bogus, but official-sounding, agency they invented. Some diploma mills have slick websites, and a "dot-edu" Web address doesn't guarantee legitimacy

You can use the Internet to check if a school is accredited by a legitimate organization at a new database of accredited academic institutions, posted by the U.S. Department of Education at

From other contributors:

  • No it is not an accredited school, I work for a University and the Department of Education does not recognize their HS diplomas, so a college can not use it as a proof of graduation.
  • It may be accredited according to them, but according to the Department of Education it is not and they are the ones who need to recognize it to be eligible to attend a college.
  • This high school diploma is not accepted in my county either, they said there's no one monitoring you when taking this test so it is not accepted.
  • I got a diploma from Cornerstone back in 2003. I was so excited that i was the first person to graduate high school from my family in a long time. Now I'm in college in California. The college has a list of schools they won't accept diplomas from and Cornerstone is on that list. Imagine how upset i was, right? Well now the school says if the diploma has an impressed seal on it they might accept it, if not, I'll have to go get my GED. Not something i'd like. The point is that to the best of my memory Cornerstone is accredited BUT that doesn't mean that if you outside of Georgia YOUR school will accept it. The laws and rules of what they will or won't accept are VERY different from state to state. And I've learned that now. So if I were you I would be cautious before assuming that the college you want to go to will accept it just because it's accredited or says diploma. A lot of the people graduating from Cornerstone are not even in Georgia.
  • NO their diplomas may be accredited but they are not recognized by the Department of Education. So a University doesn't acknowledge this as a proof of graduation and you will not be able to enter college. I work for a University and one of the individuals that tried to apply here told me he knows others who are having this same problem. Schools, even colleges, can be accredited but that doesn't guarantee that the DOE recognizes the schools credentials.
  • After two semesters,with Kaplan university they pulled me out of classes because my diploma with Cornerstone was not acceptable. Now the university wants me to repay grant money because of it. What now ?
  • Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not a real diploma. Cornerstone is not even an accredited school. Some colleges like the community one will accept it but a university will not accept it. I have a cornerstone but I went back to school and graduated from Marshall High School. So try to get your GED. Or if you not too old go back to school because that cornerstone is worthless!
  • It is not valid as in accredited high school diploma for admission to most colleges.
  • If Cornerstone Christian Correspondence School is not accredited how come it is that the state of Michigan paid for my cousin to get her diploma through this school and then the a college accepted it as a diploma. (It probably hasn't been caught yet)
  • The school does not have the appropriate accreditation.
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What is the ' Mumbai high ' and 'Vasai high ' called?

gas stations

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Can you drop out of college at any time?

Yes, you may drop out at anytime, however; if you plan on withdrawing out and have taken out student loans/grants there is a predetermined time frame in which the school has to return any payments received. (Ask your school counselor to find out how many weeks you have if this is something you are interested in.)

If the school is required to return funds then you will only be responsible for the difference of what was spent. If you do not drop out soon enough then you will still have to pay your student loans back in full (in installemts unless you can afford to pay in full).

If you have paid out of pocket for you tuition then the same applies they will refund you any overage you have paid if you withdraw within their specified time period. Otherwise your payment will not be reimbursed.

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Do colleges look at being held back in high school?

No. Most of them usally only care that you're already there at the college and expect you to apply yourself and do your best.

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Is Columbine High School still open?

Yep, and it's a really good school.:)

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What is the Largest high school enrollment in the united states?

victoriaville has 5,000 students enrolled

Cypress Bay High School in Weston, FL currently has 5,492 students.

Plano East, Tx--- 6171

Plano,Tx ---5240

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How do you wash a school blazer?

It depends which fabric was used to make the blazer. Cotton Blazers can be safely washed in cold water and very low dryer temperatures and then hung out on a hanger to finish drying so it can be pressed when it is slightly damp.

If it is wool, rayon or a wool blend you must take it to the dry cleaners. Water will ruin any blazer that has wool in it.

A polyester blazer can be washed in cool water and a low dryer temperature.

Beware of using spot removers. You must test the spot remover in the inside of the blazer first. Just a drop.

You cannot put store bought spot remover on wool blazers.

The best rule is "if in doubt take it to the cleaners" because it cost more to replace a school blazer than it does to pay for the dry cleaning or washing bill.

Consult your house parent if you are in a boarding school because the school may have an agreement with a local dry cleaners for discounts for the students.

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What do you get when you graduate from high school?

You receive your high school diploma which certifies that you completed high school.

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What is so bad about John Bowne High School?

Nothing really I don't know why people say its so bad -_-

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When does a new semester start?

Usually the semester starts in August but I know some schools that don't have summer break.

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How long until a transfer student can play sports?

The NCAA requires student athletes transferring from one Division I school to another Division I school to sit out one year to regain eligibility at the new school. A student athlete can transfer from one division to another without a one-year probation period.

Of course the NCAA does have the ability to waive the probabtion period on a case by case basis.

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When is high School Detective 3 coming out?

it already is out. i dont know where it is but is is out

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What is the best high school in east coast?

Personally I think Salisbury School

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What does high school suspension do to your future?

it goes on your permanent record and can effect college

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Do girls still wear petticoats for school?

Yes ..! They do wear it

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Top 20 secondary schools in Ghana?

St.marys boy's secondary school-apowa,takoradi

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What do high school guys really want in a girl?

Mostly sex.

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Up board high school result in 2007?

up board results 2007

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Compare a school morning assembly?

respected principal all teacher and my dear fellows assalamo alaikum first of all i welcome you for gathering here iin the morning asembly as u know our merciful allah is the creator of every thing so ipray to allah i would like to call (anyone who is perfect in talavat)

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Anglo-Indian 10th exam timetable?

it is already in the Tamil news paper (Daily Thanti)

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Is there Surviving High School DS?

Yeah but it's for DSiware, it's being made this year

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What is the average 40 yard dash for a starting out high school cornerback?

Anything faster than a 4.60 second forty yard dash is excellent. A high school cornerback would be expected to run at least a 4.80 second forty yard dash, though playing speed is much more important than timed speed on a track.

A high school cornerback who would like to play major college football (Division 1A [FBS]) would probably need to run a sub-4.60 forty, while elite prospects would need to run a 4.50 forty or better.

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How does honor classes help in high school?

Honors classes do more than just prepare you for college, they show that you have what it takes to be successful. The attachment of "Honors" to a class usually denotes that it is a more advanced class for a select number of students. These classes usually involve more work, but they also pay off with a greater understanding of the topic as well as a notch on the transcript. Even students who do not usually consider themselves the "Honors" students can benefit from one of these classes. They can help you by improving your study skills as well as helping you becoming more self reliant. Colleges also look at these classes to see whether a student has challenged him or herself throughout their high school career. In all, honors classes can do a lot to help you in high school.

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Why is popularity so important in school?

Because it just is..stick with your true friends and stay me!

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Is Aspen High School accredited?

The online Aspen High School is accredited, but by 2 suspicious accreditation agencies. The Capital Network for Distance Learning Programs (CNDLP) is a self-proclaimed "self-accrediting agency" by its own definition (see the Related Link below), which means no neutral agency has evaluated its course materials nor agenda. The other "agency", "American Accreditation Council for Higher Education (AACHC)" has an impressive sounding name, but no information can be found concerning its program.


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