Sports include physical recreational activities that have elements of competition/struggle and play. They often involve spherical objects of different types, but can involve a remote control, a couch and a bag of chips. Here you'll find questions and answers about popular sports in the world; including information on players, teams, results, statistics, records and related topics.

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What is sport psychology?

Andleeb Fatima 19-447

Sport psychology is the scientific study of the psychological factors that are associated with participation and performance in sport and other physical activity.


What do sport psychologists do answer any role with example?

Sports psychologists work with athletes and couches to improve performance and increase motivation. Help the athletes to cope up on the pressure of competition, which give them a potential to beat the opposite team easily.. the sports psycholgist give them potential to recover from their injuries too and helps to control over anxiety.


Couches focus on phycial activity of athelets while sport paychlogist work to deal with athletes mind...

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What is the most played sport in the US?

Soccer, Basketball and Baseball.


What historical event happen since 1989?

Berlin wall fell and I was there. I even own a copy of Time Magazine from then. I was 8 years old and got out of school because of how powerful a moment it was in history for Germany. I'm German American so I live in both cultures and to say it was unlike anything I have ever experienced is, to put it mildly. For both of my countries to celebrate the end of a horrific chapter in history felt so good. Not to mention members of my German family caught on the other side finally got reunited and we had out first united Garden Pary (Family Reunion) that July and if you could have heard the stories and seen the happiness shared by all it would have made you weep

History of Sports

Has any city with all 4 major sports ever won championships in all 4 sports within 25 years?

One off the top of my head is chicago

Bears 1985

Bulls 1996

White sox 2005

Blackhawks 2009

That is a span of 24 years. So your answer is yes.

Hope that helps

Also Boston

Patriot 2001, 2003,2004

Red Sox 2004, 2007

Celtics 2008

Bruins 2011

Span of 10 years.


Why academic is important than sport?

First, sports are for entertainment only and really don't do much other than that. Secondly, all athletes have a career with a limited lifespan because of aging and injuries. A person can do nearly anything with their mind and barring injury or disease, your mind will be useful for your entire life.


How did the Wiffle Ball get its name?

When you consider the fact that the Wiffle Ball was created to curve like crazy, the origin’s clear: It’s a play on the word “whiff,” which is what the poor sap at the plate often does with that skinny yellow bat. The inventor’s son and his friends, the original Wiffleballers, referred to strikeouts as “whiffs,” and he dropped the “h” when he decided to sell the balls. Three up, three down, baby—it’s all about efficiency.

“It also meant he needed one less letter for the sign on the building,” said David Mullany, president of The Wiffle Ball, Inc., and grandson of the ball’s inventor.


Where did doing 'The Wave' at sporting events originate?

There are many varying stories on the origin of the wave - when sports fans stand and raise their arms, section by section, creating a wave like crest throughout an arena.

Competing claims for inventing the wave come from hockey, baseball, American football, and soccer, and from Canada, the US, and Mexico. The evidence does seem to indicate that the wave traveled primarily north to south, from its introduction at a 1980 hockey game in Edmonton, a cameo appearance at a baseball game in Oakland, a few years at Seattle football games, an Olympic appearance at Stanford University, and finally its big breakthrough at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, from which it emerged with global fame as the Mexican Wave.

According to professional cheerleader Krazy George Henderson, the first wave was created by accident at an Edmonton Oilers hockey game. Different sections of the arena standing and cheering at different times was already somewhat common. Krazy George was pointing to different sections of the arena, which generally resulted in that section's fans jumping to their feet and shouting. A delayed reaction by one section one night was then followed by the next section jumping a few seconds later, initiating an impromptu wave. George refined the routine through season, and then took it to other games and stadiums, including a nationally televised Major League Baseball playoff game in Oakland between the A's and the New York Yankees on October 15, 1981.

Two weeks later Seattle fans began using the wave, first at a University of Washington football game, and then at the Seahawks' NFL games. The wave was introduced to soccer fans at a 1984 Olympic soccer match between Brazil and Italy at Stanford Stadium, before achieving global fame at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.


Is Jeff Green related to AC Green?



Why do we need to do a physical fitness sports and talent test?

A physical fitness sports and talent test will help determine what level of exercise program you can perform without doing damage to your muscles and organs.


What is the full form of the word sports?

Full form of SPORTS is

S - Sobers
P - Polite
O - Obedient
R - Respect
T - Trust

S - Strategy


What do you call a shinty players stick?

Traditionally called a caman, but also is referred to simply as Shinty stick

Football - American

What are the positions in football?

Football Positions Offense

  • Quarterback,
  • Running back,
  • Fullback,
  • Wide Receiver,
  • Tight end,
  • Offensive Tackle,
  • Offensive Guard,
  • Center
  • Place kicker,
  • Holder,
  • Punter,
  • Long snapper
  • Defensive Tackle,
  • Defensive End,
  • Inside Linebacker,
  • Outside Linebacker,
  • Free Safety,
  • Strong Safety,
  • Corner back
Special Teams These players are just called special teams players, except the kicker. Here is a more in-depth description: On offense and defense, all the players have a job. In a typical offense, there are five players grouped together at the line of scrimmage. These players make up the offensive line. The middle player who snaps the ball to the quarterback is called the center. The two players immediately to the left and right of the center are called the left and right guards. The outside offensive linemen are called tackles. The offensive line's job is to block, or impede the movement of the defense, giving the quarterback time to scan the field an find an open receiver on pass plays and open holes in the defense for the runner on running plays. The player immediately behind the center is the quarterback, the leader of the offense, who throws the ball on passing plays and hands it off to the running backs on running plays. There are usually three receivers. The one that lines up on the end of the offensive line is called the tight end. The two split off to either side of the formation are called wide receivers. The one on the side with the tight end is called the flanker; the other is the split end. Their jobs are to block on running plays and catch the ball on passing plays. The two players behind the quarterback are the fullback and halfback. The fullback's jobs are to block for the halfback, who usually carries the football, catch passes, and occasionally run in situations when the offense needs only a few yards for a first down. The halfback is the main runner. On defense, there is a four man defensive line made up of defensive ends (the outside guys) and defensive tackles (the inside guys). Their job is to try to break through the offensive line and tackle the running back on running plays and sack (tackle) the quarterback on pass plays. The three players behind the defensive line are the linebackers who cover receivers running shorter pass routes and tackle runners who make it through the defensive line. The players on each side of the defensive formation are the cornerbacks, who cover the wide receivers. The two players behind the linebackers are called safeties, who tackle runners the linebackers miss and cover deep pass routes downfield. On special teams, there are kick returners who run the ball back toward the kicking team's end zone on kickoffs and punts. There are the blockers who try to open lanes for the returner, and kick coverage men who try to tackle the kick returner. There is the placekicker, who kicks the ball on kickoffs, field goals, and extra point attempts. Placekickers kick the ball off a tee on kickoffs. On field goals and extra points, they kick it while a teammate holds it. The punter kicks the ball while it falls towards his foot after he drops it. Wide Reciver, Tight End, Left Guard, right guard, center, left takle, right takle, Full back, half back, quarterback, on offense. And on defense, Conerback, middle linebacker, right outside linebacker, left outside linebacker, strong saftey, free saftey, defensive end, defensive tackle, AHEM! The positions can acutally vary by the coach of the team. A runningback is just a genral term for someone in the backfield, types of runningbacks can include tailbacks, halfbacks, fullbacks, and wingbacks. There are more specific types of positions then just linebackers, wide recievers, etc. The answers the others gave you weren't exactly wrong, but they didn't include that it can vary by coach, and there can be as many of the position playing as the coach likes. Offense:Quarterback, runningbacks (Can be halfbacks, tailbacks, wingbacks, fullbacks), wide recievers (Can be split ends, flankers, slot backs), tight ends, guards, tackles, a center. Defense:Safet(y)ies (Can be single safety, stong safety, free safety), cornerbacks, linebackers (right, left, middle, strong, weak), defensive ends (left, right, strong, weak), defensive tackle(s) (nose tackle, guard tackle).
Football - Soccer
Fantasy Football

Is there any free spl fantasy football?

Yahoo! has it.


How far is a 5 k race?



What's the best all-star game in sports?

To me, it’s gotta be the MLB All-Star Game. Other all-star games feel like great players getting together and fooling around, putting on a show that half-resembles the sport; in baseball, it feels like what the concept of an all-star game suggests: the best players in the sport competing. Until recently, the game had actual stakes, as it determined which league gets home-field advantage in the World Series, and I think this spirit of competitiveness still flows through it. And, of course, it has the pomp-and-circumstance surrounding the game (the home run derby, the celebrity softball game, etc.) that makes it feel extra special.

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Who hosts Spike's Knockout sports world?

I think it is Voice actor John Dimaggio who has played Fu Dog in Jake Long Shnitzel/Chestnut on Chowder, Bender from Futurama and is currently seen on Adventure time with Finn and Jake as JAKE

Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

What are some sports that begin with the letter X?

x games and the xhare

Football - American

What is Vietnam National Sport?

There is no official sport of Vietnam, but the most popular sport is association football (known to some as soccer). In addition, the country has a growing community in cricket, rugby, and badmitton.


Why is science defined as a product and a process?

This is because science is not just the information presented (the product), but also the way in which that information has been collected (the process). While scientific knowledge should be testable and falsifiable (according to Karl Popper), the way in which such information has been gathered is also important. Science should be unbiased and experiments should be repeatable by different individuals. There are different philosophers who argue on the way science proceeds. (see Popper, Kuhn, Lakatos and Feyerabend)

Football - American

How much money does the NFL generate per year?

Revenues for the National Football League will reach around $9 billion for the 2013-14 season. The NFL is the most lucrative sports league in the world. Comissioner Roger Goodell stated in 2013 that he wants to reach $25 billion in revenue by the 2027 season. See related link for more info.


Who spent the longest time in the air when dunking?

The greatest ball player ever Micheal Jordan

Salary and Pay Rates

How much money do golf instructors make?

round about £10,000


Who was 1st athlete to endorse a sports product?

The product was Converse All-Star shoes and the player was Chuck Taylor.

History of Sports
Track and Field

Who are some old famous track stars?

Ralph Boston, Helen Stephens, Jesse Owens, Carl Lewis, Dave Wottle, Micheal Johnson, Usain Bolt, Hicham El Guerrouj, Kenenisa Bekele, Haile Gebrselassie, Bernard Lagat, and Steve Prefontaine.


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