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College Applications and Entrance Requirements

College applications and entrance requirements may vary in different colleges and universities. Most schools require students to pass their school entrance exams, but some schools only require the student’s high school grades and diploma.

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Is St. Peter's College a good school to go to?

St.Peter's College is a school that can be boring but it what you make of it. IT IS IN THE HOOD! You really have to becareful when roaming the surrounding area. One thing that is GREAT are the teachers. They are better than most universities. ...
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What is the meaning of mandatory in Telugu?

mandatory (adj) = tappanisari తప్పనిసరి For example: mandatory documents = tappanisari patralu తప్పనిసరి పత్రాలు mandatory reports = tappanisari nivedika తప్పనిసరి నివేదిక ...
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What are the undergraduate entrance requirements for Harvard University?

From Harvard Web Site The graduate schools at Harvard, such as the Law School, Medical School, and Business School, do not generally accept applications from students who have not already have received four-year Bachelor's degree. You will first need to complete your undergraduate studies. But even if you are still in high school, you can still browse the admissions information for any of the graduate schools See Related links There is no single office at Harvard University that handles admissions for all students to all...
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Is the United States Achievement Academy a scam?

Sorry I don't agree with your answer. I have researched the internet and find that this "company" does sell your child's information to many other parties. It also continues to send letters to people who have graduated, who are already in college, who are now teaching and/or who NEVER had a GPA above a C. I find it interesting that my grandson, along with EVERYONE in his class got a letter with their name addressed in it. In the second paragraph it states......
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What is the opposite word of modesty?

The opposite of modesty is arrogance or immodesty.
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What is an example of a short speech on child labor?

Child Labour (Speech) Good morning everyone. My objective today is to talk to you about child labour. Do you know that of every 100 children in the world today, 16 of them are child labourers, 12 of them are in its worst form, and many will never go to school? There are 246 million child labourers in the world today, most are in developing countries. Some of them are as young as 5, 186 million of them are under 15 and 170...
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What are the admission requirements for Columbia University?

Columbia uses a "a holistic admission process in which every single application is given a thorough review and there is positively no minimum grade point average, class rank or SAT/ACT score one must obtain in order to secure admission at Columbia." Thus, there is no minimum. However, as listed in Peterson's, last year's stats were: Admission: 17,151 applied; 1,662 admitted; 1,022 enrolled Average high school GPA: 3.8 Test Scores: SAT critical reading scores over 500 100% SAT math scores over 500 100% SAT critical reading scores over...
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Why you should take part in extra curricular activities?

They look good on a college resume and show you get involved with your school. Some extracurricular activities also show some of your interests. Perhaps more importantly, they help to broaden your mind and social skills. Education isn't, or shouldn't be, just learning exam material. ...
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Can you get into Medical school with an accounting degree?

Yes you can, as long as you fulfill all the prerequisites for any medical programs you are applying for. Most programs require you to complete classes in biology, chemistry, calculus, physics and others, but I am unaware of any programs in the US or Canada which require a hard science degree for admission. For example I had many classmates in medical school who had degrees in various fields such as linguistics, psychology, business administration and communications. The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS)...
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When is fall spring semester in the United States?

It depends on the specific college or university. Some start in latter August, while others start early September. ...
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What is the difference between a college minor and major?

You can not just enroll in a minor. You must be first enrolled in a major and then you can add on a minor. The minor is usually just extra set of courses you are required to take in that area. College Major - A major is the main field that you want to specialize in while you are still an undergraduate at a college. ( A lot of units in college will be devoted into your major because that's going to...
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When is post UME for university of Maiduguri?

The University of Maiduguri post UME would take place on the 6th and 7th of August 2010 ...
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What is the average SAT score of Ivy League students?

It might be more useful to take the schools' reported numbers as reported to both US News and on their own common data sets. These numbers are interpolated between the 25th and 75th percentile numbers reported. They should be very close to the mean/median numbers. Only the critical reading and math sections of the SAT are used for this combined score. Harvard: 2195 Yale: 2195 Princeton: 2185 Columbia: 2150 Penn: 2130 Dartmouth: 2140 Cornell: 2095 Brown: 2130 Others: MIT: 2235 Stanford: 2145 CalTech: 2210 Duke: 2140 Chicago: 2130 Northwestern: 2135 Washington University in St. Louis: 2150 Johns Hopkins:...
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What is the acceptance rate at BU Academy?

BU Academy is currently seeking to fill between 40 and 45 spots in its ninth grade class. On average, the school receives about 200 complete applications for those spots. It is well known, though the school in some people's experience does not invest significant time in educating families, that the school serves a niche market of some exceptionally academically motivated students and some moderately gifted ones as well as some who are above-average academically; though most tend to be intellectually curious to...
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What is the significance of assimilation?

The Borg made everyone do it in Star Trek. Next Generation.
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What is the national ranking of the University of Phoenix?

In 2009, the University of Phoenix was ranked #28 out of 44 ranked Colleges and Universities that offer online degree programs by OEDb. Also, the University of Phoenix is ranked #63 in the World ''[*based on popularity of its name in search engines only] ...''surpassing many state universities in the US, Canada, etc.. please be advised that according to this list (2010), Harvard University is ranked # you be the judge on how far this fine and respected university came along since...
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Is a 1260 a bad score for SATs?

That depends on whether you took the writing portion of the SAT. If you only took Math and Verbal, the maximum score you could achieve is 1,600, so 1,260 would be a decent score. If you also took the writing section, the maximum score is 2,400, making 1,260 a significantly worse composite. ...
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What do you get when you graduate from high school?

You receive your high school diploma which certifies that you completed high school. ...
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Why are electrons negative?

Electrons move in circular orbits around the nucleus, this is because there is an electrical attraction between the negative charge of the electron and the positive charge of the protons in the nucleus. The reason why electrons have a negative charge is because without that charge, the positively charged protons would repel the electrons and one another. ...
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How much money is spent on college tuition by foreign students?

It depends on what school you want to attend and what country that school is in. Across the US, Canada and the UK tuition rates for international students vary widely. In the US, they can range from $2,000 to attend a community college to $28,000 to attend a smaller, private school that does not receive government funding. Please also keep in mind that no matter where you go, tuition rates do not include the cost of travel, obtaining a visa, textbooks, room,...
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Where can you find your 1974 ACT scores?

You would have to inquire through the ACT website. They do keep archives. That long ago, I am not sure about. They might, but you will have to pay an additional fee for them to retrieve it from the archives. ...