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Examinations and tests are an integral part of any education. They measure a student's knowledge and performance in any subject. Ask questions about exams and tests here.

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Life Insurance
India Government
Examinations and Tests

Where are the exam results for Life Insurance Corporation of India Apprentice Development Officers published?

You should be able to research the results at the below related links section indicated below. However, I might add, they do not make it easy to find.

Educational Methods and Theories
Examinations and Tests

What is enumeration type of test?

ennumeration type of test is more on memory recall.

Tamil Language and Culture
Examinations and Tests

TN 2 question paper of last 3 years?

i want 10th science question&answer paper in last 3year's state board english medium in tamilnadu...

Jobs & Education
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When is the schedule for filing NAPOLCOM entrance exam of 2012?

filling for 2012 entrance examination april 29, 2012

Examinations and Tests

Give free nys online dmv practice test?

Examinations and Tests

When is common exam for 11 std is starting 2011?

i think it will start by march 8th.anyways all the best for all the students

Anna University
Examinations and Tests

Anna university First semester maths model question paper?

on the web

Senior Secondary Certificate SSC
Examinations and Tests

10Th class result of Faisalabad board 2003?

Contact the institution concerne

Job Training and Career Qualifications
History, Politics & Society
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A reviewer in General Education for Let Exam for Teachers?


School Subjects
Job Training and Career Qualifications
Learning Tips and Study Habits
Examinations and Tests

Why do you have to study?

Nobody likes to work, not even adults! Studying is a student's work.

However, if you want to succeed, you need to learn how to make yourself do it. Here are some reasons to study:

  • If you study, you will learn the material and pass the test or class.
  • If you study, you will learn the material and be able to use it to help with other things later - for example, studying your multiplication and division tables means you can figure out how much something costs or how much of a tip to leave at a restaurant.
  • If you study, you will learn how to discipline yourself to do something you don't want to do, which will help you succeed in anything in life.
  • If you study, you will get a sense of accomplishment from doing something hard and succeeding.

To help you study in a more time efficient and stress reducing way, you can use the Sticky Studynote Solution. It is a proven method that has helped many become A students. You can look it up and go to its website for more information. I highly recommend it!

Another answer:

So your teacher/mentor can know where you are at. By studying for a test you will not find yourself in trouble when the time comes. Studying is VERY important. If you don't study, you'll be panicking at your next big test. You're better off studying, even a little bit every day, but at least study well.

So you can get good grades, graduate from college, get a good job and, perhaps, make lots of money.

Studying can get you A's on tests which leads to a good college, and a good life. The main reason why we all study is for our mental development! Studying is very important these days because you have to study to make your future.

Understanding the word "study":

As you can see from the two answers, the English language uses the word "study" in at least two different ways. One means to get an education or learn a skill by going to school at least through the 9th grade and, perhaps, going on to a college, university or trade school.

The other refers to the things you have to do to accomplish those goals. "Studying" may mean reading books or manuals, reviewing notes you have taken in class, memorizing facts and, most specifically, preparing for a test.

If you want inspiration, just watch the video below. It is an interview with Malala Yousafzai, a girl who at age 14 began to resist the Taliban in her town in Pakistan and was shot for it. In this segment, she speaks about what she thinks of the importance of education.

You learn.

Learning means you can do better in school with less stress and worry. Learning helps you get better grades, which can get you into better colleges. Better grades may allow you to get better, higher paying jobs.

Study is important because without it you wouldn't be able to get a good job. If you don't have a job, you don't have money. If you don't have money, you don't have home. If you don't have home, you're homeless.

Basically, without study, you would most likely be homeless.

study is important because when you study it is a part of your whole life, when you do not study this will lead you to being unsuccessful

So your teacher/mentor can know where you are by studying your test that you have to study for, or else you will get in trouble. Studying is VERY important. If you don't study, you'll be panicking at your next big test. You're better off studying, even a little bit but at least study good.

So you can answer WikiAnswer Questions.

Examinations and Tests

What is the purpose of the industry competency exam?

it's a voluntary exam that gives students the chance to see if they fully understand the fundamental HVAC concepts.

College Applications and Entrance Requirements
Examinations and Tests

When are the Nursing training admission forms for 2012 coming out in Ghana?

ending of march.

Examinations and Tests

Where can you find the results of the NAPOLCOM exam?

The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) conducts two sets of police exams twice a year: one for those who are already in the police service; and another for those aspiring to enter the Philippine National Police (PNP). The results of the NAPOLCOM exams can be viewed on Napolcom's offical website. Please refer to the Related Link provided below.

There are three possible ways to find the Napolcom PNP Entrance Exam results for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 so on and so forth. These are as follows:

1. Through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or Ask among others. Just type the keywords "Napolcom PNP entrance exam results" in the search field, press enter and you will be given search results.

2. Simply go to the official Napolcom website.

3. There are news sites and blogs that post the results.

HSC Maharashtra Board
Maharasthra State Entrance Engineering Test MHT-CET
Examinations and Tests

Who are passers of pnpa entrance exam in region 2?

Chello B. Tinga

India Language and Culture
Hindi Language and Culture
Examinations and Tests

Where you can get Ignou solved assignments for ma in Hindi?

send you email id in the comments. I can give you MHD 2013 assignments

School Subjects
Examinations and Tests

You want 11th standard question papers of commerce?

yes i need...........

Rules of the Road
New Jersey
Examinations and Tests

How many questions can you miss on New Jersey permit test?


Examinations and Tests

Is there 10 public exam in 2012?

Examinations and Tests

What is a passing score for the ISTEP exam?

They actually don't have a specific passing score for the ISTEP... or at least that is what my teacher told me. They actually compare all of the scores once everyone has taken the test, and then make a specific score the passing grade:O)

Word Games
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How many meaningful words can be formed with the letters ENTD using each letter only once in each word?

i dont now i cnt tell

Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE
Examinations and Tests

Will the marks of ninth affect the 10th result?

if you give the bord in class X then the marks of class IX will not effect but if you will give normal school based xam then it will effect

Snow and Ice
Examinations and Tests

What will happen if there is a snow day on the day of a regents exam?

unless the entire state has a snow day you are out of luck, I am assuming you are talking about a Jan. regents..... you would have to take it in June because all test must be administered the same day.

Examinations and Tests

What is the cut off rate in each sections of CDS exam?

its more than 45%....

Salary and Pay Rates
Online and Correspondence Schools
Examinations and Tests

What is management in living?

.It is the process of making good use of available resources to achieve what you want.

HSC Maharashtra Board
Examinations and Tests

What is maharashtra board hsc timetable for arts eaxm 2011?



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