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When did the Baltimore Ravens franchise start?

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Based in Baltimore since 1996. Played at M&T Bank Stadium since 1998. Played 1996 and 1997 at Memorial Stadium

What sports franchise has moved the most times?

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Man, where do you start?

NHL, in the last 50 years or so:

Flames (from Atlanta)

Hurricanes (from Hartford Whalers)

Coyotes (from Winnipeg)

Avalanche (from Quebec Nordiques)

Dallas Stars (from Minnesota North Stars)

Cleveland Barons (were the California Golden Seals, moved to Cleveland, combined with Minnesota...and then moved to Dallas 15 years later, or thereabouts)

New Jersey Devils (were the Kansas city Scouts, then the Colorado Rockies)


Indianpolis Colts, from Baltimore

St. Louis Rams, from LA and before then they were from Cleveland

Oakland Raiders, from LA, but had been from Oakland

Arizona Cardinals (had been St. Louis, before that Chicago)

Tennessee Titans (had been Houston Oilers)

Cleveland Browns to Baltimore Ravens

Portsmouth Spartans to Detroit and become the Lions

Decatur Staleys move to Chicago and become the Bears

Boston Redskins move to Washington


Minnesota Twins (had been Washington Senators)

Texas Rangers (had been a second Washington Senators team)

Washington Nationals (had been Montreal Expos)

Baltimore Orioles (had been St. Louis Browns)

The Giants and Dogers

Boston Braves to Milwaukee and then Atlanta

Seattle Pilots to Milwaukee Brewers


The ex-ABA teams before they got in the league: New Jersey Americans to New York Nets to New Jersey Nets (after the NBA merger) and now they're coming back to NY! San Antonio was originally in Dallas.

N.O. Jazz to Utah Jazz

Charlotte Hornets to New Orleans Hornets

St. Louis Hawks to Atlanta Hawks

Buffalo Braves to San Diego Clippers to Los Angeles Clippers

Rochester Royals to Kansas City Royals to Kansas City Kings to Sacramento Kings (and they played part-time in Omaha for a few years)

Philadelphia Warriors to San Francisco (then Golden State) Warriors

Syracuse Nationals to Philadelphia 76ers

Vancouver Grizzlies to Memphis

How much do Americans spend on sports drinks?

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American's spent 5.4 billion dollars last year. Sports drinks is one of the largest sub categories of drinks in the US.

What is the wealthiest NFL franchise?

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Dallas Cowboys are the highest valued team at approximately 1.5 billion

Minnesota Vikings are the lowest valued team at around 780 million

What rocks are used for landscaping?

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It depends on your landscaping, are they pavers or step stones? Pavers need a fairly solid level base for walk ways or even driveways, dig down about one foot, lay down a semipermeable heavy construction cloth, about 6" of pea stone 2" coarse sand, use a vibrating compactor and level the sand, place the pavers, cover with a thin layer of fine sand and sweep with a coarse broom to fill gaps. Occasionally you may need to lift a paver to shovel a bit more sand under it to keep them level.

for step stones just remove enough soil to set each stone, individually.

Others may do it differently.

How do you win the game Virtual business sports?

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How much would it cost to buy a water park?

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Probably about over $4-5 million. Think about concession stands, the rides, and the electricity bill!

How much do average PGA players makee in endorsements?

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The average golfer in the PGA can expect to earn $2 million from endorsements each year. Golfers such as Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy make much more.

Which NBA franchise has the most wins?

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The Chicago Bulls went 72-10 in the 1995-96 season. 72 Chicago Bulls 1995-96

How old do you have to be to get into equinox gym?

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It depends on the gym' and the type of exercise to be done. There may be legislation for certain aspects of training.

In addition the gym' may have rules as and when children may attend. You would need to check the rules in your area and at the gym' you wish to attend.

What sports franchise has the most losses?

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As far as history is concerned, at the start of the 2007 season the Arizona Cardinals was the NFL franchise with the most losses in history with 664. Second most was the Detroit Lions with 554 and third most was the Philadelphia Eagles with 533.

What season begins in the northern hemisphere on December 21?

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you are supposed to be adults, im a kid. BE A EXAMPLE

What is strongest way to start a formal business document is with?

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Bottom-line statement ( apex ) :) hope this helps 😊

What is the difference between Market Research vs Marketing Research Which of these two can have a full understanding of potential customers?

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Market research involves collecting and analyzing information about marketing programs, competitors and consumers.

The objective of the market research is to build list, help in pricing decisions, to get customer satisfaction, market competition, and market competition. While marketing research is to gain a thorough understanding of potential customers.

What do you call records that farmers use to know the number of tools he or she has?

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It is known as an inventory. It is not only farmers, most businesses keep an inventory or regular stock-take for insurance or evaluation purposes.