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Questions pertaining to corporations, companies and their practices, including how they affect individuals, nations and the world.

Asked in Companies, Macy's

Did Macy's take over Strawbridge's gift cards?

Macy's took over all May company stores in 2005. Stawbridge's being one of the May company stores. ...
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Which is the world's largest fmcg company?

According to Forbes 2009 rating (category Food, Drink & Tobacco): Nestle Unilever Kraft Foods Coca-Cola PepsiCo Anheuser-Busch InBev Philip Morris International Japan Tobacco ...
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Can you suggest name of engineering company?

Global Engineering TriEn EngCorp Best Engineers Before using any of proposals please check if they are not registered already. ...
Asked in Cars & Vehicles, Companies

How are cars built?

Humans and Machines Together Cars are built by a combination of humans and robots (programmed by humans) on an assembly line. Some cars are totally built by hand, basically limited production cars, classic cars, or something special. Some others are totally built by machines. Quality checks are normally made by humans. All cars are built through an assembly line process, some on the assembly line, some with the parts going to the car instead of the car going to the parts. There are two...
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What is the phone number for Comcast corporate headquarters in Philadelphia?

If you look up Comcast's website, they'll have a section called "contact us". Or call your local Comcast. ...
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Who owns public companies?

Public Limited Companies are owned by their shareholders. Because only public limited companies are listed on stock markets, all of whom are by definition, virtually anyone with enough money to buy shares on the stock market could be a potential co-owner of a public company. ...
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Is Finexo forex trading platform any good?

A great place to see real reviews on Forex Brokers is ForexPeaceArmy. Be very careful when using retail brokers as there are a lot of scams and dishonesty. ...
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Is JM Paquet in California out of business?

JM Paquet is out of business. After a very successful run, they closed their doors back in early 2009. ...
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Is the publishers information bureau prize a scam?

If they are asking you for money, yes!
Asked in Job Training and Career Qualifications, India, Companies

Who is the CEO of ONGC?

The ONGC CEO is Mr. R S Sharma
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What is the Hyatt corporation worth?

As of the quarter ending September 30, 2010, Hyatt Hotels Corporation had: Book value (assets - liabilities): $5.1 billion Market capitalization: $7.1 billion ...
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Can a company director sue his own company?

yes, as the company is a legal entity, and it can be sued by the director if the shareholders of a company use the company as the alter ego of the shareholders. ...
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What is internal reconstruction of a company?

Internal reconstruction is an arrangement made by companies whereby the claims of share holders, debenture holder, creditors and other liabilities are reduced or altered, so that the accumulated losses are written off, assets are valued at its fair value and the balance sheet shows the true and fair view of the financial position. ...
Asked in Business Accounting and Bookkeeping, Companies

Where does Accumulated Depreciation appear?

Accumulated depreciation will appear on the balance sheet just under the cost of those assets to give the net figure of the assets. ...
Asked in Personal Finance, Companies, Home-Based Businesses

Is Automatic Wealth Solution a scam or not?

"Automatic Wealth Solution" kind of says it all. It's a scam. If one had an "Automatic" solution they'd not need to advertise to you, or ask you for money. Money represents human labor, and other things of intrinsic worth that one way or another represent human labor. There is never anything "automatic" about that. ...
Asked in US Presidents, Companies

What is a higher rank CEO or president?

In the US government the President is higher, but in a company the CEO is the highest. In order to clarify this it should be noted that the office of CEO does not exist in the US Government. Also, in the business world a person can be both the CEO, Chief Executive Officer and President. ...
Asked in Sales and Customer Service, Companies

What is meant by the term customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is a measure of how the products or services that are supplied by a company match up against the customer's expectations of that product or service. For example, if you purchase an item from a TV Commercial that guarantees customer satisfaction, it must be a product that matches your expectations of how good you think the product will be or how good it will perform. There's a customer satisfaction index for measuring these expectations closer. ...
Asked in Tolls, Companies

What is the toll-free number for Proctor and Gamble?

Procter & Gamble's toll-free number is : 800-543-7276 (Edited to add: The number listed is no longer in service.) Just found this out! The toll-free number for Proctor & Gamble (Canada) is: 1-800-308-3279 ...
Asked in Swimming Pools, Companies

How many pool supply companies are in the US?

I think there is about 17,000 swimming pool dealers, service companies, etc. There are over 50,000 pool stores in the US. There are also several distributors. There are many more online retailer and wholesalers as well. ...
Asked in Salary and Pay Rates, Companies

How much money does hungry jacks get per year?

They make US $348 million a year but then minus all their costs their left with US $200 million a year. ...
Asked in Companies, Logos

What brand has a blue paw print logo with a DU in it?

That is the Baidu company. It is a Chinese web services company, headquartered in Beijing. ...
Asked in Companies, Business Finance

Is legend venture a true share company?

It looks like an empty shell company that sells virtual shares of PGCG.OBB. It is highly improbable your investment will be recovered if you invested in this company. ...
Asked in Shopping, Companies, Walmart, The Difference Between, Sam's Club

What is the difference between Walmart and Sam's Club?

There are a few differences between Sam's Club and Walmart. Sam's Club requires their shoppers be members while Walmart does not require a membership to shop there. Sam's Club also carries bulk items that are sold directly off the pallet while Walmart does not. In short, Sam's Club is more of a warehouse while Walmart is more of a typical grocery store. ...