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How do you list salary history on a resume?

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Generally speaking, an individuals salary history does not belong on a resume. Prospective candidates for a job do not normally speak about this subject and also, a recruiter during an interview will rarely if ever speak about the salary history of a possible employee during an interview.
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How do you find the radius if you have the circumference?

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Circumference divided by pi to find the diameter then divide that by 2 to give you answer!! Formula: R=c/pi/2 eg. circumference =60 so, 60 divided by pi = 19.098, then divide 19.098 by 2 to give you 9.549!!
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How to calculate power in an inductive load?

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Inductive load power is reactive, it is given by the formula: pL(t)=VL(t)IL(t), in time domain (instant power); PL(s)=VL,RMS(s)IL,RMS(s), in Laplace transform domain (RMS denotes root mean square amplitude). VL is the voltage across the inductor L and IL is its current (current enters in the "+" voltage reference pin, by applying user convention in which absorbed power is positive). Power is reactive since voltage and current are always in quadrature: VL(s) = s L IL(s), in Laplace domain (derived from the time-domain formula vL(t)= L diL(t)/dt). A real-life inductor will also show an active power term, which arises from parasitic resistance non-ideality; it can be modeled as a resistance DCR in series with the inductor itself: pACT(t)=DCR IL(t) <<>> An inductive load such as an induction motor draws power from the supply with a power factor of less than 1. Power = voltage x current x power factor. This happens because the current reaches its peak in the ac cycle after the voltage, so that for a small part of the cycle power flows back into the supply from energy stored in the motor's internal magnetic field. The time-lag is measured in degrees and called the phase difference. 360 degrees denotes one complete cycle. The power factor is the cosine of the phase difference, so that (for example) a resistive load has no phase difference so that the power factor is 1, while for a pure inductor the phase difference is 90 degrees and the power factor is zero. If the rms voltage and current are expressed in complex-number form, also known as vectors or phasors, the real power is the real part of VI*, where the asterisk denotes the complex conjugate. Another way to calculate the real power is to calculate the average value of the instantaneous power V x I. If the voltage is Vcos(wt) and the current is Icos(wt+phi) then those expressions can be multiplied together and trigonometry formulas used to show that the power factor is cos(phi) as stated. Real power is measured from the average value of volts times amps with an instrument that contains a voltage coil and a current coil. The force produced is equal to the instantaneous power, and the instrument measures its average value muliplied by the time.
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Application of Computer?

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Qualifications for Mensa?

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You must have an IQ in the top 2% of the population to qualify for mensa, in one of their registered IQ tests. In the Cattel B III test, this means an IQ score of 148 or higher is required. Hope this helps!
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Difference between stay over and over stay?

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stayover means the time period of a perticular stay in the hotel. Overstay means extending the stay by 1 or 2 days due to some reason.
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Kaibahan ng hanging amihan at habagat?

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amihan- hilagang silangan habagat-timog kanluran
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What do you call the numbers you multiply together?

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Consider this form: multiplicand X multiplier = product Then, the multiply you are multiplying is multiplicand. The number you are multiplying the number by is called a multiplier. The product is the multiplication of multiplicand and multiplier.
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What jobs do people have in Vietnam?

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80% is still agriculture, however manufacturing and fishing are growing fast.
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Define small scale business?

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A small scale business can be a an enterprise engaging in small scale industries like R&D, manufacturing or cottage industries. The number of employees or workers varies from one country to another. Most of these are privately owned and operated, where sales turnover are low.
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What is the genre of Hattie's Birthday Box?

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The Genre Of Hattie's Birthday Box is Realistic Fiction along with some Historical Fiction, since The Grandfather restates his past when he was in his early ages (teens-twenties)
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What are the disadvantages of direct marketing?

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1. Junk Mail - By using direct mail, a company risks alienating the customers it seeks to gain. The use of direct mail is often associated with a company of lower status and quality. 2. Environmental Impact - Direct marketing typically involves the heavy use of physical components in order to give consumers an object they can hold in their hands. This physical side of direct marketing means that a greater amount of natural resources are consumed in their production as well as a greater amount of pollution. 3. Metrics - It is hard when using direct marketing to get any reliable metrics on its impact. Direct marketing involves a much longer-term strategy where the results are uncertain and the best that can be said is that it may be working. It is often very unclear whether direct marketing is alienating more customers than it is creating. 4. Time - It is hard to get as immediate of an impact when using direct marketing, as the advertising product, by its nature, takes time to reach consumers. Time is often equated with money in business, and the time ratio in direct marketing is a disadvantage. 5. Laws - The distribution of fliers and street advertising is often prohibited by law in certain areas. This is a major disadvantage of this form of direct marketing as certain customer bases will be unreachable. If a marketer wishes to reach customers, for instance, in a high-traffic and wealthy area, this may be impossible using direct marketing of this kind. 6. Limited Reach - There is an inherently limited geographic reach to direct marketing involving fliers and street advertising. By using this form of direct marketing, you will be limited to consumers in a very specific distribution area and will have to depend on word of mouth for others.
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What type of word is they?

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I believe... it's a pronoun.
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What is the indefinite integral of 2x ln2x dx?

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In order to work out this problem, we need to learn how to apply the integration method correctly. The given expression is ∫ 2xln(2x) dx. Instead of working out with 2x's, we let u = 2x. Then, du = 2 dx or du/2 = dx. This method is both valid and easy to avoid working out with too much expressions. You should get: ∫ uln(u) (du/2) = ½ ∫ uln(u) du Use integration by parts, which states that: ∫ f(dg) = fg - ∫ g(df) We let: f = ln(u). Then, df = 1/u du dg = u du. Then, g = ∫ u du = ½u² Using these substitutions, we now have: ½(½u²ln(u) - ½∫ u du) = ¼(u²ln(u) - ∫ u du) Finally, by integration, we obtain: ¼ * (u²ln(u) - ½u²) + c = 1/8 * (2u²ln(u) - u²) + c = 1/8 * (2(2x)²ln(u) - (2x)²) + c = 1/8 * (2x)² * (2ln(u) - 1) + c = ½ * x² * (2ln(2x - 1)) + c
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How would you rate your problem solving skills?

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From 1-10 i would rate mine 7. : ) i am pretty good at solving problems but not all that great.
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Describe the preparation method for a basic mixed salad?

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1. Thoroughly wash the ingredients 2. Chop the vegetables and fruits equally 3. Put all of the ingredients in a bowl and toss
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How many pounds are in 64 ounces?

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One pound equals 16 ounces. Therefore, 64 ounces would equal four pounds.
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How many pages in a 700 word essay - single space?

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Approximately one full page, depending on the length of your words. It's a little more than a page. Microsoft word has a word count feature, and keeps track of the numbers at the bottom of the window.

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