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Job Training and Career Qualifications

Job training and career qualifications are important factors in getting a certain job or position. Training prepares a person to be qualified for a job. Many people of different occupations continuously train to maintain, update and upgrade their skills.

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How can you answer 'What are your strengths' in a job interview?

Job interviews are always nerve wracking situations. Here are some tips for knowing how to handle the popular question, "What are your strengths?" 1. Come prepared. Like I said, this is a common question in interviews, so give some thought to the answer before you go. 2. Think of general strengths like being responsible, reliable and a good communicator. But also think about specific strengths that you know would work well with the job. Is it an administrative position? Perhaps you can talk...
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What qualifications and licensing are required to become a vehicle repossession agent?

This depends on where you live. In Florida and California, you have to be certified by the state. State permit etc. Other states, mostly wide open. It's NOT a very regulated industry yet. In California you must be employed by an agency that is already licensed by the state. You must then be registered as a repossessor employee for at least two years before you can qualify to take the state test to become a qualified manager. All agencies must have a qualified...
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How many years do you have to go to school to be a chiropractor?

A student in North America should expect to complete at least 7-8 years of post-secondary education in order to become a doctor of chiropractic. Before a student can attend a chiropractic college he/she must complete a minimum of 90 semester hours, or three full-time years, of undergraduate courses. Most students (> 80%) entering chiropractic college in North America have completed an undergraduate degree (1). The Doctor of Chiropractic programs in North American are four years of full-time study, but many schools provide three-year 'intensive' curricula....
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How do you answer 'What are your short-term and long-term career goals' in a job interview?

Be truthful but positive, if your goal is to keep the job and be stable say: To be a good employee with a stable long term employment. If you wish to be promoted: To excel and gain promotion through hard work. Change and paraphrase to suit your situation. A long term goal in one's career would be, getting a raise, retirement, vacation. Short term goals could be, getting one's pay check or a date with some one else in the work area. ...
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When one do MD after doctor of pharmacy is it possible for him to become a surgeon?

Yes it is. In fact, I know a man who did just that. He was a pharmacist for a few years, then went to medical school and is now a surgeon. ...
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How do you answer 'Describe an ideal working environment' in a job interview?

I think the modern workplace is so varied it's important to be capable of productivity in a diverse range of environments. I excel in an environment that has good communication and great teamwork, so therefore, that to me, would be the ideal working environment. The ideal job consists of a workplace where I can grow not only professionally but intellectually, where my own ideas are received as well as innovative ideas and knowledge acquired in the past. Where my knowledge and work...
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What is the difference between OS and RTOS?

A real-time operating system is intended for systems that need to tightly control responsiveness and performance. With an RTOS you can prioritize operations such that the most critical areas of the application get control of the processor exactly when they need it. All other lower priority operations are paused. An RTOS also gives you all of the other advantages of an OS: * a consistent coding platform * a rich set of APIs to save coding time and errors * processor housekeeping...
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How do you become a veterinary technician?

This will vary depending upon the location in which you want to work. In the United States, most states require a veterinary technician to be formally trained and credentialed while other states have no requirements. Either way, most veterinary technicians start as veterinary assistants and get some experience, then go to college (either a 2 year or a 4 year degree program) to receive an associate's or bachelor's degree. In states that require credentialing, they are then required to take and pass...
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What are some downsides of being a welder?

It's hot. Your work is not usually in a climate controlled environment The use of a fan is limited as it will blow away the gases in a mig type weld. You are breathing allot of gases and residues that are not the best for you. There is a potential for may types of job related injuries - burns, eye related injuries from grinding and the light produced from cutting and welding. ...
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What jobs can you get with a bachelor degree in psychology?

Jobs with a Degree in Psychology Here are suggestions from various WikiAnswers contributors: This is influenced by many factors. One example is the state you live in and what the state requirements are as far as licensure for psychotherapists or counselors. In Arizona, you must have a Masters degree to be licensed unless you were grandfathered in before the law changed. You should check with your state's board of behavioral health. They should be of assistance. You may be able to work at...
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How do you answer 'What are your short-term and long-term goals' in a job interview?

You must answer job interview questions with your own experiences - you cannot copy what someone else says on a website! What are your own goals? That is what the interviewers want to know. ...
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What education and training is required to become a pediatrician?

Becoming a Pediatrician: Pediatricians are physicians who have specialized in pediatric medicine. The first step is to become a physician. This involves graduating from college and going to medical school. Medical school is typically a four year program, although there are some schools that offer a combined BS/MD or BS/DO degree in six years. That is, a sort of combined college/medical school curriculum that takes six years vs. the traditional eight years (four years of college plus four years of medical school). To...
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How does a person with a felony record find a job?

Answer Where you're at: If you are still under a supervised release program, then following the direction and assistance given by a parole officer is most prudent. At this stage, your primary goal is to complete your probation or parole, after which you may begin your new life. If you absolutely need cash, and cannot market your previous skills, then strongly consider a temp agency that will hire you out, and pay you, on a daily basis as a manual laborer. If you...
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What are some related jobs to a teacher?

Do you mean jobs that a teacher could do? If so you have the obvious K12 Teachers and College Professors, but you also have many other opportunities. Teachers can work at boarding schools, as private in house instructors, online education, tutors and many other things. You just may need special certifications if you choose to not teach within a school system. ...
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Define price plan in context of telecom billing?

Price plan is an offer document which states the charges that will be applicable to the end user depending upon the type of service he uses. It includes your monthly charges and also the pulse/rate information for various services. Eg: Mobile to any Landline: 50p/min Mobile to any Mobile: 25p/min also Local SMS: 50 p Outstation SMS: 1 R Special no SMS: 5 R ...
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How do you answer 'How did you handle a time you prioritized a personal matter over work' in a job interview?

Some sample answers from our contributors: I can handle it by acknowledging the need to balance home, life, and health, and indicate that i am capable of doing so, without sacrificing job responsibilities.I could guarantee you my three traits which is:My commitment, decisiveness, and coping ability to the company. This is another one of those trick questions that may involve a bit of fibbing. They are asking if your personal life is going to interfere with your work life. If you say you...
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Is geography jack of all trades and master of none?

Yes - just look a the University courses they teach, even at top ones like Exeter Uni. Historical geography, biological geography, ethnic geography - even the simple language and knowledge they use in lectures is shocking. In a recent 3rd year module 'Gender and Geography' at Exeter, in the 3rd lecture the following quote was given in trying help the students understand identity: "Identity is our understanding of who we are and of who other people are, and, reciprocally, other people‟s understanding...
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Do waitresses have to spell good?

Not really. They have to be able to understand and write the order and communicate it to the cook. ...
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How long do you have to go to school to be a pediatrician?

In general, there is 4 years of college, followed by 4 years of medical school, followed by 3 to 5 years of residency. There are a few programs that combine college and medical school to 6 or 7 years (depending on the program) instead of the 8 years. A lot of school, but if it is your passion, well worth it!! You need a medical degree, plus a residency in pediatrics. That's about 12 years of school. Here's more background information from a...
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What education or training do you need to become a professional football soccer player?

you can't pe professional if you don't invest for practice and keep on training 8 hours a day. moreover you can check out here, this will help you what you want to be. a coach or best player. You just need to be naturally good and work hard at your game Play for a sunday team and depending on how old you are scouts may come to some of your games. If they like what they see they will ask you to...
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Who is the CEO of ONGC?

The ONGC CEO is Mr. R S Sharma
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Why do you want to become a lawyer?

Because you get a high from sending wrongdoers to jail. You love justice. Fairness is what you strive for. You believe in human equality and especially in the 6th Amendment. Life isn't black and white. There is always something more. You believe that people deserve to have their side of the story told. ...
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Can you teach school with a felony record?

The answer would be entirely up to the organization or school board hiring you. However, in this day and age, I think that it is unlikely that someone with a felony record would be hired over an equally qualified candidate who had a clean record. ...