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The laws of a society is a set of rules and principles that determine a system of society's dos and don'ts, and the institutions that legislate and enforce the laws. Ask your questions about laws, legal systems, and legal issues here.

Law & Legal Issues

If pyrotechnic Visual Distress Signals are used to fulfill the legal requirement what is the minimum number that must be carried on board?

A minimum of 3

Law & Legal Issues

Is it illegal to destroy other people's mail?

Yes it is. Just think about this. If someone came to your house and destroyed your stuff would you be happy? This is why it is illegal. You cannot go around and destroy people's property, it falls under a few section in our constitution act including hate crimes which is the worse of all the crimes. Look up the constitution act and read it and it should give you an idea of what you already know not to do but want to get away with doing. I hope this helps.

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Contract Law

Is mortgage elimination a scam or legitimate?

Mortgage elimination as in there is no more mortgage. You better be specific on this because it may confuse people. Are we eliminating mortgage all together by giving free land to the people which is their God given right? Or are you just cutting mortgage options from loans so people can't get a loan on a mortgage and not be able to buy a house? So please be more specific so people can understand and answer your question properly and give you a true answer.

Law & Legal Issues

What is the penalty for public urination in GA?

This is common sense. Do not pee in public as we are not savages. If you are caught, a warning will suffice. No need to give someone a penalty or a ticket. We are all adults here and the police is there to remind you to be a good citizen not to punish you.

Law & Legal Issues
SMS and Texting

Whats the consequence of a threatening text?

Well for my friend it included being called up to the principles office and getting in HUGE trouble. If you're an adult it's just being filled with guilt.

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Slot Machines

Is there a law on casino money won?

Yes. You must give half to a native american tribe of your choice, according to sexion 85.4B

Law & Legal Issues

Is MPB today legal?

Absolutely. The difference between a business and a scam is a business has a product or service. MPB Today sells groceries and Walmart gift cards at fair prices (products). If you choose to get into business and earn money they have a $10 yr website that is needed to do business (service).

This is an incredible company that allows regular people to make money or at least eliminate their grocery bill with out any finical strain. You are going to eat eventually, it will cost money to do that, so why not spent the $10 and start you a business so you can profit from eating. See my profile to learn more about MPB Today.

MPB Today is what is known as a Multi-Level Marketing company. There is nothing inherently illegal or unethical about the company, nor is it some sort of scam.

However, MLM-style companies are generally a poor investment (or poor return-on-expenditures) for the majority of its customers, as the system is set up to provide significant benefits only to those who in turn can recruit additional members to purchase the company's products.

As such, there is no scam or illegal action going on, but the literature describing the potential benefits significantly overstates the actual benefits received by the average member. That is, if you study the terms of the member agreement, you will discover that everyone is required to purchase X dollars worth of goods to join, which will generally cost you X + Y dollars after all fees and shipping are taken into account. You can make back that Y dollars only by recruiting additional members.

So, overall, MPB is NOT a good deal for the average person. For someone who is a good saleman and can find a willing subscriber base, it will turn out to be beneficial, but the average subscriber will find it to be less-than-advertised.

Law & Legal Issues

How do you write a bill for law and get it passed in Illinois?

The good news is constitution law covers all areas so you do not need all these bills that no one really reads. If you are a good judge you can apply any issue to the constitution law and cut back on the unnecessary reading that no one wants to do because they are a waste of time and unnecessary. Please save the people some time and a lot of headache.

Law & Legal Issues

What gas law applies to aerosol cans being stored in a cool place?

Newton's 3th

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Philosophy and Philosophers

What are immoral deeds?

An immoral deed is a bad deed. It is something bad you did to a person, place or animal. So always do good. Sometimes you get this feeling that you did something wrong after you do it so that could be an immoral deed depending on what it is. The best way to ask is to state the deed done or plan to do and ask if it is immoral or not and you can get a clearer more correct answer.

Law & Legal Issues

Why is mooning illegal?

Why would you want to do so? It is usually Rapists saying they are wanting to attack another again! One is breaking Laws do so and saying they want to only do worse Laws! The Bible requires Death Sentences!

Law & Legal Issues
Colleges and Universities
High School

Can you drop out of college at any time?

Yes, you may drop out at anytime, however; if you plan on withdrawing out and have taken out student loans/grants there is a predetermined time frame in which the school has to return any payments received. (Ask your school counselor to find out how many weeks you have if this is something you are interested in.)

If the school is required to return funds then you will only be responsible for the difference of what was spent. If you do not drop out soon enough then you will still have to pay your student loans back in full (in installemts unless you can afford to pay in full).

If you have paid out of pocket for you tuition then the same applies they will refund you any overage you have paid if you withdraw within their specified time period. Otherwise your payment will not be reimbursed.

Law & Legal Issues

What is the legal age you can enter a brothel?

I hope after the age of 25 or sometime further then that if possible. Thinking about my kids and I hope that they never reach this level of thinking. It is not good for anyone's dignity or self esteem. But id this is your cup of tea and everyone else is chill, then still over the age of 25.

Law & Legal Issues
Civil Cases

What happens if a party doesn't respond to interrogatories?

You file a motion to compel, and ask the court to order them to do so. You also ask for attorney fees for the cost of bringing the motion.

If they still don't do so, you ask for sanctions (such as dismissing their complaint or a defense).

Yes, you file a motion to compel - but, attempt to work out the reasons why they haven't responded within the deadline to respond. Most judges do not want to be dragged into discovery disputes. If you can't work it out with the other party, then file a motion to compel.

You would not ask for attorney fees as part of that motion to compel. That's an entirely separate issue from discovery. Also, I highly doubt a judge would dismiss an entire claim over a discovery issue. Generally, if the judge is dragged into it, you or your attorney (hopefully you have one) would have a telephone hearing with the judge & other side over why they won't answer the interrogatories. Then the judge makes a ruling on that - sometimes the other side DOES have a legal argument for not answer some of the interrogatories.

So, attempt to work out the issue without court involvement, if that doesn't work, file a motion to compel discovery and the court will take it from there.

Law & Legal Issues
Civil Rights

Is it illegal to carry someones id?

No. You may be carrying it because you went out with your buddy the night before and he gave it to you for safekeeping or many other reasons. We shouldn't assume the worst and judge and punish someone for it.

Law & Legal Issues
US Constitution

Can someone put you on tv without your consent?

It is illegal for someone to take your picture or a video without your consent. this is covered under our privacy act. Saying your name without your permission is illegal as it is an invasion of privacy. All parties should be aware and agree on anything that goes public as long as they are all not guilty. The government should protect the guilty party under our constitution act and make sure that the guilty party is being treated fairly according to the law and that their rights are not being broken.

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What does motion denied as moot mean?

It may depend on the context, but in general it means that the motion no longer has any value so it was denied simply because it doesn't matter. For example, suppose you file two separate motions: one to dismiss a case against you, and another to exclude certain evidence so it can't be used against you at trial. If the judge grants your first motion, then the second is meaningless; no evidence will be used against you because there will be no trial. Therefore, the second motion would be denied as moot.

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US Constitution
US Government

What are the three levels of the US federal court system?


The three levels are:

  1. Trial level
  2. Appellate level
  3. Supreme Court

Trial level includes many types of courts, such as the District Court, Bankruptcy Court, Court of Federal Claims and other courts with specialized subject matter jurisdiction.

The Appellate level is the US Court of Appeals, to which an appeal of decisions from any trial level court may be taken.

The Supreme Court is where appeals from decisions in the Court of Appeals are taken. The decision of the Supreme Court is final.


The three courts of general jurisdiction that make up the Judicial branch of the federal government are:

US District Courts (trial level)

The 94 US District Courts are the trial courts of the federal judiciary. They have jurisdiction over most types of cases, both civil and criminal, within their geographic areas. Appeals from US District Courts go to the US Court of Appeals Circuit Courts.

US Courts of Appeals (intermediate appellate level)

There are thirteen United States Courts of Appeals Circuit Courts comprising the intermediate appellate step between the District Courts and the Supreme Court. Twelve of these courts handle cases from District Courts within their geographic areas. The Circuits are specifically referred to by name or number; for example, United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit or United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. The thirteenth Circuit court is the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, which has nationwide jurisdiction over cases from the courts of International Trade and Federal Claims. They also review patent and copyright cases.

Supreme Court of the United States (final appellate level)

Although we often refer to the highest court in the nation as the US Supreme Court (to distinguish it from state supreme courts), the official name is the Supreme Court of the United States, often abbreviated SCOTUS.

The nine justices (one Chief Justice and eight Associate Justices) primarily hear cases on appeal from the Circuit Courts, although they may hear certain types of cases directly from the US District Courts, and also from state supreme courts, if the case involves a preserved matter of federal or constitutional law.

Most cases are submitted to the Supreme Court on a petition for a writ of certiorari, a request for the Court to review the petitioner's case. In 2009, the Court received more than 7,700 petitions, and accepted fewer than 100 for oral argument. The Court has sole discretion over which cases it hears, so the justices choose matters of national importance or issues where the constitution is being interpreted inconsistently or in opposition to the Court's opinion.

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Law & Legal Issues

Why is it illegal to sell used mattress in Florida?

Probably because some people complained and the government does not want to deal with it. The government shouldn't tell you what or what not to sell this dips into your freedom act in the constitution. So it is illegal.

Law & Legal Issues

Are FAKE restraining orders against the law?

Yes. Any fraudulent document that purports to be an official document issued by a government official can cause the person who created it and the person who uses it to go to jail. In many states it is a felony.

Law & Legal Issues

Is writing on cars considered vandalism in Illinois?


Law & Legal Issues

Why is there no statute of limitations for murder?

Murder is just about the only crime that one can be arrested for, for the rest of their life! NO!

How about you decide to pray to God and get God and Love into your life? Not hates or crimes?

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Law & Legal Issues

What does the phrase accessory before the fact mean?

accessory before the fact - a person who procures or advises or commands the commission of a felony but who is not present at its perpetration

Law & Legal Issues
US Constitution
US Government

Do the three-tier federal court system have anything in common?

With what?

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Bankruptcy Law

What is an unsecured promissory note?

A promissory note is a document where you agree or promise to repay a certain amount of money to someone. If it is unsecured, it means that nothing was put up as collateral to back up your promise [such as a house, a car, stocks, etc. ].

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