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Entertainment and Arts provide us with diversion and pleasure that make life a true joy. Whether it is through movies, music, games, or theater, the arts have a way of touching our souls. Questions in this category have to do with all types of entertainment, including the arts, media, modern and historical entertainment, as well as the effects of entertainment and arts on our society.

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What is John Gielguds repeated role?

It is difficult to answer this question, since Sir John Gielgud (who died in 2000) had a career that spanned six decades. He became well-known for his interpretations of Shakespearean characters, beginning with Hamlet in 1929-1930; his depiction of Hamlet made him famous in the theater of the 1930s. But during his long career, he played nearly every major Shakespearean role, some more successfully than others. He also appeared in several popular movies, including "Becket" in 1964 and "Arthur" in 1981. ...
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How do you make tissue paper flowers?

in pan whont cornflower and water.
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What does christ on a cracker mean?

An English idiom that represents surprise.
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When and How did Roland Young die?

Roland Young, best known for his roles in Topper (1937) and The Philadephia Story (1940), was born in London, England on November 11, 1887 and died of natural causes in New York City on June 5, 1953. ...
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What is the password for faceparty this week?

Since not all of FaceParty is free for use, WikiAnswers cannot provide you with passwords to gain subscription-level access to FaceParty. This is receiving something for free that you should be paying for, which is technically theft. Thus, it is the reason why we will not provide this information nor allow it to be available here - it's basically illegal. ...
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How do you see who views my Facebook profile?

You can upload certain applications on facebook such as "Social Addict Check" to see who veiws your profile the most that day, week, month, year or of all time! You cant its not possible ob facebook ...
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How do you calculate a Fire occupancy Load?

The primary factors in the calculation are: the type of occupancy, along with the available floor space and the available means of egress. When creating or modifying a building, the building use and occupancy load determine the fire resistance requirements. Or the desired type and occupancy load may help determine the necessary area and means of egress. Buildings are classified by the ICC (International Code Council) by group and division. Groups - defined Group A - Assembly Group B - Business Group E - Educational Group F -...
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What symbolizes art?

Expression symbolizes art. Whether it be pop art, poetry or any other art form, it is what the artist is trying to say that makes all the difference. ...
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In Little King's Story how do you beat the Owl Hag?

The Owl Hag is the Guardian of the Owl Forest. Defeating her will unlock Gourmet Town. The Owl Hag will magically disappear and appear on top of totem poles and also areas where you can't reach her. The first thing to do in this battle is to knock all the totem poles down. She will attack by summoning owls at you for around 5 seconds at a time. If you knock down a totem pole while she it on top of it, count this...
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What does the term director mean?

A director is someone who supervises, controls, or manages
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What frogs eat leaves?

None of them do, all frogs are carnivores. Although tadpoles do eat plants. ...
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How do you get Poptropica to load faster?

The speed of loading a game online would all depend on the browser that you are using, so it will only speed up or slow down if the browser is different. Also, it depends on the temperature of the computer. PCs don't tend to heat up as much as laptops, so a laptop could be slow, because it is overly heated. Another tip to speed up Poptropica is to close all other open browser windows, especially ones that are running the...
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What is the full meaning of plcc?

Plastic leadless Chip Carrier PLCC stands from Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier ...
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How does the media effect people's personal life?

The Media has always had an effect on the public. First by education, giving them the news, current events, laws and the meaning of the laws. This is easily seen in looking at the newspapers in the American colonies during the period of the American revolution up through the 1800's, (19th century). Toward the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th century, (1900's), newspapers and radio started using what is now known as 'propaganda' to influence the public to believe...
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What does an upside down cross mean?

"Some hold it to be a sign used by devil worshippers." Although some do, this is not the actual meaning of this cross. The cross is also regarded as the cross of st peter (who was crucified upside down). Although other people believe this to be a sign of someone who has lost faith. There are many cases where people believe poltergeist activity actually causes this type of behaviour from normal crosses (turning them at night). ...
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What are the phone numbers of all actors and actresses?

0 9870200010 Mahesh bhatt 0-9870166444 Amrita thapar 9819020281 Palash sen 9811133137 Diya mirza 0-9849044786 Raj babar 0-9820185066 Manish malhotra 0-9821222355 Kareena kapoor 0-9820067426 Ashutosh rana 0-9820067426 Nana patekar 0-9820295451 Arbaaz khan 0-9821373555 Malaika arora 0-9821036544 Jakie shroff 0-9821016722 Samar khan 0-9820082155 Ritesh deshmukh 0-9821512345 Smriti irani 0-9820075198 / 9820019728 Sanjay khan 0-9821061038 Ashok pandit 0-9821054279 Sachin (anchor and actor) 0-9820062674 Jaspal bhatti 0-9814088308 Jasbir jassi 9810088049 Raju srivastava 0-9820033096 Jagjit singh Shefali zariwala 0-9820452718 Hary (p.a to shefali) 0-9820021332 Amaan ali 9810065511 Ayaan ali 9810311667 R.madhvan 0-9821132406 Rafiq (P.A to madhvan) 0-9870463062 Mini mathur 0-9820183725 Govinda 0-9820190290 Sudhesh bhonsle 0-9820022953 Taran adarsh 0-9820030637 Kirti kumar 0-9324239527 Aditya pancholi 0-9820062884 Mithun...
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What are the judo martial arts levels?

Judo uses a typical ranking system for Gendai budo martial arts. There are six kyu ranks and ten dan ranks. Progression is from 6th to 1st kyu, and then from 1st to 10th dan. Colored belts include the white belt (6th kyu), yellow belt (5th kyu), orange belt (4th kyu), green belt (3rd kyu), blue belt (2nd kyu), and brown belt (1st kyu). Black belts are used from 1st to 5th dan, red and white belts from 6th to 8th dan,...
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What is the archway called that people get married under outside?

The archway you are referring to is called an arbor. Traditionally it is formed with wooden lattice work, and there are climbing vines or plants covering it. ...
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What date was the Merry-Go-Round invented?

The first example of the Merry-Go-Round, or Carousel was in Paris in 1605. They were developed in Italy though. These usually took place in squares or large courtyards, and consisted of elaborately costumed riders and horses (usually from the cavalry) performing choreographed routines such as forming shapes together, riding in lines criss-cross against each other. They often took place at night, with riders carrying torches, and were accompanied by music. for more info go here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Merry_go_round The fairground machine called a Merry-go-Round or (in...
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Where can you see Riley Nottingham's slide show?

Some of the shows that are on in Nottingham include; La Shark and A. Human, Yoav, She Keeps Bees, Dan Michaelson and the Coastguards, Sound of Guns and Beardyman, among many others.. ...
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Who Wrote the Song You're in the Army Now?

STATUS QUO did wrote that song.But it became also a hit in the pop music fields when it was sung by the BOLLAND Brothers(1982 or earlier). Status Quo ...
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How does television educate people?

Some television shows and presentations educate people about the news, animals, science, history, and other topics. For example the Science Channel, PBS, ABC News, and other sources can educate people. ...