A popular animation genre originating from Japan, anime started around 1917 and can be hand drawn or computer animated. Questions about anime should be categorized here.

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What anime has a girl with long pink hair and blue eyes?

There are very many, probably hundreds, of anime characters with long pink hair and blue eyes, such as To Love Ru, so it is impossible to say which one is being asked about here.

Video Games

Who is Kam Kamazaki?

Caroline Lesley provides the voice of Kam Kamazaki from Medabots .

Animated TV Series

Is there any good anime or manga like Ah My Goddess?

Some Anime and Manga like Ah My Goddess:

  • Onegai teacher - Alien milf
  • Love Hina - Guy is in charge of a girl's dorm
  • Chobits - Guy and his scientifically advanced blow up doll (joke)
  • Sekirei - Magical milf
  • Spice & Wolf - Fox milf
  • DearS - Magical milf (now with blue hair)
  • Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo - Magical milf.
  • Queens blade-Fighting(Clothing rips alot)
Animated TV Series

Does Allen walker have the heart of innocence?

Apocryphos (also known as Cardinal) Says in Chapter 213 page 7 "I understand Please Leave it to me. My lord. He who carries the "heart". Yes. I will defend you for certain." during the scene of when Allen is saved by the Noah and Link declared dead. That crosses Lenalee out of having the heart of innocence because Cardinal says he, and that also crosses out Kanda for he wasn't there at the present time and was without his innocence. It only leaves Allen. Since it is also certain that Lavi doesn't have it either because he is a bookman and is supposed to report to Bookman if anything weird is starting to happen.

So the Answer is Yes Allen has the heart of innocence.Even before chapter 213 there has been clues leading toward Allen having it.Allen lost his arm but his innocence didn't die.Allen was also saved by his innocence.Allen's revived innocence can turn into the opposite colored sword of the Earl.And also note that Allen's innocence seems to be in two pieces. The mask and the arm/sword.

Lenalee's innocence protected her with a crystal but you can also say because the innocence was ready to evolve into a crystal type innocence.Kanda's innocence also became a crystal type innocence.

Software and Applications (non-game)

Where can you get the Chii ears accessory for MMD?

try searching with google "chobits chii cosplay ears"

and you should find them!

Animated TV Series

What episode of Hitman Reborn does it get good?

About episode 20, I'd say. At the start of the Kokuyo arc with Mukuro and the rest. Before that it's pretty silly. After you get past all the cracky character-introduction episodes, though, it's really very good. There are three main story arcs and villains so far, Kokuyo (Mukuro), Ring Battles (Varia) and Ten Years Later (Byakuran). They're really worth watching.

EDIT: After episode 15 I think it got pretty intense , just go through the first 10 eps afterwards the epicness satrts , and the epic level in this anime just keeps rising , the last arc was pretty amazing too!


What is CG anime art?

CG Anime art means computer generated anime.

Read more at the related link or simply view the discussion page for this question.


Is the author of Hunter x Hunter Yoshihiro Togashi dead?

The alleged death of Yoshihiro Togashi is apparently a rumour made up by some cruel person .

Animated TV Series

What is a good basketball anime to watch?

Dear Boys (also known as Hoop Days)

Slam Dunk

Kuroko no Basket


What is the most popular ecchi?

Either Air Gear or Ikki Tousen.

Air Gear is a tad on the strange side though... its not bad just some fecal material shown and the act of defacation as well -_- but the story line is pretty good

~ mechtomagic

i always thought it was Highschool DxD and NGNL



Anime vs manga vs chibi?

Anime is the animation, manga is the comics, and chibi is the over-exaggerated, super cute version.


Where can you watch season 2 of dazzle?

There isn't a season two of Dazzle. The anime adaption of the manga stops at episode 11. However, the manga carries on and is currently ongoing. It can be found at

Animated TV Series

Is GinTama gay?

No. A TV series cannot be homosexual.

Animated TV Series

Why does Solomon love Saya from blood plus?

Well, this answer might get a bit complicated.

It's difficult to say "why" Solomon loves Saya, given that most people tend not to quantify love in that fashion, and thus don't really have a particular reason why they love another person. However, one could say that, in addition to whatever feelings he's developed for her over time, Solomon feels somewhat the same way as Karl does in regards to Saya.

Karl loves Saya because she has Diva's destructive power and appearance, but actually interacts with him a way that Diva does not (in his own, warped case, attempting to kill him functions as an interaction and bond).

Solomon, meanwhile, has a somewhat healthier mind and outlook: she is very much like Diva, whom he loves dearly, but more personal, grounded, and mature. Whereas he can hardly count on Diva to so much as look at him on any given day, Saya is a more stable individual more willing and capable of loving another person (though, as the audience comes to realize, Solomon might not be that person). Any other feelings he has for her could potentially be built afterwards, with this interaction as a base.

Or I could be totally wrong. Who knows?


Because she's a self insert character for the female viewer.


Is there a vagabond Anime?

The Manga, Vagabond by Takehiko Inoue, based on the life of Musashi Miyamoto and the Eiji Yoshikawa's novel Musashi?

There isn't any current news as to whether they will turn Vagabond into an Anime, though considering the manga's still going and is still pushing out good chapters, there could be a chance that it could be made, even a movie would do.


Who is the founder of anime?

Oten Shimokawa is credited for creating the anime genre.


What anime has a girl with long pink hair and a brown haired boy?

Rosario + Vampire is one. Gundam seed/ Gundam seed Destiny is another.

Another would be Baka and Test.

another would be "guilty crown"

Another would be "The future diary" (aka Mirai Nikki)

Languages and Cultures
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What does gamla sakar nya ting Swedish mean?

If you mean "gamla saker och nya ting", it means "old things and new things" "sak" (pl. saker) and "ting" (same in pl.) both means "thing".

Animated TV Series

What are some anime shows similar to Clannad?

Kanon , Air , Angel Beats! , Toradora! and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya .


What are some anime similar to kaleido star?

Full Moon wo Sagashite , Ginban Kaleidoscope , Princess Tutu , Battle Athletes Victory and Hikaru no Go .


Does Fuu kiss Mugen in Samurai Champloo?

Fuu never kisses either Jin or Mugen .


What is the title of the song playing during Nicholas D. Wolfwood's death on Trigun?

"Rakuen". I think that the English translation is "Paradise".

Entertainment & Arts

Which animes have princes in them?

There are a few animes with princes in them, or princely type characters, but these do have some.

Princess Tutu- An adorable "chick-lit" that wants to be a ballerina, and is magically transformed into one. She meets a prince with a broken soul, and she must bring joy to the princes' life while perfecting her ballerina skills. This has a little romance and a Nutcracker feel to it.

Romeo x Juliet- An all time favorite anime . This has romance, princesses and fancy English dances. Of course, it is based on the popular Shakespeare story Romeo and Juliet. The young couple comes from opposing families, but Romeo and Juliet will do anything to be together.

Ouran High School Host Club, has one character, "Tamaki Suoh" who is the president of the Host Club, and is a princely type. He is a popular character, being kind, very passionate, intelligent and considerate.

Adding a few :

Hakushaku to yosei

uta no prince sama ( there is a prince character in it )

Hanasakeru seishonen

sacred princess


Where can you watch Soul Eater Not?

you can watch it At almost all streaming sites. I personally recommend Kissanime

Animated TV Series

What Age Is D Gray-Man For?

D Gray-Man is for ages 13 and older, only because of the violence and swearing, but that's it


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