A cartoon is an illustration drawn by an artist called a cartoonist. During the Renaissance period, cartoons were used as sketches for paintings. Nowadays, they have grown very popular in magazines and newspapers as comic strips, and in television as animated cartoons.

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Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters

Which cartoon characters begin with J?

(the) Joker

J. Thaddeus Toad

Jack (Jack and the Beanstalk)

Jafar (Aladdin)

James Hook (Peter Pan)

James Possible (Kim Possible)

Jane Jetson (The Jetsons)

Jaq (Cinderella)

Jasmine (Aladdin)

Jellicent (Pokemon)

Jerry (the mouse)

Jerry (Tom and Jerry)

Jessica Rabbit

Jetsam (Little Mermaid)


Jiggers (Maggie and Jiggers)

Jigglypuff (Pokemon)

Jiminy Cricket

Jimmy Neutron

Jim Possible (Kim Possible)

Jirachi (Pokemon)

Jock (Lady and the Tramp)

John (Peter Pan)

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Bravo

Johnny Test

John Smith (Pocahontas)

Jolteon (Pokemon)

Joltik (Pokemon)

Josh Mankey (Kim Possible)

Judy Jetson (The Jetsons)


Jumba ( Lilo & Stitch!)

Jumbo The Elephant

Jumpluff (Pokemon)

June Duck (House of Mouse)

Jynx (Pokemon)

Mrs. Jumbo (Dumbo) From the cartoon Tom and Jerry, Jerry the mouse.

Jinx the cat from the cartoon Pixie and Dixie.

Johnny Bravo
Jonny Quest
Johnny Test
Josie (Josie and the Pussycats)
Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh)
Jimmy Neutron
Jake Long (American Dragon)

Video Games

Who is Kam Kamazaki?

Caroline Lesley provides the voice of Kam Kamazaki from Medabots .

Domestic Dogs
Animated TV Series

Who is mighty dog's enemy in the cartoon?

Did you mean Mighty Manfred the Wonder Dogwhose nemesis was Crabby Appleton from the "Tom Terrific" cartoon that was featured on the Captain Kangaroo program back from 1955 until 1984 .

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Comic Strips

The start to an Andy Capp toast?

Eres - ( as in here's )

Humor & Amusement
Scattergories and Words Starting with Certain Letters
Adjectives and Articles

What are some heroes that begin with the letter K?

Kyaatamoriku - He was a japanese samurai. Legends states that he and his small troop of 200 people fought 3000 enemies and were victorious in the battle.

Kelly from Kelly's Heroes.

Fine Art
Animated TV Series

What license number of photo to cartoon?

KHT 2853

Animated and Children's Movies
Animated TV Series

What do you call a person who is addicted to watching cartoons?



Is the show the angry beavers for all ages?

Like most Nickelodeon shows, the show, Angry Beavers, is a show that is suitable for kids 10 and under, for it has no foul language, and no inappropriate content. This show is mostly recommended for kids 6-10, but is also, like said earlier, is suitable for kids under 5.

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Who plays Johnny test?

The person who plays Johnny Test is James Arnold Taylor.

Animated TV Series

Is it bad to watch only cartoons as an adult?

Here are some opinions from our community:

  • Personally I don't think bro is 24 and he is still watches no its not a bad thing.
  • No. i am over 18 and i watch anime all the time there is seldom a day that goes by that I don't watch at least one episode of anime :P
  • The only thing that I can think of is that they think its immature. i am 19 and i still watch a lot of anime (and I'm not kidding when i say A LOT). I wouldn't say there's anything wrong with it, I just watch what i want to watch.
  • No, there's much worse to watch on TV than cartoons (Reality TV for example).
  • Yes, because they do not get the perspective and therefore become unable to function in the society [which of course in not entirely perfect and one has to make necessary compromises and commit lesser evil] How's that for an answer? Cartoons are good as entertainment, but not as majority of your life's activities.
  • Unfortunately, we as adults are expected to know as much as we can, life is not about entertainment. It's about learning.
  • There is nothing wrong with watching what you want to watch everyone is different. who cares if other people think it's immature or whatever they are thinking I myself can't stop watching anime and I'm 19.
  • Of Course Not!!! I WILL!!! And I'm not ashamed of it, either!!! I think they NEVER get old! You can be 30 and still watch Spongebob!!! Cartoons are classics!!!!
  • No it's NOT, anyone can watch cartoons at any age
  • No way!!!! anime rocks, I watch it so much that i don't like normal movies any more :D
  • I do think It shows a certain amount of immaturity if they watch nothing else.
  • Not at all. If you like cartoons, there's no law or even a taboo against watching them. I happen to be a Tom & Jerry fan myself.
  • Heck no! A cartoon network study from the early 21st century found that "adults watch cartoons more than children." Don't feel bad because there is still a kid in you... enjoy it bud. :)
  • I don't think its a question of right or wrong. It might be somewhat different than what most adults watch, but everyone has different tastes.
  • No I don't think so because I'm 19 and will most likely still be watching anime for years to come it's all I watch really.
  • Not a bit... cartoons are good. There's nothing wrong with watching them, regardless of your age.
  • As long as you are not a couch potato and watch cartoons daily there is nothing weird about watching cartoons. With so much junk on TV many people enjoy certain cartoons even though they are related to younger children. If you enjoy them then good for you, but if you sit hour after hour get up and do something else.
  • Yes. Hold an intervention before it's too late.
  • Yes. Get a life.
  • Its not a question or right or wrong. If you like cartoons, watch away! Just make sure your life isn't about cartoons, but about important things like being with friends and family, love, enjoying yourself, etc.
  • Some girls might think it is crazy, but it just depends on the girl. Try to find a girl with the same interest as you.
  • It isn't wrong as such, it is a matter of personal choice but many people would consider that by concentrating on just one type of program you are depriving yourself of many other programs which you might actually enjoy if you tried watching them.
  • Many adults watch cartoons for the same entertainment as watching something like "Desperate Housewives," though cartoons can be more preferred since it can take you away from reality's problems. Though because you only watch cartoons; it can seem a bit peculiar for your peers.
  • No, there is nothing wrong with it at all. Many cartoons are actually intended only for mature or adult audiences (Family Guy is an obvious example, and many anime contain scenes and themes that younger people should not be exposed to, and cannot understand).
  • No it's not a bad thing at all
  • It actually depends on what type of cartoon it is,like if its a cartoon based on violence.
  • Age doesn't matter and I do still love watching cartoons at my age!
  • There is nothing wrong with only watching cartoons. Everybody is different so we like different things.
  • Without cartoons, your life will be an empty void of despair.

What are the swirls on anime and manga thumbs?

It's just a art style to symbolize finger prints. Nothing special about them.

Animated TV Series

What kind of cartoons do they watch at the beach?

Looney Tunes

Animated TV Series

Who is the cartoon character that having a doghouse on his head?

Yukk! (from the cartoon Mighty Man & Yukk!) .

The Smurfs

What does it mean if people call you Smurf?

They are criticizing your appearance, particularly your height (or lack thereof).

It could also be a compliment, depends on the context

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What do you call people who make allegations?


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Which element was a cartoon dog named after?

Krypton or Kr (Superman's dog is named Krypto.) .

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How tall is nanny from lilo and stitch?

I'm not sure how tall but shes 19..

Animated and Children's Movies
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What cartoons does Gilbert Gottfried do voices for?

Iago the Parrot in Return of Jafar , Berkeley Beetle in Tuumbelina , Art DeSalvo in Duckman , voices in The Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat , Mister Mxyzptlk in Superman: The Animated Series , Troubles the Cat in Big Bag , The Woodpecker in Timon & Pumbaa , Dr. Bender/Wendel in The Fairly OddParents , Digit and Widget in Cyberchase , Jerry the BellyButton Elf in Ren & Stimpy , Farce of the Penguins , Family Guy , Rick Platypus in My Gym Partner's a Monkey , El Cerdo in El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera , The Emperor's New School , Toy Story 3 , ~ I think that's all . . .

Math and Arithmetic
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String Instruments

What are people called who makes the violin?

Violin makers. I don't think there's a specific word for it.

They are called luthiers. Luthiers make and repair string instruments.

Urban Slang

What does it mean to die to yourself?

In religious language, it means to stop identifying yourself with your ego, your lower self or nature, your false personality, or your selfish desires. You have died to yourself, but you now live in your soul or spirit, in your higher aspirations, in God or the Truth.

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What was Mussolini's favorite cartoon character?

Donald Duck .

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Cartoon group name?

"National Cartoonists Society"


What is the alligator's name in woody woodpecker?

'Gabby Gator' .

TV Shows and Series

Names of people on wow wow wubbzy?

wubbzy, widget, walden, daisy, and that's basically it

Animated TV Series

When did CatDog air on Nickelodeon?

April 4, 1998 through September 22, 2001 .


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